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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Romance is not Dead

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gentlemen prefer


careless whispers

do not disturb

song by Firehorse

Oh10 M1ke & Comandante Zero

Live Drawings & Electro-Funk @ Brooklyn Museum

Hey Jacksonville!

Do You Know This Band?

Unknown Hardcore Band @ Burro Bar

Update: Mystery Solved.

The band is Mountain Folk from Orlando, FL

White Noise (in A Black Hood)

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White Noise

Keep Walking

 33 Is Following Me

It’s A Celebration

Overflowing in Champagne


Musical Chairs

White Trash

Black Magik

Honeymoon in Jacksonville

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I My Wife

The Pool Boy

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 Days Are Young.

A.M. Sun.

 A Noiseless Light.

 A Storm Window That Glares.

Bright As The Star Called Sun.

She Is A Radiant Boy.

A Stitch in Time

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 Bargained Down.

A Quiet Lunch.

Cleaned Out at The Car Wash.

Signs of The Times.

Deadly Weapons in My Head.

Phone Home.


Art Lick Boy.


Rabbit in Your Headlights

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View From A Shallow Grave.

An Eerie Foreshadowing.

New York Wants Your Blood.

 Stuck In This Bed.

Sucking Your Soul.

Death of A Ghost.

song by Radiohead

When You’re Not Looking

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Think I Found You In A Dream.

  A Silent Dancer in The Dark.

 No One Was Listening.

 Shadows Are Not As They Seem.

Frankenstein Would Want Your Mojo.

Lost In A Place I’ll Never Forget.

You Left Me Here.

Practicing For My Big Day.

song by Grandchildren

Midnight Masses, Walk on Water


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