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Monthly Archives: June 2009


Dream-pop trio School of Seven Bells finished off their US spring tour with an eye-catching performance at The Bowery Ballroom full of atmospheric sound-scapes complimented by arresting visual effects. I couldn’t quite put a finger on what was so familiar about the Seven Bells. A mid 90’s déjà vu of shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine and Ride coupled with electronic groves of Supreme Beings of Leisure and The Chemical Brothers. No doubt about it, whether it’s Grunge or Electronic the 90’s are back!






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What’s a reason to get to a show early?

To check out other amazing bands!


Violens opened for School of Seven Bells and I definitely want to know more! They have one scheduled date for NYC in September at Webster Hall (yeah I know) before jetting off to the UK. Hopefully there will be a show in a much cooler venue between now and then. For now check them out here:







Daniel and Honeychild

“F*ck all that Brooklyn Sh*t,” was Rachel’s greetings to her fans at Mercury Lounge. Her one finger salute personally directed to myself, (or my camera) was a clear indication I was in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps she’ll feel more at comfortable on her next few stops through the Midwest (my hometown) on her way back to home sweet home Detroit. You’ve got to give her creds for the no nonsense attitude she brings to the stage. There are no show tunes or silly acrobatics on stage to entertain the audience, only Cold Hard Rock n’ Roll. Her stance is solid and cool,  she and her Detroit Cobras were there to do what they do, Rock Out!

The tour in support of Tied and True , the Cobra’s newest release is near the end, however the album is worth checking out! You can get a tiny taste on myspace, or you can follow the band through Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to hear these awesome new tunes!


Detroit cobras2





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…..and I thought to myself,  this is exactly the music a person should listen to when they want to fall in love with someone they already love…..


Who? Ken Stringfellow
What? A solo performance on piano and guitars!
Where? Littlefield in Parkslope
When? Thursday, June 18th
Why? Because you trust my taste in music and need a mellow night of music after all of the Northside Festival madness.




*Bring a date, don’t be late, and I’ll see you there!

Sounds like Interpool with loads of Rastafarian energy! They come all the way from Johannesburg  but don’t worry they have a few more shows in the City before they peace out!







The Band…….The Phenomenal Handclap Band is a booty shaking, music making, handclapping, tambourine slapping crew so you can dance better.

The Stage…….Eight members in all, along with their instruments, miraculously squeezed onto a cramped stage at Black Betty’s and still made room to shake a leg!

The Sound…….Deborah Harry sporting love beads in a Disco Funk band performing at a Pentecostal church.

The Future…….They have a couple of upcoming shows in the area before jetting off to Europe (like everyone else these days) so catch them before they take off!

The Warning……. Be prepared to dance your pants off!!!




Lion King


Phen Hand Shake!


Apollo Heights is White Music for Black People, but all are welcome! Come practice your Japanese conversational skills with The Chavis brothers, or perhaps you will want to discuss Contemporary Art Criticism with Micah Gaugh. Honeychild Coleman (who just recently rejoined Apollo) can advise on sensible but edgy fashion on and off stage, but most important, Listen to their Music!!!

Apollo’s sound is reminiscent of Cocteau twins, not only because they have been a huge influence on the Chavis Brothers, but also because Robin Guthrie produced their debut album White Music for Black People.  Apollo Heights are back on the scene and have ambitious touring plans in support of their soon to be sophomore release Killer of Sheep. Check them out live on June 6th at The Delancey  and/or June 9th at Glasslands Gallery and hear some new tunes that will be on their upcoming album!

Danielsmoke wm



Psychadelic camo



micah tv

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