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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Everybody Wants to Fuck You

Josh Wickersham @ Lit Lounge

What of It?

Sarah Silver @ Motor City

The Karaoke Champion

Chris Lindstrand @ BINY

Photograph of a Ghost


Terry Goldstein with The Virgin Mary, Holy Harlem

Francis Brunet @ Karkwa, Pianos

Miz Stefani @ The Easter Lamb Roast

Rebecca Webster @ Tre

On Cloud Nine

Sarah Silver @ Backfence

Jake Giesige @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Mael Gross @ Motor City

In Living Color

Shannon Cato @ Panna II

The Polaroid Baby

Zak Kapela, Harlem

James Webster @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

François Lafontaine, Karkwa @ Tre

Katie Tzynik @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Kana @ The Cutting Room

Bo Erik Lindstrand @ The Back Fence

Sarah & Genevieve @ Motor City

Josh. Fan. Disco.

Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Painted by Light

Erin Welsh @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Louis-Jean Cormier & Stéphane Bergeron, Karkwa @ Tre

Jason Lange, LES on a Sunday Morning

Ceci ne pas un Cigarette Ad

Stevie Palmer @ The Easter Lamb Roast

Last Call

Unclaimed Person @ BINY

Dylan Kruse @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Chris Lindstrand @ BINY

Sarah Silver & Shannon Cato @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

A Fierce Duet @ BINY

Jordan Olivia Resnick @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Your Wedding, Their Funeral

Miz Stefani & Stevie Palmer, Bedstuy


Sarah Silver @ Tre


Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass

My Date with Danny Chavis

Meet Danny

 Location: The East Village.

Origin: Raleigh, N.C.

Occupation: Rock Star, Guitarist for Apollo Heights.

Hobbies: Women, Illustrating, and Writing about (and eating) Chicken.

How We Met:  Introduced at an art opening in the LES.

Fun Facts: Danny has an identical twin brother named Daniel and is fluent in Japanese.

The Date

Danny invited me to the opening of Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass which featured four diverse Norwegian artists united through their shared preference for black. The reception was well received as the wine did flow. Danny and I showed off our knowledge of  Asian Art Art History and conversed with the artists, while attending each other’s empty glasses. Blessed with an eye for the exquisite and a natural gravitation to the vanguard, Danny makes the perfect date for an evening with the Arts.

The Dinner

After filling up on art and wine, it was time to head to the East Village for a bite. I suggested Natori, my favorite Japanese spot in the city and to my surprise not only does Danny share the same reverence for Natori as I, but is also good friends with the owner who gave us the VIP treatment (bonus points).  Danny ordered for us  in Japanese (bonus points) and we proceeded to bond over our love of the fried alligator, monkfish liver, and red snapper sashimi, which earned Danny mega “Food Compatibility” points. Although the dates are supposed to be dutch, Danny insisted on being a gentleman and picked up the bill. Who says Chivalry is dead?

The Art of Eating Sushi


Points Deducted for Telephone Foul Play

  I Scream…

Gratuitous Ice Cream Bonus Points

Flowers for Thoughts

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Rock Star. Gets my Jokes. Eats Monkfish Liver. Is Brilliant.

Cons: Is a Rock Star. Obsessed with Chicken. Is a Smart Ass.

Danny Chavis is Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass.

Our date was awe-inspiring  and I would absolutely do it again.

Next time, we’re headed straight for Japan!

Good night xx

Music by Dirty Beaches

You pushed my buttons but I called all the shots.

You snapped my photo but I bet you forgot.

Do you remember our moment? Can you recall what I wore?

If you ARE the photographer, you must be 100% sure.

I offered my camera and gave you a try.

And this is my self-portrait as seen through your eyes.

A Heart to Heart Happened Right Here

Blowing a Candle

Photography on Photography

One Jameson Closer to the Edge

Joe Cool

Ascension at a Dive Bar

On My Back

Blowing Gum

What Would Jesus Do?

  Precisely the Moment a True Friend Offers You Another Drink

Ironic Brooding Balloon Portrait

On My Knees

Alone in a Bar

Do You Know How to Use That Thing?

Sexy Fail #1

Hipness Defined by Wearing Shades in a Dark Bar

Freshly Kissed

“Sometimes My Arms Bend Back”

Twin Peaks

My Color is Green

An Easter Sunday Smoke

He Pushed My Button too Quick

Could Have Really Used Some Lipstick

Blue Balls

Sexy Fail #2

An English Man Told Me I Was Not Drunk Enough

Smiling with My Eyes

At the Bottom of a Staircase to Heaven

Making Weird Fists Like My Grandma

Bored is Boring

A Lion Says “MHOW”

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.

Josh Wearing Shannon’s Lipstick

Shannon Cato & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio 

Emi Tomaszewski @ Natori

Blowing Smoke

Matthew Sun-Jin Rodriguez @ Faluka
Jason Lange @ The Ten Bells

A Wizard on the Turntables

Hege Jeanette Bakken @ Washington Ave

Couple Wearing Feathers @ Secret Sessions 3

Three’s Company @ Faluka

On a Date @ MoMA

Carly Sioux, Robert von Leszczynski

Josh Wickersham,  MoMA Trip

  Adriana Molello @ The Ten Bells

  Ben Brunnemer  @ Secret Sessions 3

Katie Tzynik @ Faluka

Colle @ Washington Ave

True Love is Sharing One Mirror

Carly Sioux, Shannon Cato @ Washington Ave

Robert von Leszczynski @ MoMA

On The Edge

Jake Giesige, MoMA Trip

DeX @ Washington Ave

Mr. Joey Wyoming @ Washington Ave

In Transit

Stella Adena, Brooklyn

  Self Portrait Through Sarah’s Eyes

Sarah Silver, Shannon Cato & Carly Sioux @ Back Fence


Shannon Cato, Jake Giesige & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio


The Judy Blooms & Friends @ LIT

The Wizard of Oz

Hege Jeanette Bakken & Mr. Joey Wyoming @ Washington Ave

Katie Tzynik @ The Black Angels

Stella Adena & Kimberly von Schoyck @ Jefferson Place

Snakes and Tiles

Katie Tzynik & Miz Stefani

Take My Picture

Dorie Fay @ Secret Sessions 3

Kimberly von Schoyck @ Secret Sessions 3

Loves Blood Orange

Secret Sessions 3

Lorna Gaddis @ Lit

Boys Will Be Boys

Jake Giesige & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio


Just like Jesus Christ (and John Lennon) transcended to martyrdom through their conviction of love, Alexander Ebert descended the stage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as an offering of unconditional love to eager fans and spectators. Better known as the front man for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Alexander is the solo project of Ebert whose self-titled album was released on March 1, 2011. Although the album was written, recorded, and performed solely  by Ebert, an entourage of family, friends, musicians, and bohemians, including the infamous Jade Castrinos, accompanied him on stage for a modest tour that included only a handful of east coast dates.

Whether you believe Ebert to be a “Saint” or just a squalid hippie, one should not underestimate the power of Alexander as the album ventures through epic human experiences of love, loss, soaring highs and detrimental lows all in one sweeping, seamless motion. There are no prospective tour dates in sight so chances are if you missed it, you missed it.

However, there is good news for the fans in the audience who were requesting Edward Sharpe covers throughout Alexander’s set; Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have announced a slew of tour dates that are accessible on their MySpace page.

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