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Such A Tease

Dani, Red Balloons, Sage, May14

Mojo, Photo Booth, The Graham, May14

Carly, Red Balloons, Sage, May14

Andrew @ Sage, May14

Carly @ Sage, May14

Beer, Red, Neon, night, light, Nov13

Veronika, Best Hair, Sage, May14

Dani, Jess, Veronica, Sage, May14

Jenna, Rehearsal Lounge, Jun14

red Bow, White Fence Bushwick May14

Dani, Photo Booth, The Graham, May14

Dani, Carly, Shenanigans, The Graham, May14

Mojo, Eyes Wide Shut 2, May14

Rice University 2, Leggings, Bartender, Sage, May14

Rice University, Leggings, Bartender, Sage, May14

Carly Dani, Lick Balloons, Sage, May14

I Love NY, Plastic Bag, Trash, June13

Dani, Andrew @ Sage, May14

Man, Knife, Bar, Sage, May14

Coco, Carly @ Sage, May14Sayyy— WHAT?


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Wild.Bore, Chelsea, Nov13

Trophy, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Dani @ Black Door, Nov13

Dani w. Friend @ Black Door, Nov13

Savannah REd Lights_Feb12

Thrills, Oct13

Caution, Oct13

Dani, Tequila, Detroit, Oct13

Dani, playdead, williamsburg, Oct13



Red X Marks The Spot

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Ramiro, Red, Kisses, Bullseye, BBQ, AUg13

Paint, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, KT, Soul Product, Kiss, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Carly, KT, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, Carly, Lips, Kiss, Red, BBQ Aug13

Flower, Flash, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Leopard Ladder Legs, BBQ, Aug13

Rooftop, Legs, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Tongue, Painting,  Red, BBQ, Aug13

Girl, Watermelon, Red, BBQ Aug13

Carla, Kitchen, Bandaid, Red, BBQ Aug13

FlavYa, Peacock Dress, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, Carly, Dance, Red, BBQ Aug13

Alfredo, Drums, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Bday Painting, alfredo, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Painting,  Red, BBQ, Aug13

Daniel, Bongos, BBQ, Aug13

Drew, Carly, Guitar, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Joe, Makers, Bullseye Red, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, Red Lights 2, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Lights, Bite, BBQ, AUg13

Popsicle Heaven, KT, BBQ, Aug13

Freddo, 2 smokes, Drums, BBQ, Aug13

FlavYa 2, Peacock Dress, BBQ, Aug13

Drew, Carly, Strong Cuddle, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, FlavYa, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, Dancing, BBQ, Aug13

KT, Black Dress, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Red, Kisses, BBQ, AUg13

Smiling Bag, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Buenas Noches


A Bull Sees Red

Film Stills, 2011

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What Do You See?

song courtesy of GretL

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