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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dead End

Enjoy The Show

Backroom Dancer


In Love

EXXXcitement in the Street


L.A. Girls @ Madame X


Making Eyes

Someone You Know

Calling Your Bluff


Alone, Just Like Prom

Break A Nail

 A Trophy of Your Existence

Is Not a John

Needs. Money.

Bought & Sold

Hips Like Cinderella

Smoker’s Delight

Bothered By My Wandering Eye

Eyes Without a Face

Legs Selling Shoes


 It Means He Likes You

Dead End Secrets


Thinking of Another

Shines in the Darkest Light

Like an Angel

Who Will Save You?

Music by Sex Church

My Date with a Prince

press play to begin

Meet Prince Punk

Origin: Limoges, France.

Location: Montreal, Quebec.

Occupation: Social Worker.

Hobbies: Punk Rock, Cinema, & Existentialist Poetry.

How We Met: Prince Punk and I struck up an irresistible friendship while he was visiting a mutual friend in NYC.

Fun Facts: Is part Tiger and speaks French, English, Spanish, & Riffian.

The Date

When Prince Punk invited me to spend a weekend in Montreal, I immediately packed my moodiest black dresses, the darkest pair of shades I own, and a tube of red lipstick for a French Invasion Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend. First on the agenda was the Montreal Jazz Festival, as it was the perfect day for sunning on the lawn and soaking up the culture. Thrilled to be in each others company, neither of us listened to the music but rather spent the entire afternoon enjoying smokes, cracking jokes (that often didn’t translate), and speaking out of turn about our favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll bands. To my surprise, Prince Punk freely admitted to liking Katy Perry and Lady Gaga resulting in a few deductions on his Punk Rock points. Luckily The Prince had a few aces in his hand and rattled-off enough uber hip bands to win back those lost points. He also picked up some “Très Bien!” bonus points when he got down and gave me twenty push-ups on command.

Enjoying a Smoke on the Lawn

Très Bien!

Prince Punk Winning Some Tough Guy Bonus Points

Later That Night…

We hit the dance floor at Blizzart, a swinging Rock ‘n’ Roll club spinning obscure French Yé-yé Pop. Prince Punk made sure that my glass never emptied, my cigarettes stayed lit, and even let me wear his sacred Tiger ring (“Classic Going Steady” bonus points). He was the perfect gentlemen… a real Prince you could say—until “it” happened. Perhaps it was one flash too many from my camera that set him off but something to the effect of “I-don’t-really-look-at-your-photography,” came stumbling out of my Prince Charming’s mouth! In his defense, Prince Punk prefers (French) literature to photography, and one has to appreciate this kind of honesty but damn if that didn’t hurt. Regardless, I was determined to have a good time so I bucked-up, ordered a double-scotch on the rocks, freshened my lipstick and photographed Prince Punk like I never photographed before. I was determined to win him over.

Prince Punk Sporting his Infamous Shades @ Blizzart

Raising Hell with Richard Hell

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Prince, has excellent style, and speaks with a French accent.

Cons: Is a Punk, he likes Katy Perry, and we are often lost in translation.

Prince Punk is an Existentialist Romantic, who is fiery, witty and unapologetic about his ways. Although he claims to be mingled with Tiger Blood, this Prince also possess the heart of a Lion. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Whiskey nights is something we will always share, however— Prince Punk does not admire my photography and therefore can not truly admire me. Perhaps if  I too were Punk Rock AND learned to speak French, I might be cool enough to roll with Prince Punk. Until then… we will always have our night in Montreal.

Bonne Nuit!

song by Slim Twig

Two Nights

 One Last Chance

Newsonic Loft Party

This Is What You Missed…

Jenny is Electrik

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

I ♥ Jaime

J’aime Genest

Aj Cuzzacrea

L. Kaid Kaid

Camera Man with Mustache @ Newsonic

Micah Gaugh, Apollo Heights

Kimberly Robison

Fanning Fans

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Deadpan Drummer

Nate Smith, Shy Child

Rasmus Kjærbo

Andrew Linde, Dynasty Electric

Kim Unicorn

Unknown Photographer with Apple

Pete Cafarella, Shy Child

Jenny Cooling Off a Hot Crowd

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Blowing His Whistle

Dan Freeman, Comandante Zero & Aj Cuzzacrea

 Love Dust

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Seth Misterka, Dynasty Electric

Apollo Heights

Daniel Chavis & Hayato Nakao

Unknown Girl with Apple

Unknown Girl in Tropical Plant

Jenny Electrik

Carly Sioux & Dan Freeman



Kim Unicorn

Baroque Bromance

James Webster & Kurt Moorman

Jesus by Numbers

Kimberly Von Schoyck

Midnight Organ Program

Josh Wickersham, James Webster & Kurt Moorman

Dylan Kruse @ Hanson Dry

Hyejun Park @ The Met

Denis Rocks @ Madiba

Salty Dog

Stevie Palmer @ Soft Spot

Cindy, Carly & Minae Salute Hanson Dry

Fabio @ Hanson Dry

Shahryar Motia in a Suit @ The Met

The Calling of St. Matthew

Kurt Moorman, LES


Blowing Smoke

Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio

Ramona Clifton @ Hanson Dry

Unknown Pianist, Fort Green

Andrew Lockheart @ Secret Session

Minae Ham @ Hanson Dry


James Webster @ Hanson Dry

Erin Welsh @  J&Z Factory

Little Trouble Girl

Sarah Silver @ J&Z Factory

Stevie Palmer & Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Shahryar & Shahin Motia

Heather  Degas @ Hanson Dry

Micah Gaugh @ Secret Sessions

Alexis Place @ Hanson Dry

Luis Andrade, Fort Green

James Webster @ Washington Ave

 Tony @ Hanson Dry

Katie Tzynik @ Hanson Dry

The End


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