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Shiny Black Metal

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Carly, discoBall, Eyeswideshut @ Raven oct13

Andrew Portrait @ Raven oct13

Hot Dogs @ Crif Dog Oct13

Stranger @ Raven, Oct13

Alfredo @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Andrew Smoking @ Raven oct13

Andrew, KT, @ VON, Jun13

Micah, Carly @ VON Jun13

Daniel Andrew @ Raven Oct13

Danny, discoBall, koolthing @ Raven oct13

Stranger w Disco Ball @ Raven, Oct13

Carly Portrait @ Raven oct13

My Art is Garbage, Soho, Jul13

Last Days @ Max Fish

feat. The Veldt

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Daniel 4, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Danny, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Daniel 2, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Hayato, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Kareem, Emil, Mare @ The FVeldt @ MaxFish, Jun13

Daniel 3, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Danny 2, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Daniel, HoneyChild, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Ed, Honeychild, The Veldt @ Max Fish, Jun13

Daniel, Danny, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Daniel, The Veldt, Max Fish, Jun13

Danny, Max Fish, Jun13

Jordan, Carly, Katie, @ The Veldt @ Max Fish, Jun13We The Veldt

Folk Art @ gallery onetwentyeight

 Apollo Heights Acoustic Set feat. Sarah Silver

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Daniel, Ghost Paintings, Art Gallery, Oct12

Sarah Silver, Paintings,Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny and Daniel, Rehearsing, Art Gallery, Oct12

Daniel, Sarah,Guitars, Art Gallery, Oct12

Danny, Guitar, Art Gallery, Oct12

Andrew, Art Gallery, Oct12

Carly, Camera, Art Gallery, Oct12


song courtesy of Anthology of Infection 

Apollo Heights @ Legion

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Apollo Heights @ The Bowery Electric


What’s Good

Coptic Cross Streets




Word Up

In The Press

4 Eva

Kings Island

A Daughter’s Mother

Like an Identical Twin

Confuses Time with Distance

Driving in Circles

While Boarding & Exiting

 Dreams Clouding Memories

We Saw

Where You Are Now

Where I was Then

Time is Like A Race

With No Finish Line

Like an Everlasting Gobstopper

Song by Apollo Heights

I U Mom

Two Nights

 One Last Chance

Newsonic Loft Party

This Is What You Missed…

Jenny is Electrik

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

I ♥ Jaime

J’aime Genest

Aj Cuzzacrea

L. Kaid Kaid

Camera Man with Mustache @ Newsonic

Micah Gaugh, Apollo Heights

Kimberly Robison

Fanning Fans

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Deadpan Drummer

Nate Smith, Shy Child

Rasmus Kjærbo

Andrew Linde, Dynasty Electric

Kim Unicorn

Unknown Photographer with Apple

Pete Cafarella, Shy Child

Jenny Cooling Off a Hot Crowd

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Blowing His Whistle

Dan Freeman, Comandante Zero & Aj Cuzzacrea

 Love Dust

Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric

Seth Misterka, Dynasty Electric

Apollo Heights

Daniel Chavis & Hayato Nakao

Unknown Girl with Apple

Unknown Girl in Tropical Plant

Jenny Electrik

Carly Sioux & Dan Freeman



Kim Unicorn

Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass

My Date with Danny Chavis

Meet Danny

 Location: The East Village.

Origin: Raleigh, N.C.

Occupation: Rock Star, Guitarist for Apollo Heights.

Hobbies: Women, Illustrating, and Writing about (and eating) Chicken.

How We Met:  Introduced at an art opening in the LES.

Fun Facts: Danny has an identical twin brother named Daniel and is fluent in Japanese.

The Date

Danny invited me to the opening of Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass which featured four diverse Norwegian artists united through their shared preference for black. The reception was well received as the wine did flow. Danny and I showed off our knowledge of  Asian Art Art History and conversed with the artists, while attending each other’s empty glasses. Blessed with an eye for the exquisite and a natural gravitation to the vanguard, Danny makes the perfect date for an evening with the Arts.

The Dinner

After filling up on art and wine, it was time to head to the East Village for a bite. I suggested Natori, my favorite Japanese spot in the city and to my surprise not only does Danny share the same reverence for Natori as I, but is also good friends with the owner who gave us the VIP treatment (bonus points).  Danny ordered for us  in Japanese (bonus points) and we proceeded to bond over our love of the fried alligator, monkfish liver, and red snapper sashimi, which earned Danny mega “Food Compatibility” points. Although the dates are supposed to be dutch, Danny insisted on being a gentleman and picked up the bill. Who says Chivalry is dead?

The Art of Eating Sushi


Points Deducted for Telephone Foul Play

  I Scream…

Gratuitous Ice Cream Bonus Points

Flowers for Thoughts

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Rock Star. Gets my Jokes. Eats Monkfish Liver. Is Brilliant.

Cons: Is a Rock Star. Obsessed with Chicken. Is a Smart Ass.

Danny Chavis is Black— Bold, Beautiful & Badass.

Our date was awe-inspiring  and I would absolutely do it again.

Next time, we’re headed straight for Japan!

Good night xx

Music by Dirty Beaches

Miso Happy!

by Carly Sioux

  Carly Sioux, Blowing Gum

Mr. Andrew Lockheart, Shades

Hege Jeanette Bakken Loves The Planets & Stars

Laura- Get- Your- Frecon

Luis Andrade is Suave

The Stunning Irena Lasenby

Josh Wickersham, Blinded by My Light

Danny Chavis is 3 Dimensional

Kiran Mathura is Retro

Sarah Silver on her Knee

Jordan Olivia Resnick is Not Shy

Dan Freeman, Man. Hat. Tan

Daniel Chavis in Suit

Katie Tzynik

  Heather Skinner

Johnny Ramos Loves Miso!


Jen Robison, Against The Wall

Danny Chavis, Indian Style

Jake Giesige, Looking Off into The Distance

Miz Stefani & Carly Sioux Look Like Sisters

Ariana Jaffe Quiñones & Michael Quiñones Make Me Smile


Robert von Leszczynski & Shinsuke Aso Love Japan

Jake Giesige & Jordan Olivia Resnick, Deer in The Headlight

Alon Geva Hill & Laura Frecon are Disco 

Andrew Lockheart & Stella Adena, The Reunion

Hedge Jeanette Bakken, Danny Chavis & Daniel Chavis Love Art

Carly Sioux in a Long Hallway 

Sarah Silver, Soft Stabs

Andrew Lockheart in a Scissor Lock

Thank you all for your contribution to Peace Winds Japan!


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