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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Snow White Sleep Tight

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Carly Sioux, Play Dead, Race Track, Clinton Hill, June13

Car, Drive, Japanese,  @SCAD

Helen, Skeptical, Hurey, May13

Big Apple, East Village, Bleeker St, May13 copy

Carly, Play Dead 2, Oriental Rug, Upstate, May13

Dog, Stalking, Oriental Rug, Upstate, May13

Ribs, Roast, Hurley, May13

Cute Boy, Clinton Hill, June13

USA, Bottoms Up, ClintonHill, June13

Carly Sioux2, Play Dead, Soccer Field, Clinton Hill, June13

Danny, Life Boats, VON, LES, May13

Telephone, Brooklyn, Oct 12

Dead, Smiling, Box, June13

song by Dirty Beaches

Dumb Head

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Mom Had Umph, LES, May13

Elise, Patrick, The Kiss, Max Fish, May13

Ashlea, No Smoking, Big Bar, LES, May13

Anti Fashion, LES, May13

Elise 2, Smoking, Rock, Clinton Hill, June13

Rainbow Power 2, Vivian Girls, Mural, LES May13

Rainbow Power, Vivian Girls, Mural, LES May13

Elise, Red Lips, Big Bar, LES, May13

Toilet, Plunger, Grafitti @ MAX Fish, May13

Carly, Danny, Elise, @ MAX Fish, May13

Stop telling Women, Clinton Hill, May13

Stop Telling Women to Smile

 Cold. White. Snow.

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Time, Snow, Surrealism, Feb13

Blizzard, Pratt, Sculpture, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Umbrealla, Snow Blanket, Blizzard, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Blizzard, Footsteps, Snow Blanket, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Snow, Footsteps,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Abandoned Bike,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, Pay Phone,Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13

Snow, staircase, Brownstone, Voyeur, Clinton hill, Mar13No One’s Home

Facedown in The Snow

Little Murders in Small Towns

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Aloe Plant, Xmas, Stocking, Dec12

Blizzard, Perfect Storm, Diner, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Sarah, silver balloon, NYE 2012

Carly, Hotbird, NYE, 2012

Becca, Dead, Golden Lamb, Patterns, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Golden Lamb, Wheel, Dramatic, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Panda Mask, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Xmas Murder, Sarah, Scream, Pratt, Steam, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Vanish, Terror, Murder, Steam, Dec12

Legs, Voyeur, Stalkin', Dec12

You’ll Disappear

Bundle Up —Christmas Time is Here!

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Mom, Golden Lamb, Xmas, Ohio, Dec12

Jaime, Fur Hood, Toronto, Nov12

Jessica, Turbin, Toronto, Nov12

tron-townXmas Trees, Toronto, Nov2012

Torre  di Toronto, Nov12

Mask, Distillery Dist., Toronto, Nov12

John, Busstop, Toronto, Nov12

Heather, Blizzard, Flatiron, Feb13

Crowd, Blizzard, Flatiron, Feb13

Kevin, Blizzard, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Dad 2, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 4, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 3, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 5, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Ready for the Big Snow?

Xmas in July: How to Meet People

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Happy Alone People, Kingston, NY Dec2012

Hels, Washington Ave, Dec 2012

Hels, Kingston, Dec 2012

Black Glove Yellow Hydrant, Kingston, Dec 2012

Michael, Nicole @ The Elephant Dec 2012

Legs, Fire, Sexy, Hurley, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Dog Eye view, Party Hurley, Dec12

Helen, Hurley Party Time, Fire, Dec12

Kristina, Xmas Tree, NYears Day 2013

Balls @ BBQ Films, NY Sept12

Carly, Kristina, Littlefield, Dec12

Carly, Cake 2, HotBird, Blizzard, Feb13tif Helen, Hammer, Coconut, Lipstick, Hurley, Dec12

Helen, Hammer, Coconut, Hurley, Dec12

Carly, Angry Lumberjack, Hurley, Dec12

Helen, Eyes Wide Shut, Hurley Dec12

I Love You, Samsung, TorontoNov12

Or Be Happy Alone

Your Smart Phone Doesn’t Love You.

Blizzards & Snow Angels

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Choir Boy 2, No Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

KT, HotBird, Blizzard, Feb13

Choir Boy, No Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

Choir Boy, Smoking, Hot Bird, Blizzard, Feb13

Blizzard, Hotbird, Snow Blanket, Feb13

KT, Eskimo, Blizzard, Hotbird, Feb13

Carly, Choir Boy, Eat Snow, Hotbird, Blizzard, Feb13

Blizzard, Hotbird, Snow Blanket, Boy Feb13

Carly, Laughter, Blizzard, Hot Bird, Feb13

Blizzard, Nugget, Clinton Hill, Feb13Let It Snow!

Aloha, Merry Christmas!

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Marty,Wreath,TopHat, Snow, Dec12

Gorgeous Hunk, Kimber, snow, Dec12

Brian, Snow, Ohio, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Snow, Open Mouth, Ohio, Dec12

Brian, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Kiss, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Marty, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Brian 2, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

snow, Ice, Ironic, Lebanon Wine Bar,Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Grapes, Wine Bar, Lebanon, Dec12

Brian, Bum, Wine Bar, Lebanon, Dec12

Kimber, Bulleye, Terror, Dec12

Kimber, Snow, Beautiful, Lebanon, Dec12

Brian 3, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Brian, Carly, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Carly, Xmas Tree, Flask, Whiskey, NYE12tif

Marty, Needs Cut, Snow, Lebanon, Dec12

Let it Snow!

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