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Category Archives: Pictures of You

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Wild Bore, Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Dani, Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Dani, Jatlin @ Belle Isle Park, Detroti, Apr15

Carly, Belle Isle Park Detroit, Apr15

America, Unknown, April15

Maria, Dani, Family Dollar, Nashville, Apr15

Dani, Emily, Nashville, Apr15

Emily, Dog, Nashville, Apr15

Jatilin, Nashville, Apr15

Carly, Reflection, Nashville, Apr15

Maria, Nashville, Dog, Apr15

William, Black Cat @ The Cathouse, May15

Jatilin, Raceway, Nashville, Apr15

Gremlin Car, Lousivlle, May15

Wild Bore, Awful waffle, Nashville, Apr15

Quit, Detroit, Apr15

TBT: That Time I Used Staples

To Hold My Head Up High

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Carly Derby Dead, May15

Please Help, God Bless, Flatiron, Aug15

Jatlin, Squish Face, Flatiron, May15

Jatlin takes The Flatiron, May15

Leah at Home, BBQ, Cincinnati, May15

Michael, Home, BBQ, Cincinnati, May15

Head High, Flatiron, Apr15

Jatlin, Dani, Belle Isle Conservatory, DT Mar15

Carly Dani Belle Isle Conservatory, DT Mar15

Wild Bore @ KY Derby, Louisville, May15

Wild Bore w William @ BugerBoy, Louisvlle, May15

Love, Who Do You Love, NOLA, Oct15

K†, Leah, Jeanine, Nola, Oct15

Jatlin, Louisville KY May15

William, Louisville, Jul15

William and Carly, Louisville, Jul15

Leah, NOLA, Oct15

Small Pox Hospital, Rosevelt Island Nov15


Cement Boots, Flatiron, Aug15

K†, Carly, Jeanine, Nola, Oct15

Hot Dog and A Dog, Nashville, Aug15

Kurt, Ship, Brooklyn Park, Aug15

I Am Boring, Bedford Nostrand, Sept15“I Am Boring.”


The Summer of My Despair

Film Stills from Summer 2014

Wild Bore Television Suicide, Lefferts Garden 2014 (1)

Alfredo, Afro, Cigarette, Downtown, Summer14

Alfredo, smoke, downtown, summer14

Howard 2, Television, BeekmanPlace, Summer15

Carly Selfie, Mannequin Legs, Summer14

Downtown Andrew Brown, VON, Summer14

Mojo, Eyes Wide Shut, May14

Carly, Head, velvet Curtain, Aug14

Drew Drew Drew 2, Chinatown, Summer15

Alfredo, Chinatown, Summer15

Carly Sioux, Chinatown, Summer15


Drew, Chinatown, Summer15

Howard, Lincoln Tavern, Summer15

Duane, Lincoln Tavern, Summer15

Danny, Von, May14

Carly, Filthy, Hairy, Tired, Balloons, Beekman, Jun14

Hels, Drilling 2, BeekmanPlace, Summer15

Hot Boy 2., Fixing my shit, Jun14

Hot Boy 3, Fixing my shit, Jun14

Carly Sioux, Fixing Shit,  Beekman, Jun14

Duane, Beekman Place, Balloons, Jun14

Dani, Balloon Sandwich, BeekmanPl, Jun14

Alfredo, no 6, beekman, summer14

Gary, Last Loft Days, Summer15

Moeima, Bedstuy, Summer15

Alfredo, drumming, Chinatown, Summer15

Keep it Dark, Unknown, Jun14

Duane, Franklin Park, Jun14

Gary, Rooftop Loft, Bedstuy, Summer14

Jaitlin, Running, Chinatown, Summer15

Hels, Swimming, Mango Seed, Summer15

Hels, Mango Seed, Summer15

Dani, trashed, Bushwick, Summer14Win Some. Lose Some.

Dream Walkers

Fernando, Eyes Wide Shut @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

G, Eyes Wide Shut, Upper West Side, Nov12

Brigid, Drew Laughing @ Tzyniks' Party, May13

Brian @ Natori,  Sept12

carly sioux 2, smoke, W vi copy

Jordan Bday, Eyes Wide Shut @ Good Co, Nov12

Helen, Eyes Wide Shut, Hurley Dec12

Marie @ The Church, Halloween 2012

Carly Smoking @ Raven oct13

Prince Punk, Bed, Oct12

Danny @ Marie's, LIC, JULY12

Ramiro, BBQ, Red drums, Aug13

Katie, Dancing @  The Commodore, Dec 12

Dani, EYes Wide Shut, Oct13

Matt, Eyes Wide Shut, Black Rabbit, Dec12

Eileen @ Barbounia, Dec12

Christian, Hotdog, Oct13

Carly, Soul Product, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Samuel, Hill Cafe, Eyes Wide Shut, Jun13

Elise, Smoking, Rock, Clinton Hill, June13


Drunk Before The Party

 Flashback to Summer

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No Rules, Shea Stadium, Aug13

The Drink, Custom Made, Aug13

Crushed Out, Dancing 2, @ Shea Stadium, Aug13

Crushed Out, Dancing, @ Shea Stadium, Aug13

Crushed Out, Fuck You, Shea Stadium, Aug13

Jake and AJ @ Fulton Grand, Aug13

Carly @ The Drink, Aug13

Alfredo, Drummer Boy, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Mayan, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Meat, Grill, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Elise, Shoe, The Closet, Chi, Jul13

AJ  2@ Fulton Grand, Aug13

Young Boys of Clinton Hill, June13 (1)

Brigid @ Tzyniks' Party, May13

Colin, Outpost, June13

Elise, Eyes wide shut, Big Bar, LES, May13

Norman, Sleeping, Underwear, Chi, Jul13

Mikey, Skulls, Hearts @ Tzyniks' Party, May13♥ ♥ ♥

Savannah Smiles

southern style shenanigans

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Brian, Carly, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Savannah, Metal Bar, Jun13

Dax @ THe Rail, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Savannah, June13

Shanie, Mata Hari, June13

Dax, Carly Brian, Karaoke Bar, Savannah, jun13

Dax, Pool Table, Savannah, June13

Shannon @ Dive Bar, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, Drunk, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Drunk, @ Mata Hari, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Carly, Funny Face, Mata Hari, Jun13

Carly, Brian, Love, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Brian, Eyes Shut, Mata Hari, Jun13

Dax, Play Dead, Savannah, June13

Brian, Batcave, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Flower, Backseat, Savannah, Jun13

Shanie, Karaoke, Savannah, Jun13

Carly 2, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Late Night Breakfast, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Carly PJs Cozy, Jun13

Dax, Taylor Swift, PJ's, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Chef, Savannah, Jun13


Saturday Night

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DJ, Face, Portrait, CT, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Holding Hands, Friends, Apr13

Kaitlin, Open Toe, Heel, Hydrant, CT, Apr13

Kaitlin, Hydrant, Love, CT, Mar13

Ellena, Ballerina, Little Black Dress, Led Belly, Mar13

Jessica @ Starving Artist, Toronto, Nov12

Bullseye, Bull, Luck, Skill, Winebar, Lebanon, Dec12

Kaitlin, Squid, Food Fetish CT, Mar13

Les, Grass Fed, vegetarian, plant Apr13

Kaitlin, 368, Hunger, Oral Fixation, Mar13

Felix, Portrait, Eye Contact, CT, Mar13

Les, Speed Hump, Apr13

Carly, Arrow, Street Death Wish, Apr13

Meeting in a Parking Lot, Toronto, Nov12

Ellena, Ginger Snap, Portrait, LES, Mar13

Legs, Lace, Bullseye, Target, Ledbelly, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Friends, Mar13


 We Put The Ass in Classy

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Andrew, Carly, Secrets, Don't say it, VON, April13    Dylan, Flowers, House Warming, Feb13

Erica, Glamour, Chanel, espresso, Feb13

Ashlea, Estaban KT Party, Feb13

Danny, Irena, Holiday Party Dec12

Carly, Denim, Jacket, Bite, VON, April13

Fruit bowl, Oranges, Grapes, Classical, Juicy, Mar13

Andrew, Danny, VON, Dapper, Apr13

Kristina, Frame, Wine, Oranges, Mar13

Nicolette 2, Doomsday, Dec12

Jordan @#%!, Feb13

Portrait, Tree, Gold Scarf, Barret, Mar13

Nicolette, Gold Heart, Doomsday, Dec12

Micah, chandeliers, waldorf astoria, Feb13

Jordache, Feather @ Shag, Nov12

Scotch Bottle, Sex Sheets, KT Party, Feb13

Always Classy

(p.s. check out them sheets!!)

 Funny Business

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Jake in Bathroom @ Jack's  copy

Kristina, Carly, Katie @ Norman's Kil, Oct12    Fiction in Hudson, Aug12  Helen, Books, Aug12  Wildbore @ Obscura, Aug12  Happy Birthday Brian 3, Kew gardens  Jordan @ Yaffa Cafe, Aug12  Flown @ the Bellhouse, Jul12  Prince Punk, Moshing @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Prince Punk Kicking @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Kristina, High Kick @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Carly, Mikey's, Oct12  Father wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012  Rachael wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012    Kimberly @ Legion, Aug12

Helen, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Aug12

Micah 3, Apollo Heights @ Legion, Aug12

Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Kristina, Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Dan Flavin, Dia Beacon, June12

Prince Punk, Bruises,Bed, Oct12  Raye 6 w bunny 2, Bedstuy, July12

Sooner than you Think, Kew gardens

song courtesy of Sephirot

 High Noon

d’estate 2012

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Katie @ Lupe's June12

Ashley Bonds @ Sidecar, Brooklyn Sept2012

Carly, Lube Cube, Clinton Hill, May 12

Stevie, Smoking, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Katie, Brooklyn Flea, Aug12

Hue, roses, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Zaire 2, Prospect Heights, May12

Hot Dogs on 5th Ave

Sarah, Carly, Washinton Ave, May12

Toy Army Truch on Wood, Clinton Hill June 12

Ety biking, Clinton Hill, Oct2012

When’s Our Next Ride?

song courtesy of Carl Winsloww

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