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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Queer As Folk

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Razvan, Norman, The Kiss, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Elise @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

My Name is Carly Sioux @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Mon Amie, Elise, Carly, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Carly, Razvan, Norman, Boystown, Chi, Jul13

Razvan, Norman, Legs, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Lost Angels, Boys Town, Jul13

Friends, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Valerie @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Elise, No Smoking, Chicago, Boystown, July13

Smoking Buddies 2, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Smoking Buddies, Boystown, Chicago, July13

Keep Off Grass, Chi Jul13

Carly, Play dead 2 @ boys town, Chi Jul13

HEre's Looking at You, The Closet, CHI, Jul13

Francis, Double Down Liquors @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Farmhouse, Gold Coast, Farm to Table, Jul13

ELise, Carly, Boystown, Chi Jul13

Carly, boys town, Chi Jul13

ELise, Boystown, Chi Jul13

Norman, Razvan, The Embrace, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

Carly, Elise, The Closet, Boystown, Chi, Jul13

Nails and Wax, boys town, Chi Jul13

Jesus @ Double Door, Chi Jul13

Elise, Shadows, Boystown, CHI, Jul13COME OUT and Have More Fun

♥ This story is dedicated to Norman ♥

Do The Charleston

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Giant Piles of Wet

NotsoHostel, Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Welcome to Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Shannon, Rainny Umbrella, SCAD, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Window Washing, Tenn, Jun13

Carly, Selfie, Scad, Savannah, Jun13


Scenic Vistas

Brian, Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Carly @ Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Big Ol’ Buildings

Mansion, Charleston, Jun13

Southern Belle Bride, Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building 2, DT Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building, DT Charleston, Jun13


Memento Mori

White Church, DT Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Staing Glassed Graves, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Play Dead, Cobble Stone, DT Charleston, Jun13

Strange Men, Charleston Gallery, Jun13

Death Proof, Charleston, Jun13


Hangin’ @ Rarebit

Carly, Prayer, ChickenWaffel, Rarebit, Jun13

Brian, Selfie @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13


Got The Whole World…

Carly, Whole World in my Hands, Charleston, Jun13

On the Road, Rear View, Deep South, Jun13And Next Stop, Savannah!

Savannah Smiles

southern style shenanigans

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Brian, Carly, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Savannah, Metal Bar, Jun13

Dax @ THe Rail, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Savannah, June13

Shanie, Mata Hari, June13

Dax, Carly Brian, Karaoke Bar, Savannah, jun13

Dax, Pool Table, Savannah, June13

Shannon @ Dive Bar, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, Drunk, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Drunk, @ Mata Hari, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Carly, Funny Face, Mata Hari, Jun13

Carly, Brian, Love, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Brian, Eyes Shut, Mata Hari, Jun13

Dax, Play Dead, Savannah, June13

Brian, Batcave, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Flower, Backseat, Savannah, Jun13

Shanie, Karaoke, Savannah, Jun13

Carly 2, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Late Night Breakfast, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Carly PJs Cozy, Jun13

Dax, Taylor Swift, PJ's, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Chef, Savannah, Jun13


Brazilian Bed-Stuy BBQ Beats

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Freddo, Drums @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Daniel, Freddo @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Maayan 2, Daniel, @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Ramiro, Face Slap, Daniel @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Maayan, Daniel, @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Freddo, Camera @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Hat @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

FlavYa, Djing, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

3 Drummers @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

FlavYa 2, Djing, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Dancing 2 @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

KT, Dancing @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Dancing @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

Dancing 2 @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13

FlavYa, BBQ, Bedstuy, June13

Meat on the grill @ FlavYa BBQ, Bedstuy Jun13


I Wanna Dance with You

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Child, Chavis Bday, June13

Elise, KTParty, Clinton Hill, June13

Happy Birthday, Danny, Daniel, LIC, June13

Kareem, The Juggs @ Union  copy

Irena, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Kristina, Kimberly, Sarah @ Motto, May13

The Juggs 6@ Union Pool. May13

Hayato, Danny, Bday, LIC, June13

Happy Birthday 3, Danny, Daniel, LIC, June13

Happy Birthday, Chicken Wing, Paper Plate, LIC, June13

Jordan, Unknown Boy, Headphones, VON, June13

Kimberly, KT Party, Clinton Hill, June13

Kristina's Weiner Cake 2, Shag, May13

Kristina, Gabe, Conor, @ Shag, May13

KT, Jordache @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

KT, Gary Rooftop, Bedstuy, Apr13

Closed, Max Fish, May13

English Breakfast

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Kingston Kings, June13

White, knickers 2, Hurley, June13

White Barn, Hurley, June13

Temperature, Hurley, June13

Better Homes & Gardens, Pool Upstate, May13

Mike, Face Down, Dead Man's Float, Pool Upstate, May13

Selfie, Dreamer, Pool, Blue Lagoon, Upstate, May13

Breakfast w The Atkins, Hurley, June13

How Do You Take Your Tea?

Rainbows in Black and White

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Rainbow in Black and White, Clinton Hill, July13

Sugar Cafe, No Message, LES, Sleepy

Reindeer on a hunters roof, MA, Aug12

Man at bus stop, Brooklyn, June12

Lunch,  You Buy, NYC, May13

No Pork, Bedstuy, FultonSt, May13

Garage Shop, High Contrast, Dramatic Lines, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Slave, Africa, Bedstuy, FultonSt, May13

Dream Bigger, Caution, Clinton Hill, May13

 Taurean Earth Metal Twins

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Kristina, Halo, Pratt, May13

Carly, Bedstuy, Play Dead, Contrast, May13

Witchy 2, Web, Creepy, Pratt May 13

Broken Angel, Clinton Hill, May13

Kristina, Pratt, Contained, May13

Carly, Pratt, Strength, May13

Intelligence, Orb, Tree, Alien, Pratt, May13

Kristina, Earth Metal, Pratt, May13

Nature, Triangle, Writing in the Sky, May13

It is Happening Again

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Carly, Mirror, Voyeur, upstate, May13

Hafeez, Party, Clinton Hill, June13

Andrew, KT, Party, Clinton Hill, June13

No Uncolicited Ads, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Headphones, VON, June13

Carly Sioux, Play Dead, VON, June13

Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Power Puff, Chicago, July13

Nicolette, Going Away, June13

Spot Light, Sleep Tight, Savannah, June13

No Smoking, No Visitors, No Shirts, Max Fish, May13

Beer Pour, Lap, Legs, Max Fish, May13

Carly, Play Dead, Pool Table, Max Fish, May13

CS, Death of Social, Chicago, July13Eerie Foreshadowing?

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