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Monthly Archives: January 2013


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Jaime, Pervert, Toronto, Nov12

Disposable Legs@ Shilpa Ray, Nocturnal Emissions Oct 2012

Fugary Boat Club, Pinnup, HudsonNY July12

Women Littered on the Street, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Maria Elisa_In Bra_Chelsea, Aug12

Back Foot Rub, May12

FYI Fashion Show, Shag 6, Nov12tif

Toilet @ Jack's Oct 2012

Man w Dog, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

pedophiles in Brooklyn, June12

Sarah's Ass, Parkslope, June12

Joey , Creep @ Jack's Stud copy

Song courtesy of onlydeerhunter

Life’s Next Big Adventure

Becoming Mother Nature

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Sruti, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Mark, Icecream, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Yellow wall, Beacon, Oct12

Waterfall, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Ladder, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti 2, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Films, Broken Windows, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Woods, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Hope in an Oil Stained Sunset, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Doc at Coldsprings, Oct12

Reinvent Your Myth

song by Beach House


What Happens in Bushwick

Stays in BushLick

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Nato, Making her Mark, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Fountain of Youth

Safety @ Washington Ave, Oct12

Suit Up

That Guy @ Hasko Twins Bday Bash Sept2012

This Guy

Katie, Dancing @  The Commodore, Dec 12


Zach @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12


Bday Girl Dancing @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12



Hearts for Love_Feb12

Red Hot

Zach, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Make your Mark

Bushwick Existentialism, NYC, Nov12

Bushwick Existentialism

Katie @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

The Meaning of Om

Open WIde, Jordache Bday @ goodco


Zach , Michael, & Fernando @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

Party Boys

Lucky Shoes, Clinton Hill, Sept12

We’re Not in Kansas Any More

Katie, Carly, Jordan @ GoodCoNov12

Soft Focus

Katie and Boys @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

Fiddlers on The Roof

Fernando. Tropcial BushLick, Oct12

Winter Greens

Pink Bike, BushLick, Oct12

Pimpin’ New Ride

KT, Money, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Paycheck Clique

Nato, making trouble, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Wakey! Wakey!

Pennies on a Porch, Brooklyn, Oct12

Value for your Dollar

Welcome to Bushwick, Brooklyn, Oct 12

Welcome To The Bush

song by Mystikal

The Federation of Black Cowboys

The Hole: Brooklyn’s Lost Neighborhood

The Hole 8, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 4, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 2, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 6, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 3, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 10, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 9, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 5, Brooklyn, Oct12

The Hole 7, Brooklyn, Oct12

Disclaimer: This is *NOT* Hurricane Sandy Damage

Song by Flat Duo Jets

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