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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Do you like nachos? Hollerado loves nachos! Tomorrow night you can come to the Nacho House party at Cakeshop and eat an endless supply of free nachos prepared by Hollerado! Join them as they celebrate the release of their new video collaboration with Vice CoolerFake Drugs.

These Canadian natives are making their rounds, serving up nachos, while generating a lot of buzz. Nacho House started as a late night party in Montreal with cool bands, cheap beer, and of course, nachos! Now thanks to Hollerado, Pop Montreal and NachosNY, Nacho House is coming to NYC and in addition to chowing down some delicious cheesy nachos, you can catch live performances by Abe Vigoda, Hollerado, Hawney Troof (Vice Cooler’s band), and Uncle Bad Touch (side project of Mikey Heppner of Priestess).

Nacho Party began to pick up momentum at this year’s SXSW and NXNE and it’s on its way to becoming a fixture at independent music festivals through out North America.

Check out their new video Fake Drugs here.

Who: Abe Vigoda, Hollerado, Hawney Troof and Uncle Bad Touch

What: Nacho House NYC,

Where: Cake Shop, LES

When: Friday Aug 20,th 9pm-?

Why: Nachos!

Cost: $10

Photos by Carly Sioux

From Santos Party House 2008

Dear Comrade is the brilliance of former Stellastarr* drummer Arthur Kremer. What started as a summer side project two years ago is now a fully developed band of five exceptional musicians with their first EP on its way. Eclectic, classic and honest; Dear Comrade is a band that owns their craft but implements subtleties.

What’s immediately interesting about DC is Kremer’s transition from background to foreground. Through pursuing his own creative ventures, Kremer writes the soundtrack of our lives. The melodies are catchy and heartfelt and just about anyone with a pulse can relate to the lyrics. Although Kremer’s songwriting is easily digestible, he possesses an ability to tie in just enough personal sentiment avoiding the stereotypical rock ballad label.

First on board, Miz Stefani (aka DeX), is a chorus girl stolen from the Reverend Billy Choir. Seized immediately for her impressive vocal capabilities and witty comebacks, “Tango” was their first baby together. It’s Stefani’s batty narrative about a real-life stalker that hooks Tango and makes it rock solid.

Emmett Aiello makes his debut into the music world as the third comrade, and although he is still a little wet behind the ear, Aiello’s guitar leads would never betray him. With a soul for Rock’n Roll, the textured, twanging, grumbling guitars are Aiello’s influence steering Dear Comrade away from Kremer’s Euro-pop tendencies.

Who says you can’t find anything good on Craigslist? Well, Dear Comrade found both drummer, Dennis Lehrer (Autodrone), and ironically enough an old touring buddy of Stellastarr*, Tim Jansen from The Hourly Radio. Now complete with drums and bass, DC is hitting the stage and attracting some attention. Do get excited but don’t expect Dear Comrade to be the next “it” thing, it’s not their style.

Summer 2010

Arlene’s Grocery

The Delancy

The Bitter End

Oh10 M1ke

Illustration by Oh10 M1ke.

Photos by Carly Sioux.

Listen to Dear Comrade Here!

Golden Triangle lands a BMW commercial with “Cinco de Mayo,” a single off their first full-length album Double Jointer. BMW has sponsored AMC’s Mad Men since its second season and have positioned themselves as “the most prestigious brand among Generation Y.” GT’s 60’s psychedelic rock’ n roll lifestyle is the seemingly perfect soundtrack for BMW’s Madmen collaborations. The Story of 3 commercial will air for one year and although it’s not exclusive to Mad Men, the influence is present. Watch The Story of 3 here and check out photos of Golden Triangle below from last year’s Saint Giglio Festival in Williamsburg.

September 2010 shows:

Monster Island Block Party

Monster Island Basement

Santos Party House

Photos by: Carly Sioux

Listen: The Judy Blooms

Photos:  Cake Shop

Next Live Show:  Local 269

Photos by Carly Sioux

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