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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Party Town

fast friends and quick highs

Lady and the Tramp, Fries, Black Swan, May13

KT, sriracha, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Kristina, Blowing, Weiner Cake, Shag, May13

Elise, Leroy, Lipstick, Black Swan, may13

Irena, Jordan, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Pot, Luck, Coffeetable, Bedstuy, apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 2, Union Pool, may13

Leroy, Fire, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

ELise, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Carly, Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Leroy, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Fish in the Sea, Bedstuy, Apr13

Jordache, Bones, Flute, Bedstuy, APr13

KT, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Carlos, Yvves, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Skeleton, Coffee Table @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Jordache, World, Helmet, Bedstuy, APr13

Paul, Painting, Friends, Bedstuy Loftparty, may13

Carly, Tongue Tied, Bedstuy Loft Party, May13

Skeletons, Pratt, Apr13

Art School Waste, Pratt, Apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 3, Union Pool, may13

Strange Man, Folded Paper @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Man, Bike, Fog, Ghost, Bestuy Loft, May13

Money Disappearing, Bedstuy Loft, May13

Watch Your Money Disappear

Days Keep Passing

youth expiring

press play to begin

Puzzled, Flatirion, June12

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year, Trash, Chelsea, Jan13

Spoilt Rotten

White Mystery @ Cakeshop

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White Mystery, White Denim, WM @ CakeShop

White Mystery, Alex, Francis, CakeShop

White Mystery 3, Alex, Francis, CakeShop

White Mystery Francis @ CakeShop

White Mystery, Francis 2 Cake Shop, Mar13

White Mystery 2, Alex Shredding, Cake Shop, Mar13

White Mystery, Alex Shredding, Cake Shop, Mar13

White Mystery 3, Alex Shredding, Cake Shop, Mar13

White Mystery 2, Alex, Francis, CakeShop

White Mystery Francis 2 @ CakeShop

White Mystery 4, Alex Shredding, Cake Shop, Mar13

White Mystery 2, Cake Shop, Mar13

Hells Yeah


Saturday Night

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DJ, Face, Portrait, CT, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Holding Hands, Friends, Apr13

Kaitlin, Open Toe, Heel, Hydrant, CT, Apr13

Kaitlin, Hydrant, Love, CT, Mar13

Ellena, Ballerina, Little Black Dress, Led Belly, Mar13

Jessica @ Starving Artist, Toronto, Nov12

Bullseye, Bull, Luck, Skill, Winebar, Lebanon, Dec12

Kaitlin, Squid, Food Fetish CT, Mar13

Les, Grass Fed, vegetarian, plant Apr13

Kaitlin, 368, Hunger, Oral Fixation, Mar13

Felix, Portrait, Eye Contact, CT, Mar13

Les, Speed Hump, Apr13

Carly, Arrow, Street Death Wish, Apr13

Meeting in a Parking Lot, Toronto, Nov12

Ellena, Ginger Snap, Portrait, LES, Mar13

Legs, Lace, Bullseye, Target, Ledbelly, Mar13

Carly, Kaitlin, Friends, Mar13


Speaking in Tongues @ The Church

 MOONTOWERSYour 33 Black AngelsMadame Robot & The Lust BrigadeThe Veldt

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Moon Towers 3 @ The Church copy

Oweinama biu, Madame Robot copy

Alex Kennedy, Madame Robot copy

The Veldt @ The Church, Ap copy

Fan, Your33BlackAngels @ T copy

Josh, GoGoGal @ The Church copy

Daniel, The Veldt @ The Ch copy

Danny, The Veldt @ The Chu copy

Your33BlackAngels 2 @ The  copy

Moon Tower @ The Church, A copy

Tayler, Moontowers @ The C copy

Pink Floyd Girl, Your33Bla copy

Gold, Platforms, Party Gir copy

Garrett, Cut Off @ The Chu copy

Alex Kennedy, Carly Sioux, copy

Gina Marie, Bedroom Eyes @ copy

Gina Marie 2, Bedroom Eyes copy

Fan 2, Your33BlackAngels @ copy

Josh, Crowd @ The Church,  copy

Kimberly, Marie, Chosts @  copy

Kimberly, Chost @ The chur copy

Alex Kennedy, Ginger Fro@  copy

Wants to Dance, Your33Blac copy

She Just Wanted To Dance

 We Put The Ass in Classy

press play to begin

Andrew, Carly, Secrets, Don't say it, VON, April13    Dylan, Flowers, House Warming, Feb13

Erica, Glamour, Chanel, espresso, Feb13

Ashlea, Estaban KT Party, Feb13

Danny, Irena, Holiday Party Dec12

Carly, Denim, Jacket, Bite, VON, April13

Fruit bowl, Oranges, Grapes, Classical, Juicy, Mar13

Andrew, Danny, VON, Dapper, Apr13

Kristina, Frame, Wine, Oranges, Mar13

Nicolette 2, Doomsday, Dec12

Jordan @#%!, Feb13

Portrait, Tree, Gold Scarf, Barret, Mar13

Nicolette, Gold Heart, Doomsday, Dec12

Micah, chandeliers, waldorf astoria, Feb13

Jordache, Feather @ Shag, Nov12

Scotch Bottle, Sex Sheets, KT Party, Feb13

Always Classy

(p.s. check out them sheets!!)

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