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Art and eyes

Jewls of New Orleans, Oct15

Self Centered, Louisville, Jul15 (1)


NOLA dance, Magazine Street, Oct15

Empty Seats, NOLA Oct15

Empty Lot, NOLA, Oct15

White Ghost Balloons, NOLA, Oct15

Water Girl, NOLA, Oct15

Audubon Park, NOLA Oct15

Beware, NOLA, Oct15

Carly @ Miranda Lake Estate, NOLA, Oct15

Miranda Lake Estate 5, NOLA, Oct15

Miranda Lake Estate 2, NOLA, Oct15

Miranda Lake Estate 3, NOLA, Oct15

Miranda Lake Estate 6, NOLA, Oct15

Miranda Lake Estate, NOLA, Oct15


Dream Boat

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Flatiron, Construction, Shadows, Voyeur, APr13Wake Up.

Lashes, Eyes, Beauty, Surrealism, Apr13Open Your Eyes.

What do you really want, Ad, Street art, Chelsea, mar13What Do You Really Want?

Something, Stairs, Subway, Mar13Something Else?

Umbrella, Puddle, Reflection, Existentialism, Street Poetry, Mar13Stuck In A Rut?

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 2, Apr13Change Your Mind.

Paint, Art, Dream Vacation, Clinton Hill, Apr13Paint The Picture You Want to See.

Lake, Curve in the Road 2, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Escape.

Lake, Curve in the Road, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Far Far Away.

Lake, Clouds, Bridge, Hurley, Dec12Further…

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 4, Apr13

Dream Boat.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God, Dec12 Inhale.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God 2, Dec12 Exhale.

Sky, Lake, Neverending, Hurley, Dec12 Clear Your Head.

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat, Apr13Give Up The Ghost.

Dream Boat, Reflections, Apr13

What Does Your Heart Desire?

Where The Wild Things Are

clues are hidden in dreams

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Danny, Taxi, Time Square, Snow, Scope, Mar13

Party Van, LES, Sept12

Ghost, Talk, Art Gallery, LES, Feb13

Poorman's Treasure, Bushwick, Dec12

Irving @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jordan  Holding My Moon, Parkslope, Feb13

Lighten Up, Black Balloons, Scope, Lifted, Mar13

Black Gate, Doll Heads, On a Stick, Mar13

Carly, KT, Kimberly, Ginger Snaps, Portrait, Mar13

Danny, Magic Hands, Von, Mar13

Open House, Black and White, Stripes, Mar13

Old Man, White Bear, White beard, LES, Mar13

Danny, Black Fur @ The Church, Feb13

stay weird

Fire & Ice

 Carnival Street Cruise

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Jeannie’s bottle


Floating Moomin


Blowing Kisses


song by Vintage 78


While Floating on Water

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Just Like A Dream.

song by Greta Link

Fly Me to The Moon

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Sometimes the world is such a drag.

I could just about die.

Time to make our great escape.

Float away into the midnight sky.

Fly me to the moon!


Says who?

Look how high he can fly.

 Try moon walking.

The Pony Express.

Or just bum a ride.

Fly me to the moon!

We’ll eat stinky cheese.

Make brand new friends.



And sway soooo sloooow.

Fly me to the moon!

My best girl’s coming.

And so should you.

Could be lot’s of fun.

 Just fly me to the Moon!

song by Jherek Bischoff

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