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Monthly Archives: February 2013

 Funny Business

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Jake in Bathroom @ Jack's  copy

Kristina, Carly, Katie @ Norman's Kil, Oct12    Fiction in Hudson, Aug12  Helen, Books, Aug12  Wildbore @ Obscura, Aug12  Happy Birthday Brian 3, Kew gardens  Jordan @ Yaffa Cafe, Aug12  Flown @ the Bellhouse, Jul12  Prince Punk, Moshing @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Prince Punk Kicking @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Kristina, High Kick @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Carly, Mikey's, Oct12  Father wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012  Rachael wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012    Kimberly @ Legion, Aug12

Helen, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Aug12

Micah 3, Apollo Heights @ Legion, Aug12

Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Kristina, Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Dan Flavin, Dia Beacon, June12

Prince Punk, Bruises,Bed, Oct12  Raye 6 w bunny 2, Bedstuy, July12

Sooner than you Think, Kew gardens

song courtesy of Sephirot

Folk Art @ gallery onetwentyeight

 Apollo Heights Acoustic Set feat. Sarah Silver

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Daniel, Ghost Paintings, Art Gallery, Oct12

Sarah Silver, Paintings,Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny and Daniel, Rehearsing, Art Gallery, Oct12

Daniel, Sarah,Guitars, Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny, Guitar, Art Gallery, Oct12

Andrew, Art Gallery, Oct12

Carly, Camera, Art Gallery, Oct12


song courtesy of Anthology of Infection 

Faded Hues of Baby Blue

Lovesick Teenagers

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Alfredo, Chelsea Gallery, Oct12

What Baby? Clinton Hill, Nov12

Blue Bike, LES, Jan13

Baby Bird, Toronto, Nov12

Alfredo 2, Chelsea Gallery, Oct12

Fashion,  Bushwick, sept2012

Blue Bed, Fort Green

Deflowered, Chelsea Gallery, Oct12

Have a Nice Day, Clinton Hill, Nov12

song by Bear in Heaven

Feed The Pigs Jam

Sequins & Swine • Lingerie by FYI

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Pig Pen 3 @ Shag, Nov12  Pink Bondage Ties @ Shag, Nov12  Pig Pin @ Shag, Nov12  Sam @ Shag, Nov12  FYI Fashion Show, Shag 3, Nov12tif  FYI Fashion Show, Shag 2, Nov12tif  FYI Fashion Show, Shag 5, Nov12tif  WildBore @ Bellhouse, NOv12  Sequins, Cash Money, and a Man @ Bellhouse, Nov12  Pig Pen 2 @ Shag, Nov12  FYI Fashion Show, Shag 7, Nov12tif  FYI Fashion SHow, Shag, Nov12tif  FYI Fashion Show, Shag 4, Nov12tif

song courtesy of Oliwa Sparkles

 High Noon

d’estate 2012

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Katie @ Lupe's June12

Ashley Bonds @ Sidecar, Brooklyn Sept2012

Carly, Lube Cube, Clinton Hill, May 12

Stevie, Smoking, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Katie, Brooklyn Flea, Aug12

Hue, roses, Clinton Hill, Aug12

Zaire 2, Prospect Heights, May12

Hot Dogs on 5th Ave

Sarah, Carly, Washinton Ave, May12

Toy Army Truch on Wood, Clinton Hill June 12

Ety biking, Clinton Hill, Oct2012

When’s Our Next Ride?

song courtesy of Carl Winsloww

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