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Monthly Archives: July 2009

soft black

Soft Black is the new  Black and you can find out why for yourself on Thursday at Death by Audio. It will be an amazing line up with  Shilpa and Her Happy Hookers and Werewolves, so don’t wait for me to tell you how amazing it was!!! See you there???

Soft Black singer jpg


Soft Guitar

Michael and Tim



Star of Stefani


Don’t people just look so cool when they smoke??? But hey kids….don’t forget, Smoking Kills!

smoking kills


What an amazing performance at The Highline Ballroom Thursday night! I wish there were a way to incorporate at least one more star in their name, because Stellastarr* deserves it. Shawn Christensen stole the show,  took back his stage, and put the “Rock” back in Rock Star! If you are one of the people  downloading Civilized for “free” you better get your ass’s to the show and help  support their tour. Nothing is  free, and it was the I pod that killed the radio starr*








arthur times square2

Stellastarr* is on the road again in support of their third full length album CIVILILZED.  I had the opportunity to hang with the Stars during a very special recording session at Sirus radio where exclusive versions of  Graffiti EyesUnderneath the Knife, and Warchild were recorded live on air! If you missed their interview/guest DJ spot last week, not to worry they will be airing these exclusive tracks again July 22nd through the 25th through out the day for your audio pleasure!

New York, give these guys a warm welcome back and show your support at The Highline Ballroom on July 16th!

Mandy Sirius

Michael Sirius3

Shawn Sirius4

Arthur Sirius

Mandy Sirius2

Shawn sirius2

Arthur Sirius3

Michael Sirius2

I present to you, The Beets!!!

The Beets1

Lazy guitars, catchy melodies, comic book illustrations, excessive reverb, and mushy ballads!

The Beets4

The Beets6

The Beets2


Were you there? Did you dance? Could you smell the incense? Although they were quite late to get the Santos Party started, it was well worth the wait!  This phenomenal handclapping octette have left for the UK, but not to worry! There is a few shows coming up later this month! I recommend The Yard, before it’s gone!








The Oh Sees 9

Uninhibited, animalistic, and fully charged, the stage became John Dwyer’s territory and it was mosh or be moshed. Glasslands Gallery was overflowing with sweaty boys and girls, all waiting to get a taste of this Psycho-Billy Surf n Turf. Their 60’s psychedelic garage rock tone came complete with tattoos, wife-beaters, and crunchy guitars. San Francisco showed it’s salty side and the experience was a success!

If you didn’t catch them at Glasslands Gallery, or Todd P’s Forth of July blow out party, there is one more chance before summer ends. Go see Thee Oh Sees at the Siren festival, it’s free and you can ride the Cyclone until you throw up!

Thee Oh Sees3

The Oh Sees2

Thee Oh sees5

Thee Oh Sees4


Guess who’s about to release their 3rd album, go on a big US tour, and play a big show at The Highline Ballroom? That’s right, Stellastarr* is back and putting the asterisk back in star! After almost a four year hiatus of their 2nd album release Harmonies for the Haunted and parting ways with the RCA/BMG/SONY behemoth, most people thought this new-wave quartette fizzled out like a sweet soda pop. Instead like a fine wine maturing with age, they have taken their time and newly found freedom to put together an album  they are proud to call their own.

July 6th through the 10th SS* will be guest hosting on Sxmu with Jake Folgenast from 10-11am Eastern Time. They will also be performing live on air some of the tracks from Civilized, their new album that will drop on July 7th!!!  You can also catch a peek of Civilized on myspace, as they release one-minute samples of some of their new material!

Hope to see you at The Highline, hope it doesn’t sell out before you decide to get off your lazy butts and buy the tickets.






New Mandy


Something you should know about North Carolina…The Dex Romwebber Duo!!! Recently supported on tour by The Detroit Cobras; this duo is definitely something to see… or rather to hear.  My first impression: homemade haircuts, a duct-taped guitar a prehistoric amplifier,  and an overall un-manicured stage presence. However, once the show started, this odd couple taught me a valuable lesson, not to judge a band by its “album cover.” Music is about listening and it was video that killed the radio star.

Their sound is a mix between the salty surf rock rifts of Dick Dale, paired with the southern comfort of old Johnny Cash country blues, and the moody ambiance of Tom Waits. Their album, Ruins of Berlin, is the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon Bourbon tasting, or a long country drive in a 66’ black Cadillac! No confirmed tour dates for the future NYC, but give them a listen on line! If you’re still into buying albums, this is a good one, because it’s listenable from beginning to end and features tracks with Neko Case and Cat Power!




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