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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Mia Hebib is more than just a jewelry designer; she’s a shape chaser driven by the pursuit to forge the perfect form out of gold, silver, wood and brass. Her Greenpoint studio, Oblik Atelier (Oblik is Croatian for shape), explodes with nuts and bolts, earrings, pliers, bracelets, plants, sunlight, and necklaces. Most recently Hebib has taken on the endeavor of curating “Salon,” an artist exhibition showcasing the talent of seven designers including herself. Equipped solely with a blowtorch and determination, Salon is a testament to what can be accomplished with courage and perseverance and Hebib’s accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all. (More…)

Metropolitan Green

439 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Opening Reception Friday, October 1, 2010



Gallery Hours 12-7pm daily

October 1-8, 2010





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Photo  Carly Sioux

Mary Savel, a Brooklyn based fashion designer, is smart, sexy and understated– just like her dresses. She’s a bona fide bohemian whose approach to DIY fashion should be an inspiration to all. Every garment is handmade from her Williamsburg studio with fabrics discovered from the Amish Country. Mary manages her own schedule of sewing dresses, cutting hair and keeping Brooklyn girls hip one chic at a time.

What makes Savel’s dresses so smart? Versatility, clientele and price. Smart girls like smart dresses and a clever dress is one that can transition from season to season and not tire from day to night. By adding tights, leggings, boots, sweaters and scarves, any one of these dresses could refresh your old fall wardrobe or lead you from luncheons to cocktail hour.

Mary’s ideal clientele are sexy sophisticated women who know how to put it together and to take it all off. Professionals who value simplicity but refuse to veil their bold decisions. Although Savel’s designs emphasize line and shape, her  silhouettes are complimented by feminine and playful patterns that give each dress a touch of personality.

Often we hear “Handmade,” “Local,” or  “Made in Brooklyn” and instantly consider putting in some overtime to rationalize the splurge we are about to regret. No buyer’s remorse here, Savel’s prices are competitive and fair. Almost unfair for the time and artistry she puts into each garment. Remember – it’s the subtle details that distinguish a  great dress from a dress.

By this point you are probably wondering where you can buy one of Mary’s dresses. Etsy! It seems to be a poplar choice among up and coming designers and although internet shopping is still on the rise, Mary’s long term goal to find her way into more hip neighborhood boutiques.So far Mary has struck gold with Thistle &  Clover, Brooklyn Kingdom, Gumbo and Otte and with her stylish sensibilities and the confidence she exudes in her craft, it won’t be long before more of you will be owning her style. Remember the hat makes the man, but the woman makes the dress. I hope you wear it better.

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Photo Carly Sioux

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