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I’m A Living Sickness

Jaime w Cherry @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Teeth, tongue, eye, @ Union Pool, Feb13

Idle Fate, Sean @ DesNuda, Mar13

Bananas Teeth Drinks @ DesNuda, Mar13

Ellena, Oysters @ DesNuda, Mar13

Jaime smoking @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Katie, Oysters @ DesNuda, Mar13

Irena, Leopard Print, Red Lips @ DesNuda, Mar13

Post-Oyster-Consumption @ DesNuda, Mar13

Gay Stalker @ BCC, Mar13

Wearing My Lipstick @ Open House Eleven Eleven, Mar13

Tips and Thank You @ DesNuda, Mar13

Red Tuna Knife @ DesNuda, Mar13

FYI, Backstage 3, Color, Feb13

Jaime, Black Gold Heels, Sleeping @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jaime, Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Babes in Red LipStick

Suits and Ties @ Open House Eleven Eleven, Mar13

Dead Duck, Irena's Holiday, Dec12

song by The Calico Wall

Folk Art @ gallery onetwentyeight

 Apollo Heights Acoustic Set feat. Sarah Silver

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Daniel, Ghost Paintings, Art Gallery, Oct12

Sarah Silver, Paintings,Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny and Daniel, Rehearsing, Art Gallery, Oct12

Daniel, Sarah,Guitars, Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny, Guitar, Art Gallery, Oct12

Andrew, Art Gallery, Oct12

Carly, Camera, Art Gallery, Oct12


song courtesy of Anthology of Infection 


noisy• suspenseful• cinematic• strange

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Joey 7 The Escalators @ Ja copy

Joey, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Jack, The Escalators @ Jac copy

Joey 3, The Escalators @ J copy

Ross, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Jack 2, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 2, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 6 The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Joey 5, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 4, The Escalators @ J copy

disclaimer: Song not by Escalators.


Brooklyn’s Golden Age

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GutterBall, Clinton Hill, July12

Trashed, Clinton Hill, Sept12

No Restroom, Bushwick, sept2012

Police Harrassment, Bushwick, sept2012

Scotchtape Window, Bushwick, sept2012

Roaches on Display, MTA Aug12

Fly on the Wall @ BBQ Films, Brooklyn, NY Sept12

shopping, Bushwick, sept2012

Face and eye Mural, Bushwick, sept2012

song by Slim Twig

A Bull Sees Red

Film Stills, 2011

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What Do You See?

song courtesy of GretL

Fire & Ice

 Carnival Street Cruise

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Jeannie’s bottle


Floating Moomin


Blowing Kisses


song by Vintage 78



Biblical Visions in Chiaroscuro

Art School Mythology

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Two Brothers.

Lost in Eden.

Heavy with Burden.

 Descent from The Cross.

 A Diptych of Deconstruction.

Betrayal in Chiaroscuro.

The Creation of Adam.

 One Original Sin.

Cursed is Every First Born Son.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Music and Muses: North America

Romance is not Dead

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gentlemen prefer


careless whispers

do not disturb

song by Firehorse

Blondes Queers Have More Fun

The Return of Pussy Faggot

Shane Shane

Machine Dazzle

Penny Arcade

Machine Dazzle

Shane Shane: Pretty

Penny Arcade

Shane Shane: Fag

Gay Bar Super Star



Machine Dazzle

Rubbing Beards

Penny Arcade

Machine Dazzle

Shane Shane: Dairy Queen

I Fags

Two Nights

 One Last Chance

Newsonic Loft Party

This Is What You Missed…

Jenny is Electrik

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

I ♥ Jaime

J’aime Genest

Aj Cuzzacrea

L. Kaid Kaid

Camera Man with Mustache @ Newsonic

Micah Gaugh, Apollo Heights

Kimberly Robison

Fanning Fans

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Deadpan Drummer

Nate Smith, Shy Child

Rasmus Kjærbo

Andrew Linde, Dynasty Electric

Kim Unicorn

Unknown Photographer with Apple

Pete Cafarella, Shy Child

Jenny Cooling Off a Hot Crowd

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Blowing His Whistle

Dan Freeman, Comandante Zero & Aj Cuzzacrea

 Love Dust

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Seth Misterka, Dynasty Electric

Apollo Heights

Daniel Chavis & Hayato Nakao

Unknown Girl with Apple

Unknown Girl in Tropical Plant

Jenny Electrik

Carly Sioux & Dan Freeman



Kim Unicorn

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