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Monthly Archives: May 2014

 Born in A Small Town

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Free Air, Abandoned Gas Station, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Cat. Train Set, Downtown Ohio, Dec13

Carly Brants, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Mark, Trustworthy, Orange, Lebanon, Dec13

Last Chance, Orange, Ohio Dec13

Red Barn, Lebanon, Dec13

Sarah and Chery, Downtown, Dec13

Empty Gas Station, Lebanon Ohio, Dec13

Where Cowboys Roam

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Jonathan, cowboy, live bait, Apr14

Lips, Waiting, Yellow Light, Apr14

Self Service, Williamsburg, Apr14

Smiling Blinds, Clinton Hill, Apr14

Rusted Mattress, Clinton Hill, Apr14

Shadows of Red Flags, Apr14

Dead Rat, Brooklyn, Apr14

OPEN, Beyond Bedstuy, Apr14

Bad Film Fest, Williamsburg, Apr14

A Figment of Your Imagination

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Carly Sioux, Selfie, Jaystreet, Apr14

Choir, Xmas, Fairway, UPstate, Dec13

Looming Clouds on Fifth Ave, Apr14

Ghost, Trees, Flaitrion, Apr14

Flatbush, Thanksgiving Day, Dec13

Flatbush, have Faith, Dec13

TV, plastic wrapped, Apr14

Mannequin Woman, Home, Chelsea, Mar14

Carly Sioux, Selfie 2, Jaystreet, Apr14

Memento mori

 Fifteen Minutes of Shame

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Peep This

Crazy Chicks

Carly Bourbon Face

Strange Men in the NIght, Dive Bar, Dec13

Women in Bar, Flatiron, Dec14

Hearts, KT, Clinton Hill, Apr14

tuxedos, Fried Chicken, NYC Subway, Apr14

Carly, Dead, Hotel, Dec13

Carly 3 Dead, Hotel, Dec13

Ghost Car, Williamsburg, May14

Caution, Clinton Hill, Apr14

Arrow, Hotel, Dec13

Blonde, Arrow, Hotel, Dec13

Carly Sioux, Bottle, Last Seen, Fading,Dec13

Jack, Dive Bar, Dec13

Ice, Drinks, Dive Bar, Dec13

Carly, lipstick, Drunk, Dive Bar, Dec13

Strange Man in the NIght, Dec13

Hotel, Lamp, Chair, Ring, Dec13

Carly 2, Dead, Hotel, Dec13

Milk, Plastic Bag, Williamsburg, Dec13Soiled, spoiled milk.

A Likely Story

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Howard, Hands, Ring, Diner, Feb14

Legs, Heels, BOs, Hallway, Jan14

Lynne @ BOs, Jan14

Howard Takes The Pickle, Diner, Feb14

Dani 3, Polar Vortex, Jan14

Howard, Money, Bills, Feb14

Dani 4, Polar Vortex, Jan14

BOs, Empty Booth, Jan14

Carly Sioux, Play Dead, BOs, Jan14

Dani, Polar Vortex, Jan14

Howard, Listening, Diner Feb14Trust No One.

Whoa—That was Random!

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Duane @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Duane strangling Carly @ Doris, Brooklyn Dec13

Duane, Carly @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Girl in Leopard Print by WC @ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Girl in Leopard Print smoking@ Dorris, Brooklyn Dec13

Dudes of Doris, Brooklyn Dec13

Danny and Friend, Photobombed, Feb14

Danny, Black Angel, Feb14

Carly, Fountain @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Mark, Orange, Greens, Ohio, Dec14

Carly, Orange, Greens, 2 Ohio, Dec14

Kimber, Pink Tree 2, Ohio Dec13

Kimber, Pink Tree, Ohio Dec13

Erin 3 @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Erin 2 @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Spacey Green Keyboardist @ The Church, Dec13

Spacey Green Band 2 @ The Church, Dec13

Spacey Blue Band  @ The Church, Dec13

Oweinama Biu & Gina Marie @ The Church, Dec13

Howard, Danny, cold, Feb14

Carly, Danny, Diner, Feb14

McGill Sisters @21c, Ohi, Dec13

Erin, @ 21c, Ohio Dec13

Bye Bye!

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