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Oh10 M1ke & Comandante Zero

Live Drawings & Electro-Funk @ Brooklyn Museum

Comandante Zero

Sudden Entropy (No Connection)

Who: Comandante Zero & Oh10 M1ke

What: Musical Performance & Live Drawing

Where: Brooklyn Museum, First Saturday

When: Saturday, April 7, 2012, 9pm Sharp

Why: Keith Haring is on Exhibition

Two Nights

 One Last Chance

Newsonic Loft Party

This Is What You Missed…

Jenny is Electrik

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

I ♥ Jaime

J’aime Genest

Aj Cuzzacrea

L. Kaid Kaid

Camera Man with Mustache @ Newsonic

Micah Gaugh, Apollo Heights

Kimberly Robison

Fanning Fans

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Deadpan Drummer

Nate Smith, Shy Child

Rasmus Kjærbo

Andrew Linde, Dynasty Electric

Kim Unicorn

Unknown Photographer with Apple

Pete Cafarella, Shy Child

Jenny Cooling Off a Hot Crowd

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Blowing His Whistle

Dan Freeman, Comandante Zero & Aj Cuzzacrea

 Love Dust

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Seth Misterka, Dynasty Electric

Apollo Heights

Daniel Chavis & Hayato Nakao

Unknown Girl with Apple

Unknown Girl in Tropical Plant

Jenny Electrik

Carly Sioux & Dan Freeman



Kim Unicorn





Listen Dear Comrade

Friend Dear Comrade

Like  Dear Comrade

Photo  Carly Sioux

Comandante Zero, an electro funk bass and drum duo, is celebrating the release of their new single “Give it Up” with a performance at Santos Party House on Saturday, January 30th, at 9pm sharp. The first 20 people score a signed single and everyone gets a free download!  CZ will also be donating door receipts to Doctors Without Borders to aid families in Haiti devastated by the earthquake. If you have not yet donated, this is your chance to “give it up” and get down!

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