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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Color War, North America, & Psychobuildings @ Brooklyn Fireproof

press play to get weird

The Back Pockets @ Acheron

with Bad Credit No Credit

press play to begin

Bottoms Up

Your Love is Mine

press play to begin

Song by Holly Golightly

 Fairytales in Pink & Green

A Young Girl’s Coming of Age

press play to begin story

 princess brides

adventures long forgotten

epic tales of love

  chance meetings

and midnight rendezvous

  turned to a thousand apologies

then falling to pieces

which prince prize did you win?

  coming of age


Apollo Heights @ The Bowery Electric

Neon Signals & Reading Light

press play to begin

song by Class Actress

Impressions of Savannah




sorry charlie


last stop

song by Heartless Bastards

February: Revisited in Black & White

press play to begin story.

 D a n c i n g

D r i n k i n g

 H a n g i n g  T o u g h

M i s c h i e f

S h e n a n i g a n s

P o s i n g

S t o r y t e l l i n g

F l o r i d a

L y n c h i s m s

D a v i d  L y n c h

song by Xray Eyeballs

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