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Monthly Archives: February 2012


(DIVE with Me!)

Zachary Cole Smith

Beaching and Wining

Far enough from the city but close to my heart, Far Rockaway Beach was our poor man’s retreat. We escaped every weekend, rain or shine, and acted like shipwrecked Bohemians, sipping boxed wine and sharing hand-rolled smokes. We were glamorous castaways, clad in straw hats, bold prints, red lips, and vintage shades. Deliberately stranded, we imagined ourselves on a remote island, abundant in fish tacos, fresh coco water, and endless rolls of film. Sometimes you don’t have to travel great distances to go far. Aloha Far Rockaway, see you soon!

Song by Morning Benders

Breaking My Heart

This Is Not A Porn Site.


You Bitch!

Oh Dear.

A Few Drinks Later…

Feeling Fierce,


Wicked As A Witch.

A Black Swan Moment.

We Don’t Give A Fuck.

Keep’em Wet.

Make’em Want It.

Sit Here and Spin.


A Real Sleeping Beauty.

Waiting For Her Prince.

It Was A Close Shave.

Saw It A Mile Away.

You’d Disappear.

Breaking My Heart.


Cosmetics Are Drugs.

A Bonafide Fag Stag,

Fell In Love with Himself.

That’s The Word On The Street.

Written in Sharpie.

Vandalized & Scandalized.

Haunted By A Ghost Writer.

Dreaming of Love in Strange Places.

Song by Chains of Love

Black, White & Brooding All Over

Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches

Frankie Rose

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