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Dream Walkers

Fernando, Eyes Wide Shut @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

G, Eyes Wide Shut, Upper West Side, Nov12

Brigid, Drew Laughing @ Tzyniks' Party, May13

Brian @ Natori,  Sept12

carly sioux 2, smoke, W vi copy

Jordan Bday, Eyes Wide Shut @ Good Co, Nov12

Helen, Eyes Wide Shut, Hurley Dec12

Marie @ The Church, Halloween 2012

Carly Smoking @ Raven oct13

Prince Punk, Bed, Oct12

Danny @ Marie's, LIC, JULY12

Ramiro, BBQ, Red drums, Aug13

Katie, Dancing @  The Commodore, Dec 12

Dani, EYes Wide Shut, Oct13

Matt, Eyes Wide Shut, Black Rabbit, Dec12

Eileen @ Barbounia, Dec12

Christian, Hotdog, Oct13

Carly, Soul Product, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Samuel, Hill Cafe, Eyes Wide Shut, Jun13

Elise, Smoking, Rock, Clinton Hill, June13


Mad Dreams

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 Alfredo, sidewalk, Astoria, Jul13

Cute Girl @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Julia @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Drew @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Carly, White Tee, WildBore, LES Jun13

Caution, White Trash, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Julia @ Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Bathroom Bodega Sunset Park, Oct13

Alfredo, Plyers, Danger, Astoria, Jul13

Julia 2 @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Mia Hyejun, Langhorn PA, Oct13

Spears, dismembered parts, Soho, Jul13

Guitar Hero, Clinton Hill, JUl13

Logan Drum Wall, Oct13

Irena at home, Oct13

Hairless Pussy @ Irena's, Oct13

Danny 2 @ Marie's LIC, Jul13

Julia, Hot Dog @ Crif Dog Oct13

Seth @ Greenwood cemetery, Oct13

Russian Chick,@ Danny's, Jun13

Alfredo, Sad boy, Train Tracks, Jul13Until Soon…


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carly sioux 2, smoke, W vi copy

Alfredo, Dreamy, Aug13

DRY, Parkslope, July12

Ashlea, Beer Guzzle, Oct13

Jonathan, Beer to Lips, Oct13

Rye, Flask, Oct13

Rye, Carly, Ashlea, Smoke Circle, oct13

Bathroom Kisses, Oct13 Goodnight Kiss

Killer Party

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Carly Sioux, We Are Gods, BBQ Rooftop, Aug13

Seth, Stairwell @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Destroy, Art, Street, Williamsburg, Aug13

Alfredo, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Playing Love Tricks, Soho, Aug13

Ramiro, Knife, Wine bottle @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Blood, Napkin, LES, Danger copy

Bloody Foot, Williamsburg, Aug13

Broken Glass, LES, Sept13 copy

Karr @ FlavYa BBQ Rooftop Aug13

Drew, siddhartha, Bembe, Smoke, Aug13

Dont' Kill, Soho, Aug13

Alfredo, Stairwell, BBQ, Aug13

Girl in cool dress, Williamsburg aug13

Girl in Flower Dress at a Bar, Williamsburg aug13

Wasted Dreams, Williamsburg, Alcohol, Aug13

FlavYa @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Drinks, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Piss, Toilet @ Bembe Aug13

One Last Chance, West Fourth Street, Aug13

Alfredo, Cement Ball, brooklyn Navy Yard, Aug13One Last Chance

Drunk Before The Party

 Flashback to Summer

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No Rules, Shea Stadium, Aug13

The Drink, Custom Made, Aug13

Crushed Out, Dancing 2, @ Shea Stadium, Aug13

Crushed Out, Dancing, @ Shea Stadium, Aug13

Crushed Out, Fuck You, Shea Stadium, Aug13

Jake and AJ @ Fulton Grand, Aug13

Carly @ The Drink, Aug13

Alfredo, Drummer Boy, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Mayan, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Meat, Grill, Bedstuy BBQ, Aug13

Elise, Shoe, The Closet, Chi, Jul13

AJ  2@ Fulton Grand, Aug13

Young Boys of Clinton Hill, June13 (1)

Brigid @ Tzyniks' Party, May13

Colin, Outpost, June13

Elise, Eyes wide shut, Big Bar, LES, May13

Norman, Sleeping, Underwear, Chi, Jul13

Mikey, Skulls, Hearts @ Tzyniks' Party, May13♥ ♥ ♥

Like Mother, Like Daughter

home on the farm

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Sexy Mom, Halls' market, Ohio, Jun13

Mom, Shopping, Sexy, Ohio, Jun13

Carly Sioux, KI, Ohio, Jun13

Sexy Mom, Ice Cream Parlor, Ohio, Jun13

Fresh Laundry, Mom, Farm, Jun13

Fresh Laundry 2, Mom, Farm, Jun13

Pipper, Red Lillies, Ohio, Jun13

Dogs Life, Ohio, Jun13

Wood, Father, Farm, Jun13

Sexy Mom, Farm, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Ice Cream Parlor, Ohio, Jun13

Mom, Blinds, Light, Ohio, Jun13

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

Savannah Smiles

southern style shenanigans

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Brian, Carly, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Savannah, Metal Bar, Jun13

Dax @ THe Rail, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Savannah, June13

Shanie, Mata Hari, June13

Dax, Carly Brian, Karaoke Bar, Savannah, jun13

Dax, Pool Table, Savannah, June13

Shannon @ Dive Bar, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, Drunk, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Drunk, @ Mata Hari, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Carly, Funny Face, Mata Hari, Jun13

Carly, Brian, Love, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Brian, Eyes Shut, Mata Hari, Jun13

Dax, Play Dead, Savannah, June13

Brian, Batcave, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Flower, Backseat, Savannah, Jun13

Shanie, Karaoke, Savannah, Jun13

Carly 2, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Late Night Breakfast, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Carly PJs Cozy, Jun13

Dax, Taylor Swift, PJ's, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Chef, Savannah, Jun13


I Wanna Dance with You

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Child, Chavis Bday, June13

Elise, KTParty, Clinton Hill, June13

Happy Birthday, Danny, Daniel, LIC, June13

Kareem, The Juggs @ Union  copy

Irena, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Kristina, Kimberly, Sarah @ Motto, May13

The Juggs 6@ Union Pool. May13

Hayato, Danny, Bday, LIC, June13

Happy Birthday 3, Danny, Daniel, LIC, June13

Happy Birthday, Chicken Wing, Paper Plate, LIC, June13

Jordan, Unknown Boy, Headphones, VON, June13

Kimberly, KT Party, Clinton Hill, June13

Kristina's Weiner Cake 2, Shag, May13

Kristina, Gabe, Conor, @ Shag, May13

KT, Jordache @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

KT, Gary Rooftop, Bedstuy, Apr13

Closed, Max Fish, May13

Bundle Up —Christmas Time is Here!

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Mom, Golden Lamb, Xmas, Ohio, Dec12

Jaime, Fur Hood, Toronto, Nov12

Jessica, Turbin, Toronto, Nov12

tron-townXmas Trees, Toronto, Nov2012

Torre  di Toronto, Nov12

Mask, Distillery Dist., Toronto, Nov12

John, Busstop, Toronto, Nov12

Heather, Blizzard, Flatiron, Feb13

Crowd, Blizzard, Flatiron, Feb13

Kevin, Blizzard, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Dad 2, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 4, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 3, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Dad 5, Farm, Lumberjack, Snow, Firewood, Dec12

Ready for the Big Snow?

Party Town

fast friends and quick highs

Lady and the Tramp, Fries, Black Swan, May13

KT, sriracha, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Kristina, Blowing, Weiner Cake, Shag, May13

Elise, Leroy, Lipstick, Black Swan, may13

Irena, Jordan, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Pot, Luck, Coffeetable, Bedstuy, apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 2, Union Pool, may13

Leroy, Fire, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

ELise, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Carly, Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Leroy, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Fish in the Sea, Bedstuy, Apr13

Jordache, Bones, Flute, Bedstuy, APr13

KT, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Carlos, Yvves, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Skeleton, Coffee Table @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Jordache, World, Helmet, Bedstuy, APr13

Paul, Painting, Friends, Bedstuy Loftparty, may13

Carly, Tongue Tied, Bedstuy Loft Party, May13

Skeletons, Pratt, Apr13

Art School Waste, Pratt, Apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 3, Union Pool, may13

Strange Man, Folded Paper @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Man, Bike, Fog, Ghost, Bestuy Loft, May13

Money Disappearing, Bedstuy Loft, May13

Watch Your Money Disappear

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