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Everything is Cool

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Moe, Boss Lady, Janine's, Sept14

Boy Drinking OJ, Janine's Sept14

Boss at a Party, Janine's, sept14

Wild Bore, Rehearsal, Jun14

Janine, Wild Pony, Sept14

SWAG, Janine's party, Sept14

Danger Zone, Janine's Party, Sept 14

Janine, Hostest with the mostest, Sept14

Carly, Helen Party, Sept14

Moe, Green Beret, Sept14

Moist Gina, Sept14

Smoking in the Kitchen, Janine's Sept14

MOE, Getting it, Janine's, Sept14

Janine Tiger Tits, Sept14

Drunk Girl, Janine's, Sept14

Change for Change, Janine's party sept14

Dinner and Drinks, Janine's, Sept14

Classy Affair, Janine's party, sept14

Moe and Co. Sept14

Mad Dreams

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 Alfredo, sidewalk, Astoria, Jul13

Cute Girl @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Julia @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Drew @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Carly, White Tee, WildBore, LES Jun13

Caution, White Trash, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Julia @ Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Bathroom Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Alfredo, Plyers, Danger, Astoria, Jul13

Julia 2 @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Mia Hyejun, Langhorn PA, Oct13

Spears, dismembered parts, Soho, Jul13

Guitar Hero, Clinton Hill, JUl13

Logan Drum Wall, Oct13

Irena at home, Oct13

Hairless Pussy @ Irena's, Oct13

Danny 2 @ Marie's LIC, Jul13

Julia, Hot Dog @ Crif Dog Oct13

Seth @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Russian Chick,@ Danny's, Jun13

Alfredo, Sad boy, Train Tracks, Jul13Until Soon…

Falling Up & Getting Down

color portraits of fall 2012

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Carly @ Westvillage Bathroom, LES Sept12

Micah @ Irena Housewarming, Oct12

Jordache & KT 3 @ Matchless, Sept12

Daniel, Danny, West Village Sept12

KT, Chanel Crack @ Matchless, Sept12

Jordache, Chanel Crack 2 @ Matchless, Sept12

Carlos @ Haunted NewYork, Sept12

Carly & Danny, Wild.Bore!, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk @ BBQ Films, NY Sept12

Daniel, WestVillage, Sept12

princepunk, champaign @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY Sept12

Carly @ MercuryLounge, LES Sept12

Daniel & Marion, WestVillage, Sept12

Cinderellas Big Score, Brooklyn, NY Sept12

Cinderella’s Big Score

song courtesy of Lance Tyler Craig

Oweinama’s Monster Mash

Gonna Make You Scream Dance Party

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Song by Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors

Fire & Ice

 Carnival Street Cruise

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Jeannie’s bottle


Floating Moomin


Blowing Kisses


song by Vintage 78


Tale of A Traveling Top Hat

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Night Has Fallen.

Mute and Cold.

Perched Upon A Raven’s Crest.

Veiled in Its Own Darkness.

A Gentlemen’s Fancy.

You’ll Love The Tears.

Frozen in A Black & White Still.

Petrified by The Silence.

What Happens After Midnight?

song by Goldfrapp

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