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Take The Money and Run

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Cashville, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Fierce, Nashville, Aug15

Hot Wheels in Nasvhille, Aug15

Erika on Broadway 2, Nashville, Aug15

Carly Sioux, Reflection, Nashville,

MOIST, Nasvhille, Aug15

Free Hotdogs, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Love, Reflection, Nashville, Aug15

Crossed, Crosses, Cross, Nashville, Aug15

Four Way Market, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Goddess, Aug15

Laundry, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Explorer Shadow, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Green Room Selfie, Nashville, Aug15

Sean lipstick Nashville, Aug15

Erika on Broadway, Nashville, Aug15

Sean, Pink Blow, Nashville, Aug15

Sean, Blow Me, Santa's, Nashville, Aug15

Ivy @ Santas, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Withdrawn, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Raw, Art Opening, Aug15

US, Nashville, Aug15Byeeee

The Awakening

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Meet Thy God, Nov14

Xmas, Hand, Glove, Cart, Harlem, Dec13


Carly, Birth Death

body forms, Naples Maine, Nov14

Authentic Solitude, Naples Maine, Nov14

Treasure Chest, Naples Maine, Nov14

Cold as Ice, Naples Maine, Nov14

Sins in the Woods, Nov 14

Carly, Naples Maine, Nov14 Project Your Magic


 Born in A Small Town

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Free Air, Abandoned Gas Station, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Cat. Train Set, Downtown Ohio, Dec13

Carly Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Trustworthy, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Last Chance, Orange, Ohio Dec13

Red Barn, Lebanon, Dec13

Sarah and Chery, Downtown, Dec13

Empty Gas Station, Lebanon Ohio, Dec13

Like Mother, Like Daughter

home on the farm

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Sexy Mom, Halls' market, Ohio, Jun13

Mom, Shopping, Sexy, Ohio, Jun13

Carly Sioux, KI, Ohio, Jun13

Sexy Mom, Ice Cream Parlor, Ohio, Jun13

Fresh Laundry, Mom, Farm, Jun13

Fresh Laundry 2, Mom, Farm, Jun13

Pipper, Red Lillies, Ohio, Jun13

Dogs Life, Ohio, Jun13

Wood, Father, Farm, Jun13

Sexy Mom, Farm, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Ice Cream Parlor, Ohio, Jun13

Mom, Blinds, Light, Ohio, Jun13

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

Farmer’s Tan

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Giving Garden @ Marvin's Farms, Jun13

Mark @ Marvin's Farms, Jun13

Marvin's Farms, Skeleton, Jun13

Marvin's Farms, Wagon of Greens, Jun13

Marvin's Farms 2, shelter, Jun13

Marvin's Farms, Greenhouses 2, Jun13

Marvin's Farms, Greenhouses 4, Jun13

Marvin's Farms, Greenhouses 3, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Marvin's Organic Garden, Ohio, Jun13

Aloe Plant, Marvin's Organic Garden, Ohio, Jun13

Marvins's Farm, Lebanon, Ohio, Jun13

The Simple Life is Hard Work

Rednecks in Check

Adventures with One Punch Mark

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One Punch Mark, Solid as a rock, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Spillway, Ceasar Creek, Jun13

Wiedemann, not the Pizza man, Ohio, Jun13

Green door, Yellow light, Waynesville, Jun13

Santa, Birdcage, Waynesville, Jun13

Washing Machine, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Chevrolet, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Flowers, Ohio, Jun13

Cherub, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Window Spying, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Creepy Bear, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Deer in a headlight, Ohio, Jun13

It's A Classic, Canoeing, Ohio, Jun13

Stay Weird Ohio

The Midwest Untamed

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Cady Noland, Chainsaw Cowboy, Chi Jul13

Fresh, Jennifer Norback Gallery, Jul13

Absinthe, La Fee Verte, Chi, Jul13

Antiques, Extinct, Chi, Jul13

Balloons, Un happy, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

Fine Eye, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

UFO, Gold Coast, Chi, Jul13

Sail off into the Pits of Despair, Wickerpark, Chi Jul13

White Trash, Millennium park, Chi, Jul13

Ed Debevics Restaurant, Chi, Jul13

God Bless America

Fourth of July, Downtown Chicago

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Carly, Open, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Summer in Pain, CHI, Jul13

Freedom to Choose, WestLoop, CHI, July13

Great Head, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

remnants of a life, Gold Coast, Chicago, Jun13

Broken porcelain , Gold Coast, CHI, July13

I'm A Real Artist, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Crowning Achievement, CHI, Jul13

Under the Bridge, Chi, Jul13

Liberty, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

God Bless America, BridgePort, Chi, Jul13

Dog Shit, Golden Coast, Chicago

Queer As Folk

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Razvan, Norman, The Kiss, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Elise @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

My Name is Carly Sioux @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Mon Amie, Elise, Carly, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Carly, Razvan, Norman, Boystown, Chi, Jul13

Razvan, Norman, Legs, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Lost Angels, Boys Town, Jul13

Friends, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Valerie @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Elise, No Smoking, Chicago, Boystown, July13

Smoking Buddies 2, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Smoking Buddies, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Keep Off Grass, Chi Jul13

Carly, Play dead 2 @ boys town, Chi Jul13

HEre's Looking at You, The Closet, CHI, Jul13

Francis, Double Down Liquors @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Farmhouse, Gold Coast, Farm to Table, Jul13

ELise, Carly, Boystown, Chi Jul13

Carly, boys town, Chi Jul13

ELise, Boystown, Chi Jul13

Norman, Razvan, The Embrace, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Carly, Elise, The Closet, Boystown, Chi, Jul13

Nails and Wax, boys town, Chi Jul13

Jesus @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Elise, Shadows, Boystown, CHI, Jul13COME OUT and Have More Fun

♥ This story is dedicated to Norman ♥

Do The Charleston

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Giant Piles of Wet

NotsoHostel, Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Welcome to Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Shannon, Rainny Umbrella, SCAD, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Window Washing, Tenn, Jun13

Carly, Selfie, Scad, Savannah, Jun13


Scenic Vistas

Brian, Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Carly @ Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Big Ol’ Buildings

Mansion, Charleston, Jun13

Southern Belle Bride, Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building 2, DT Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building, DT Charleston, Jun13


Memento Mori

White Church, DT Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Staing Glassed Graves, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Play Dead, Cobble Stone, DT Charleston, Jun13

Strange Men, Charleston Gallery, Jun13

Death Proof, Charleston, Jun13


Hangin’ @ Rarebit

Carly, Prayer, ChickenWaffel, Rarebit, Jun13

Brian, Selfie @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13


Got The Whole World…

Carly, Whole World in my Hands, Charleston, Jun13

On the Road, Rear View, Deep South, Jun13And Next Stop, Savannah!

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