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First World Problems

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In A Word

Eat Fresh, Flatiron

Bird's Eye View

Surrender, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Second Hand


Kill The Messenger

Black and White

Long walk on a Short Path

La petite MortLa petite Mort

Soundtrack by Paraworld Blue

Death of A Dream

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 Dumb Head, Flatiron Dist., Oct13

Balloons, Plastic Bag, Flaitiron Dist.,Oct13

Print Edge, Dead, Chelsea, Oct13

Black Keys, White Trash, Clinton Hill, Nov13

99cent Beauty, Bushwick, Nov13

Dead Laundry 2, Bushwick, Nov13

No Parking, Keep it Moving, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Money Money Money, Oct13

Needle on the Record, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Pressed dead bird, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Subway, Bushwick, Nov13

Jesus in Bushwick, Nov13

Street Art, Clinton Hill, Jul13Just Make Good Art

God Bless America

Fourth of July, Downtown Chicago

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Carly, Open, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Summer in Pain, CHI, Jul13

Freedom to Choose, WestLoop, CHI, July13

Great Head, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

remnants of a life, Gold Coast, Chicago, Jun13

Broken porcelain , Gold Coast, CHI, July13

I'm A Real Artist, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Crowning Achievement, CHI, Jul13

Under the Bridge, Chi, Jul13

Liberty, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

God Bless America, BridgePort, Chi, Jul13

Dog Shit, Golden Coast, Chicago

Puerto Rico Rocks

 @ El Local En Santurce

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Now People, Casualties, El copy copy

Now People, Rockers, El Lo copy

Alexis, Carly @ La taberna copy copy

Old San Juan, Dead Tourist copy

Now People 2, El Local, Sa copy

Now People 3, El Local, Sa copy

Now People, Head Banger, E copy

Age, El Locale, Santurce,  copy

Now People, El Local, Sant copy

Now People 4, El Local, Sa copy

Bartender, El Local, Santu copy

Age, El Local, Panty Eater copy

Carly, Hanging Tough, El L copy copy

Disaster, Bathroom, El Loc copy

Soundtrack: Acid Baby Jesus

Band Photographed: Now People

Skeleton Art: Uziel E. Orlandi Alegria


Brooklyn’s Golden Age

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GutterBall, Clinton Hill, July12

Trashed, Clinton Hill, Sept12

No Restroom, Bushwick, sept2012

Police Harrassment, Bushwick, sept2012

Scotchtape Window, Bushwick, sept2012

Roaches on Display, MTA Aug12

Fly on the Wall @ BBQ Films, Brooklyn, NY Sept12

shopping, Bushwick, sept2012

Face and eye Mural, Bushwick, sept2012

song by Slim Twig

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