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Cruising on Valentine’s Day

We’re Gonna Getcha!

Meet Sarah

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Origin: Stockton, CA

Occupation: Film teacher at DCTV.

Hobbies: Yoga, cruising, and karaoke.

How We Met: Sarah taught me how to play guitar when I was 15.

Interesting Facts: Not only is Sarah a virtuoso at every instrument she picks up, but she also dances hip hop like no one’s business.

Project Valentine’s Day

Sarah’s got the goods; she could be wearing a burlap sack and still snatch-up a Rolodex full of numbers. Sarah suggested we go cruise the single’s scene on Valentine’s Day and hunt us down some fine, young, eligible bachelors to go write home about. Since the only thing that ever turns me on lately is Gloria Steinem, I figured it was high time I step up my game and see exactly how Sarah works her charm. Our evening began with a quiet dinner at Yaffa Cafe so we could catch-up and hatch out our ultimate scheme. We spent the first part of dinner comparing our ailments (we were both still recovering from a nasty flu bug—not helpful in the flirt game). We ranted about our symptoms and treatments for almost forty minutes before I realized how very un-sexy our conversation sounded. We agreed that if we were going to succeed in our mission, we needed to perk up and put on our best game faces. So with a brush of fresh lipstick and a twinkle in our eyes, we began our assignment, Project Valentine’s Day.

A Couple of Silly Girls

Settling Into Our Roles

Time to Get Serious


An Irish Pub & Ice Cream Cones

Sarah and I scouted out a couple of empty bars before catching sight of McSorley’s, an Irish pub bustling with life and illuminated by the soft neon glow of  beer signs and flat screen TV’s. Eureka— A sports bar! While ordering our drinks, Sarah immediately spotted our first catch, an attractive but simple man sitting alone at the end of the bar enjoying the game. Sarah, knowing little-to-nothing about sports, turned to him and asked, “Who’s playing?” I scoffed aloud thinking how ridiculous this approach was, especially considering how much I loathe sports. Well lo and behold, not only did our new friend Jeff tell us who was playing, but within five minutes we also found out that he was a glass cutter who travels all over the U.S. building structures and was supposed to go to Alaska to build a log cabin (hot). Who knew it was so simple? Jeff who’s also a social smoker (score!), invited us to share a smoke outside. Jeff seemed to take an immediate interest in yours truly, so before parting ways, we made frivolous plans to share another smoke in the near future. We said our good-byes and began phase II of our mission… but not before satisfying our sweet tooth at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Neon Angel


Big Gay Ice Cream Break


Lounging at Lit

We arrived at Lit Lounge, and much to our amusement we found it to be just like a high school dance (except with strippers);  boys on one side of the bar, girls were on the other. I excused myself to the ladies’ room to freshen my lips and returned to find that Sarah had already scooped up the two super cute boys sitting next to us. Franck, a drummer for a popular French Band Hushpuppies, and J.B. a street photographer, were visiting from Paris, and Sarah was speaking their language…literally. While Franck and Sarah exchanged words, I inquired with J.B. about his photography. Come to find out, he was here working on a photo exhibition of New York City for a reception that will be opening in Paris this March. J.B. also primarily shoots with film, just like me, and although our some of our conversation was lost in translation, photographically we were a couple of kindred spirits. After downing a couple of drinks, we decided to take these boys to Beauty Bar for one last call.


Direct Hit!

J.B.’s Shy Heart

Wild at Heart

Beauty Bar and Beyond

Beauty Bar was dead but still a goldmine for photo opps with their sparkly retro hair dryer chairs and linoleum floor. I ordered another drink at the bar while Sarah and the Frenchies checked out all the glory Beauty Bar had to offer. The bartender at times seemed annoyed with my (bad) jokes, but started chiming in with his own display of lousy humor. Surly one moment, then engaging the next, he was a hard nut to crack. We began to argue about Valentine’s Day because he, like most cynics, hated this Hallmark Holiday. I, on the other hand, don’t see how it’s different than Christmas or Halloween, and feel that all holidays are just shopping incentives that prey upon people’s expectations. He then confessed that his girlfriend (Bingo! This explains the bi-polar behavior) pressured him to make this  Valentine’s Day romantic, but he had to work and that created trouble in paradise. I then posed a philosophical question of whether the root of the problem was inherent in the holiday itself or the girlfriend. Before I got myself into trouble,  Sarah and the Frenchmen returned from their excursion and joined me at the bar. I asked J.B. to snap a quick photo of me and the bartender, who was willingly unwilling to pose with me and my ripped-up heart. Fearful of his super jealous Latin girlfriend, the remorseful bartender covered his face as I had my way with him.

Brawn vs. Beauty

Guilty Heart

The Conclusion

Sarah, being the crafty little devil she is, managed to score herself a lunch date with the Frenchmen cause she’s got the goods. I, however, still have not heard from the glass cutter; I’d like to think that he accidentally lost my card. I did however receive a “Holla” from Paris (story of my life). Now if only us girls can teach these boys how to holla back when they are near…and not far, then things could actually start to get interesting.

Valentine’s day gets a bad rap because of the pressure people invest into feeling something special on one particular day; its shallowness can be surmised from glancing at any drug store greeting card. However, in the right company and armed with a sensible attitude, Valentine’s Day can be a loads of fun. What other day of the year can a couple of gals run around town handing out glitter hearts to boys in bars without coming across desperate or outlandish? Besides, love manifests itself in many forms and the love of a good friend is just as good a reason to celebrate Valentine’s day as that of a lover. Sarah recently told me that she looks forward to growing old with me—now that’s what I call love, and on this Valentine’s Day, I found myself falling in love with Sarah again for the 100th time.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day ♥

My Date with The Bed-Stuy Dapper

Meet Vito

Location: Bedstuy, Brooklyn

Origin: Gainesville, FL

Occupation: Bartender at VON

Hobbies: Shakin’ cocktails, strumming guitars, and soon to be farming.

How We Met: Vito gets me drunk at VON for a living.

Interesting Facts: Vito used to bartend at The Dressler and is in this awesome music video “Oh Baby I Like It Raw- Thanksgiving.”

Do or Dine

Vito planned a swanky yet simple evening for us in Bed-Stuy including dinner, drinks, and then back to his place for a jam session. I suggested we try “jamming-out” on a second date, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Do or Dine, Bed-Stuy’s hippest diner, was just perfect with it’s charming retro-discotheque ambiance, for Vito was dressed sharp and fully accessorized with a handsome Fedora (“Attention to Detail” bonus points). Upon meeting at the bar, in one swift gesture, Vito slid my bar stool close to his while ordering me a drink (“My Man” bonus points). Vito is so charming that the bar sent us both a glass of Cognac, coated in pine cordial and garnished with an orange twist (bonus points). When dining out, I just love to share a meal and try as much on the menu as possible. However, Vito earned himself some major “Food Incompatibility” deduction points for not eating pork or fois gras, thus eliminating the two most exciting menu choices (E666’s deviled eggs and the Foie Gras Doughnut). I often photograph drunk people, and Vito’s job is keeping his customers wet, so, while sipping our Cognacs, (ironically enough), we bonded over our mutual fascination with  the damaging effects of alcohol culture. We swapped drunken tales garnered during our “research,” and laughed at the hypocrisy of our very own participation in them. We were having great conversations, and by the time my Chicken and Woffals arrived, I had already forgiven Vito for not ordering the Fois Gras Doughnut.

Do Play with your Utensils

The Hat Makes The (Wo)Man.

Loving that Cognac

Bon Appetit!

One Last Shag…

Vito and I really let our hair down at One Last Shag… and ordered a couple of hot toddys. Unfortunately, I was coming down with a cold, but was determined not to disappoint Vito and spoil our evening with my dumb ailments. We warmed-up over our hot, steaming glasses while Vito told me about his family farm in Florida. He’s been researching a lot about agriculture and he is on his way to becoming a bonafide farmer. I am not sure what it is about Vito, but apparently people love to give him gifts. While at the bar, a couple next to us decided to adorn us with Pre-Valentine’s presents. I got a snoopy lip balm (for making-out later) and Vito was given a Star Wars yo-yo. Damn if he hasn’t charmed all of Bed-Stuy AND the East Village. Inspired by our new gifts, Vito and I hijacked One Last Shag and photographed each other in every kitschy nook and corner of the bar, while the puzzled bar staff watched skeptically. What I really like about Vito is that not only is he cool, but he’s really kool, and doesn’t mind getting silly (a.k.a. sitting on the linoleum floor for a photograph), and having fun. As our glasses began to cool, it was a sure sign that our evening was winding down. Being the courteous gentlemen he is, Vito offered to walk me home so as to protect me from the night (“Chivalry” bonus points).

Bed-Stuy Dapper

Linoleum Floor Photo-Opp

“You Must Accept Our Gifts!”

Gifts Accepted.

Vito Loves Plants.

Demonstrating Domestic Street Skills

The Conclusion

Pros: Has great attention to detail, is a smooth operator and is super laid back.

Cons: Doesn’t eat bacon (or fois gras), is moving to Florida next month, and has bar hours.

Vito is a classy guy who knows how to treat a lady AND how to make her a proper drink. Raised-up as a good old southern boy, Vito has excellent manners and exercises just the right touch of chivalry, without being overbearing or too polite. Unfortunately, just as I am getting to know Vito, he will soon be relocating to sunny Florida to start his new life. However, we do have one last hurrah planned in Bed-stuy at Sud, a small Italian wine bar where we plan to share a cheese plate, listen to Pavarotti and perhaps… even a jam session.


Dinner with David

The Owner of Boca Chica

Meet David

Location: Chinatown, NY

Origin: Manhattan, NY

Occupation: Owner of two cool downtown restaurants.

Hobbies: Yoga, sculpture and the fine art of brewing coffee.

How We Met: I am a regular at one of David’s restaurants.

Interesting Facts: In addition to Boca Chica, David also owns Lupe’s East L.A. Kitchen (my favorite spot in all of NYC). And although David is old enough to be my father, he can hang like a bro.


After two years of holler’n about Lupe’s, I finally grabbed David’s attention and cleverly used this opportunity to invite myself on a dinner date with the man behind Lupe’s, the kitschy pink diner I call my home away from home. David suggested that we share a meal at Boca Chica, his festive Latin American restaurant located in the heart of the East Village. The first thing that immediately sets Boca Chica apart from Lupe’s (besides live Latin music and dancing) is a full cocktail menu. We got to drinking straight away. Payman, bartender extraordinaire, whipped us up  several tropical concoctions (off the menu) that were all made from fresh ingredients and served with TLC. Just to jazz things up a bit, I brought along my favorite drinking accessory— fun straws! For about the first half of our cocktail hour, I gushed like a school girl about my adoration for Lupe’s (“Groupie” deduction points). But seriously, if there was an apocalypse, Lupe’s is where you would find me, rationing out the fish tacos and coco water among my beloved. David seemed touched by my sentiment.

Payman, Bartender Extraordinaire

Thumbs Up!

Savoring Every Sip


After throwing back a few drinks, David and I were ready for our grand feast. I insisted David order for me, so he recommended we share a fresh avocado salad and the coco shrimp appetizer (which were both D-licious). Despite the fact that David is a pescatarian, he insisted that I order the Piniones—sweet plantain rings filled with seasoned ground beef—although I did feel a bit guilty not choosing something that we could share (“Greedy Little Pig” deduction points). During dinner, David and I bonded over our passion for art and art history. We gossiped about the mischief of Caravaggio, and unriddled the puns of Modern Art. Being an artist himself, David has a great appreciation for the human form which he channels through sculpture (“Bohemian” bonus points). David also painted the large panels in Boca Chica and is solely responsible for the décor at both Lupe’s and Boca Chica. I just love a man who possesses both an eye and a talent for the      visual arts.


 Old World Humor

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a handsome Bohemian entrepreneur and is the genius behind Lupe’s.

Cons: Likes the Grateful Dead and is old enough to be my father.

David is a real bohemian whose artistic touch is equal to his keen business sensibility. His hospitality is warming, especially on a cold wintry night. Unfortunately, we stuffed ourselves silly during dinner and left no room to try any of the sweets at Boca Chica. Perhaps David and I will save room for dessert another time. Until then, I look forward to that cup of coffee David promised to make me at Lupe’s with their new espresso machine. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Goodnight  Sleepyhead

Song by The Dandy Warhols

My Pete Campbell Fantasy Date

Meet Giles

Location: East Village, NYC.

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden.

Occupation: Philanthropist in Training.

Hobbies: Sex, collecting airline safety instruction cards, and Crossfit

How We Met: I was introduced to Giles and six other Swedes at Carnagie Hall.

Interesting Facts: Although Giles is straight, he has made out with more guys than me. In Sweden, Giles had a sex blog and studied Swedish Massage. Oh yeah— his family also put the “Goodman” in Bergdorf Goodman.

The Date

Intrigued by my dating column, Giles asked if he too could be objectified and take me out for a night. Normally I decline date proposals, but I decided to accept his challenge because he had a Pete Campbell allure about him (“Pete Campbell” bonus points) and I too was intrigued by his online “column.” We met at the fountain in Washington Square Park and took a leisurely stroll. Giles had a full agenda lined up for the evening. Our first destination was Robataya, a festive Japanese restaurant that serves your meal on enormous wooden paddles. I was so excited about the paddles and the promise land of photo opps they would provide, until we arrived and discovered that Robataya doesn’t allow photography (“Photo Restriction” deduction points). In their defense, flashing cameras are a distraction to the sushi chefs who are working with razor-sharp knives. I politely put down my camera—and a glass of Yamazaki—but not before quickly snagging a photo of me kissing a fish.

Kiss A Fish & Make A Wish


Hanging Tough

Well Suited for a Dive Bar

Giles was a bit camera shy but I had just the remedy for that. After dinner we headed to Death and Company for some choice cocktails and to get a little more comfortable. Unfortunately the bar was at capacity, so we needed a plan B. I thought it would be much more fun to have a drink in a total dump since we were all suited-up, so we ducked into a dive bar and ordered mixed drinks (instead of cocktails). The medicine worked almost immediately, as alcohol has a placebo effect. Giles became noticeably more relaxed with my camera —now we were getting somewhere. Being the great story teller he is, Giles shared with me epic tales about a Great-Great Uncle who had “business” with the likes of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and about a distant cousin who married the crown of Spain. He recounted some wild adventures in Tully, Australia, where he had to choose between a river full of crocodiles or the belligerent locals who wanted to make him and his friends “Squeal like pigs.” So Dangerous…I was captivated.

Elegantly Polishing A Mixed Drink

On The Rocks

Bottoms Up

Later That Night

Things loosened up just in time for our Grand Finale at Casa Mezcal for a little burlesque night cap. By this point we had been walking from the West Village to the East Village and all over the Lower East Side. Normally I love to go for long walks but tonight I wore heels. Giles is considerably shorter than me so I wanted to tower over him by wearing the highest heels I could bear (“Bad Shoe” deduction points). By the time we arrived at Casa Mezcal I was done…walking at least. Giles found me the best seat available so I could relax and enjoy the show and brought me some wine to help alleviate my discomfort (“Chivalry” bonus points). Casa Mezcal was having an off-night as the performers were only so-so at best, but regardless it was still quite a scene of odd balls, suits and liberated tits. The bar was a little drafty so Giles offered me his ($4K) Jacket to keep warm (“Chivalry” bonus points). It was getting late, so we finished our wine, hopped into a cab and called it a night.

Giles & The Crocodiles


The Conclusion

Pros: Is a great story teller, has a Pete Campbell Seductiveness, and is wealthy.

Cons: Is younger, has a Pete Campbell Seductiveness, and is a Trust Fund Kid.

Giles comes from a long line of “Most Eligible Bachelors,” as he was bred to be a Gentlemen and is very experienced in the ways of the world. I am pretty sure his ancestors invented chivalry, because apparently his Great Great Grandfather also  invented Love Potion No. 9. Giles’ family is so interesting that there is even a documentary about them and their family business at Bergdorf Goodman. The list could go on and on. He owns so many bragging rights—yet Giles is modest, unpretentious and thoughtful. In addition to the fact that Giles has many tales to tell, he is also well-disciplined in the art of active listening (perhaps this why he is such a great storyteller). Although I’ve been charmed, Giles’ playboy legacy will supersede all other redeeming qualities that would make him a potential catch. However…he is hard to resist.


My Date with A Mad Man

Meet Tony

Location: NYC.

Origin: Taiwan.

Occupation: Ad Man.

Hobbies: Eating and traveling.

How We Met: Tony and I met at my birthday party at Hanson Dry.

Interesting Facts: Tony is a newbie to the city and cannot watch horror flicks in cinemas as he is prone to loud screaming during pivotal scenes.

Madison Square Park

It was my first date with a real Ad Man and I was absolutely thrilled at Tony’s willingness to indulge me in my Mad Men infatuation. Being the clever devil he is, Tony befittingly suggested we meet at Madison Square Park. Tony was right on time, and equipped with enough cigarettes to get us through an entire Sterling Cooper office party. In addition to Mad Men, Tony and I also share an interest in photography and he really embraced this aspect on our date. As we walked together through the park, Tony captured many of his own moments with an iPhone as impromptu photo opps were everywhere! We photographed each other, Asian Tourist style, posing with Echo, Jaume Plensa’s giant head sculpture. After we left the park, I slipped into a mannequin bust that was left on the street, and Tony and I found a very cool photography installation on Park Avenue where a camera projected our photo onto a large glass wall. This was just the start of our date and we had already stumbled upon so much fun! Tony’s plan was to take me to see Fuerza Bruta so we had a quick glass of Prosecco at a neighboring bar before the show started. I could hardly wait.

My New Bust!

  Photography on Photography

Deep in Thought

Posing with my Cans

The Date

Fuerza Bruta didn’t exactly fit into our Mad Men theme but I really appreciated Tony choosing to share this experience with me. The show was visually striking with such incredible lighting and Tony and I were like a couple of kids in a candy store with cameras in hand. We were having such a great time… until I started to notice things. Tony was REALLY photographing the show, and while glued to his iPhone, he managed to out photograph me! Was I being petty? Does it really have to be all about me and my camera? I decided to let it go and to just enjoy myself… when I began to detect other women’s interest in MY date. Tony is a good looking guy, handsome in fact and these man hunters were after my prize! Before I knew it, Tony was whisked away into their hen huddle on the other side of the dance floor, and officially appointed as their event photographer. My mouth was hanging open in disbelief, the only thing I could do was bust Tony for his full on “Don Draper Action.”

What Would Don Do?

What Would Betty Do?



Enjoying The Show

Holla Back

Later That Night

Tony is a total chick magnet and I knew I had to act fast. In a desperate attempt to put the attention back onto myself, I suggested we do Karaoke at One 7.  My strategy was to woo Tony with a carefully selected serenade in a half-empty, dimly lit bar (“Dork” Deduction Points). I don’t think I could have suggested anything more lame. Tony was really cool about it and even though he can’t carry a tune to save his life, he dived in fearlessly with a Beatles song. I was really impressed with his courage and “try anything” mentality. Tony, through choosing his own carefully selected serenade, saved my grace.

Karaoke Champion

The Conclusion

Pros: Is handsome, creative, and open to new experiences.

Cons: Is handsome, prone to Don Draper-isms, and is an iPhone addict.

Tony is adventurous, open-minded and classy. He has quite the eye and makes very good aesthetic choices, from the food he eats to the photos he takes. He is quite a catch… perhaps too fetching as he certainly attracts a lot of attention. He’s a sly fox in a meadow full of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed does. We talked about possibly grabbing lunch one afternoon around Madison Avenue…oh what would Betty Draper do?


If I Stay Too Long– My Date with Jon

Meet Jon

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Origin: Flushing, Queens

Occupation: Movie Production (Dark Knight Rises)

Hobbies: Making stuff with his hands, installing chandeliers, and going on “Safari Adventures” in art museums.

How We Met: Jon and I were introduced at a mutual friend’s going away party.

Interesting Facts: Jon does EVERYTHING: photography, film production, music, plumbing, and electrical wiring. Jon also directs the Montreal-based sketch comedy troupe Uncalled For.

The Date

What’s immediately impressive about Jon is his attention to detail. Jon did his research and took the time to inquire about my interests before planning our date. After supplying Jon with a laundry list of my likes and dislikes, I was 100% sure I was in good hands. We met at Kellogg’s diner and took a leisurely stroll around Williamsburg while Jon gave me a mini tour of some really cool graffiti art, including an impressive mural by Shepard Fairy (“Street SmArt” bonus points). In a bold move, Jon suggested Karaoke at The Manhattan Inn, followed by Zebulon to see this singer named Shilpa Ray. Cool as a cucumber, but eager as hell to brag, I casually disclose that I had just gone on a date with Shilpa and am a big fan of her music (“Shilpa Ray” bonus points all around). I don’t know if Shilpa was included in my list of “likes,” but Jon was definitely hitting the nail on the head. We had some time to kill before Karaoke, so I suggested we have a whiskey at Bar Matchless, loosen up, and let the photos rip!

Shades after Dark

Bar Matchless Photo Opp!

Later That Night…

We headed over to The Manhattan Inn but unfortunately Karaoke was not happening (deduction points). However, being the great improvisors we are, Jon and I made the best of the situation. We ordered another drink, found a cozy nook in the corner, and expanded further on our likes and dislikes; all the while discovering how much we have in common. For instance, Jon appreciates pork, David Lynch, sketch comedy, and wearing shades after dark. When I found out that Jon also shares a similar aversion to dumbed-down Bromance flicks like The Hangover, I was absolutely over the edge. I could hardly believe my luck! We spent most of the night Laughing Out Loud because Jon is funny AND he gets my jokes. As we finished our drinks, Jon took notice of my nail polish color (“Attention to Detail” bonus points). Compliments are tricky because if not executed properly, they can have an adverse effect on your date but Jon was noticing all the right things. It was all too good to be true…could this be the end of my dating blog??

“Karaoke Bust” deduction points.

Classic Upside Down Book Gag

One Drink Becomes Two…

Fixing up and Enjoying A Smoke

Much Much Later…

It was time to make our next move. Jon suggested we stop by a taco truck on the way to Zebulon and grab a quick bite but when we arrived, there was no taco truck in sight (“Taco Tease” deduction points). We finally arrive at Zebulon only to discover that we also missed Shilpa’s set, which included a performance art piece in which Shilpa ripped up her student loans in protest. That was a major bummer. I was just about to start tallying up all of Jon’s “Missed the Boat” deduction points, when I realized how late it was— Jon and I had completely lost track of time. No wonder everything was closing up, it was way past our bedtime. We were having so much fun making up the date as we went along that we had no idea the night just slipped right past us. This is the sign of a good date.


Sidewalk Garden Fun

Cigarettes and Flowers:

A Modern Romance

The Conclusion

Pros: Jon is super fun, we share a lot in common, and he gets my jokes.

Cons: He’s always traveling and/or working, and is younger than me.

Jon is kool, plain and simple. The ability to improvise on the spot and to make the most of any situation is a valuable trait and Jon embraces spontaneity very well. He’s a stand-up guy who takes the time when you give him your time, which after all is the most sacred commodity we possess. I hope that his overbearing schedule eases up as it would be fun to lose more time on our next excursion— a safari trip to the Natural History Museum.

Just Look at This Guy!


Thee Oh Sees Remix by Al Lover

My Date with Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand

Meet Chris

Location: Midtown (East), N.Y.C.

Origin: Leuven, Belgium.

Occupation: Swedish Antique Dealer.

Hobbies: Flea marketing, horsing around, & Mechanical Engineering.

How We Met: Chris was a Navy Lieutenant with my best friend Shannon.

Interesting Facts: Chris’ real name is Per (pronounced like pear) and he was born on Groundhog’s Day.

The Dinner

It was my big night with Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand, and just as luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs. Wet weather can be such a drag, but it’s also an opportunity to huddle close, share an umbrella, and witness chivalry at its best. With that in mind I slipped into a mini skirt, grabbed an umbrella, and took my chances, rain or shine.  Chris suggested Banjara, a colorful, glimmering Indian restaurant in the East Village, to be the backdrop for our photo date. We had only just popped the cork to our wine and Chris was already racking-up some major “Art Star” bonus points for his confidence both behind and in front of the camera. Over the course of dinner we seized every photo-opp possible, played with our food, bonded over our pains of being the middle child, and rejoiced in our love for antiques and flea marketing. As dinner came to a close, Chris became concerned about the portions at Banjara being too small. Being a total gentleman, he wanted to make sure I was well-fed so I had enough energy for sex later (“Sex Jokes” bonus points!) I laughed out loud. Chris picked-up the check. We hit the road.

Gentleman Bonus Points

Laughing. Out. Loud.

Do Play with Your Food.

“Art Star” Bonus Points.


Horsing Around

After dinner we strolled around a wet and glossy Lower East Side. Chris took the bait and offered to hold my umbrella as we walked together in the rain. Normally this would have earned Chris some additional  “Chivalry” bonus points, but seeing that we were not walking nearly close enough, Chris failed to keep the umbrella over my head, resulting in some “Chivalry Fail” deduction points. Eventually the rain subsided  and we just horsed around for hours. I had a feeling that he and I could have a good time just about anywhere because of his Go-Go Gadget Navy Intelligence complimented by his fanciful whims ( “Agent Cooper” bonus points). We crashed stoops, shopped for fruit, and poked our heads into just about anything that looked fun. Eventually we stumbled upon a cozy secluded wine bar, tucked away from the bright signs and headlights of the Village and polished off a carafe of wine. We sat by the open windows transfixed in a deep silence, and for just a moment, it felt as if we were in Rome. That’s what I call magic.

Still Hungry from Dinner

Preparing for Dessert

 Hunter. Gatherer.

Smelling the Flowers

Mega “Art Star” Bonus Points

My Marlboro Man!

The Conclusion

Pros: Clever, F.U.N., and acute (not to mention cute).
Cons: Lives in Midtown and a bit too understated in his personal style.

Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand’s got the goods. He is an adventurous outgoing gentleman who has no problem taking the lead or going with the flow. Our evening was effortless, humorous and even magical at times. I can’t wait for date two when we horse around his family’s antique store. The photo-opps will be endless!

Just look at this guy!

Song by Psychic Dancehall

My Date with  Shilpa Ray

by Carly Sioux

Meet Shilpa 

Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Origin: New Jersey.

Occupation: Rock Star, Shilpa Ray & her Happy Hookers.

Hobbies: Hooking, ranting & writing clever Facebook updates.

How We Met: I convinced Shipa to do a photo shoot at a carnival in Williamsburg in the summer of 2009.

Interesting Facts: Shilpa Ray was born on St. Valentine’s Day and has a special fondness for Ohio.

The Dinner

I’d been dying to photograph Shilpa at Panna II, an Indian restaurant in the East Village lit up like a flaming Christmas tree with hot pepper lights that mirror Shilpa’s fierceness. Who knew that all I had to do was just ask her out on a date? We met in front of the restaurant, and in no time flat, were chatting it up like a couple of  long lost BFF’s in the warm red glow. Shilpa sipped on a Coca-Cola while recounting her Tall Tales on the Road with her Happy Hookers and shared some wisdom gleaned from her buddy Nick Cave (“Bad Ass” bonus points!). We giggled about our crushes, trash-talked our exes, and gushed over Ohio, a state for which we happen to share a mutual love, (which earned me some “I’m from Ohio” bonus points). We bonded over our trials and tribulations as retail sales whores and agreed that Postfeminism is not Katy Perry. It’s incredible how much we have in common, it was like some Thelma & Louise wet dream come true. We stayed so long, hovering over melted ice cubes, that by the time we left, we had endured two entire “Happy Birthday” performances, featuring a thundering chorus comprised of the entire Panna II waitstaff. The second round of  strobe lights and cake was our cue to hit the road.

Spilling the Beans

Shilpa Talks About Life on the Road

Beneath the Red Pepper Lights

Feminism or Bust Bonus Points!

Street Walking

After stuffing ourselves silly on sodas, curry & naan, we decided to walk it off with a leisurely stroll. I was about as Happy as a Hooker to be Street Walking with Thee Shilpa Ray. We wandered for a while, talking-music; we raved about our favorite bands, discussed those cool new girl bands writing dewy ballads about bad boys, and reminisced about our favorite 90’s bands that have come back in style. We were on a roll and were really getting each others jokes and then… I think “something” happened. I got up on a soapbox about’s convenient comparison of Shilpa Ray to Kathleen Hannah. I went on to assert MY analogy of her music as being in the vein of Nick Cave (duh!), Jim Morrison, and Edith Piaf. Shilpa’s eyes lit up like the entrance to Panna II, as she explained that she had just watched La Vie en Rose, (a movie about the life of Edith Piaf), and very much identified with Piaf’s story. Bingo! I just scored some major “I Totally Understand You and Your Art” bonus points. By that time it was getting late and, since we are both working girls, we decided to call it a night. Our date ended with a little nightcap at Cake Shop, and then we said our goodbyes with promises of making trouble in the future!

Found Mirror Photo Opp

Bodega Flower Money $hot

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Rock Star, is the raddest girl in Brooklyn, and laughs at my jokes.

Cons: Is a Rock Star, works a lot, and is not meant for the weak of heart.

Shilpa Ray is radiant, fierce and a force not to reckon with. She’s a bad ass and has the street creds to prove it. This is obvious to those who know her through her music, but I wonder how many are fortunate enough to know Shilpa’s soft side. Although her dating preference is for dudes, and not dudettes, my relentless perusing of Shilpa will never cease. I would hold Shilpa’s hand in Salem Texas, while we burn at the stake together for being witches bitches. I can’t wait for her to finish The Feminine Mystique so that we can compare notes.

Making Shilpa Laugh…Priceless

Good Night!

Music by DOM feat Emma Hendry

My Date with a Prince

press play to begin

Meet Prince Punk

Origin: Limoges, France.

Location: Montreal, Quebec.

Occupation: Social Worker.

Hobbies: Punk Rock, Cinema, & Existentialist Poetry.

How We Met: Prince Punk and I struck up an irresistible friendship while he was visiting a mutual friend in NYC.

Fun Facts: Is part Tiger and speaks French, English, Spanish, & Riffian.

The Date

When Prince Punk invited me to spend a weekend in Montreal, I immediately packed my moodiest black dresses, the darkest pair of shades I own, and a tube of red lipstick for a French Invasion Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend. First on the agenda was the Montreal Jazz Festival, as it was the perfect day for sunning on the lawn and soaking up the culture. Thrilled to be in each others company, neither of us listened to the music but rather spent the entire afternoon enjoying smokes, cracking jokes (that often didn’t translate), and speaking out of turn about our favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll bands. To my surprise, Prince Punk freely admitted to liking Katy Perry and Lady Gaga resulting in a few deductions on his Punk Rock points. Luckily The Prince had a few aces in his hand and rattled-off enough uber hip bands to win back those lost points. He also picked up some “Très Bien!” bonus points when he got down and gave me twenty push-ups on command.

Enjoying a Smoke on the Lawn

Très Bien!

Prince Punk Winning Some Tough Guy Bonus Points

Later That Night…

We hit the dance floor at Blizzart, a swinging Rock ‘n’ Roll club spinning obscure French Yé-yé Pop. Prince Punk made sure that my glass never emptied, my cigarettes stayed lit, and even let me wear his sacred Tiger ring (“Classic Going Steady” bonus points). He was the perfect gentlemen… a real Prince you could say—until “it” happened. Perhaps it was one flash too many from my camera that set him off but something to the effect of “I-don’t-really-look-at-your-photography,” came stumbling out of my Prince Charming’s mouth! In his defense, Prince Punk prefers (French) literature to photography, and one has to appreciate this kind of honesty but damn if that didn’t hurt. Regardless, I was determined to have a good time so I bucked-up, ordered a double-scotch on the rocks, freshened my lipstick and photographed Prince Punk like I never photographed before. I was determined to win him over.

Prince Punk Sporting his Infamous Shades @ Blizzart

Raising Hell with Richard Hell

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Prince, has excellent style, and speaks with a French accent.

Cons: Is a Punk, he likes Katy Perry, and we are often lost in translation.

Prince Punk is an Existentialist Romantic, who is fiery, witty and unapologetic about his ways. Although he claims to be mingled with Tiger Blood, this Prince also possess the heart of a Lion. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Whiskey nights is something we will always share, however— Prince Punk does not admire my photography and therefore can not truly admire me. Perhaps if  I too were Punk Rock AND learned to speak French, I might be cool enough to roll with Prince Punk. Until then… we will always have our night in Montreal.

Bonne Nuit!

song by Slim Twig

My Date with Supermodel Luke Nel

Meet Luke

Location: London/New York/Zimbabwe

Origin: Zimbabwe, South Africa

Occupation: Supermodel

Hobbies: Going on missions, playing the hand drum, and meeting new people.

How We Met: Our paths crossed right in front of my apartment. Luke was playing a harmonica while riding his bike. I asked to take his photograph.

Fun Facts: Blonde| Blue| 6’1″| 38″| 32″| 15.5″| 9.5 UK| Also— Luke was twice on the cover of GQ Style and cannot say No to ANYTHING!

Fashionably Late

It was the first heatwave of the year and looking cool was not easy, especially as I waited almost an hour for my date to arrive. Luke got a last minute “modeling gig,” so I was sure he was just blowing me off, and I’m not the kinda girl that waits around, especially not in the sweltering heat. I was just about cut my losses and  write-off our date when Luke called insisting that he was en route and would only be a few more minutes (which ended up being thirty). Hot and bothered, I began tallying up his tardy points when, like some Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi Dream come true, Luke came sailing in on a skateboard completely nullifying all penalty points. I have to admit that it was quite an entrance.

The Dinner

Luke thrives off of adventure and discovery so I decided to take the reigns on this date and show him a few hidden gems in this city that you won’t find in an issue of Timeout. I suggested Lupe’s East L.A. Kitchen for dinner because Luke and I instantly bonded over our love for coco water when we first meet. Not only is Lupe’s the cutest diner in all of  NYC, but they also serve fresh coco water right out of the coconut. We cooled off under the neon pink lights, sipped on pure bliss, and shared in a heap of laughs. Dinner highlights included our waiter Victor explaining to Luke what a taco is (“Precious” bonus points) and Luke licking salsa off his arm at the dinner table (“Double-Precious” bonus points). The table etiquette in Zimbabwe must be a bit different than in the States but I have to admit that I found it quite charming.

Cuckoo for Coco Water!

Victor Explaining The Concept of a Taco

The Date

Next on our agenda was Sheriff Uncle Bob’s Bluegrass Jam at the Grisly Pear. Luke is a big fan of Bluegrass music so it was an absolute must that he meet The Sheriff of Good Times. The bar was pretty crowded, mostly with musicians who were  jumping in and out of the jam circle. Sheriff Uncle Bob gave us both a warm welcome and cleared an entire bench of guitar cases and random instruments so that we could have the best seat in the house, thereby earning me some “I’m with the Band” bonus points. Shortly thereafter, Bob took a little break to hang out and catch up and even showered us with gifts! I got a copy of his new CD “Hold Whatcha Got,” and we both got one of his “Get out of Jail Free” cards, just in case we got into any trouble later in the night.

Luke & Sheriff Uncle Bob

Carly Sioux & The Sheriff of Good Times

Holy Hotness

Luke Wins Back Lost Points for Cruising in on a Skateboard

Paparazza Jack Pot

Luke Hits The Jack Pot for Talking-Up My Photo Blog

Got Holes in My New Skirt for You

His skateboard shredded my favorite skirt

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Supermodel, things like Tacos are a new adventure, and he always says “Yes.”

Cons: Is a Supermodel, is prone to being fashionably late, and he always says “Yes.”

Luke Nel is adventurous, optimistic and did I forget to mention handsome?  He’s always in the moment, which explains his trouble with punctuality. Would I wait an hour again for him? I probably would— I’d try to do handstands for Luke! I’ve already booked my flight to South Africa, invested in a mosquito net body suit, and enough Raid to wipe out an entire species. Now I just have to get over my fear of I.O.U.S. (Insects of Unusual Size).

Goodnight Indeed

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