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I Like Danger

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i Like Danger, LES Jun13

Jordan,@ THe Drink, Jul13

Andrew, Micah, @ VON, Jun13

carly Sioux, round mirror, jun13

KT. Clinton Hill, Blown Out, Jul13

Jordan, Too Close@ The Drink, Jul13

Carly,@ The Drink, Jul13

Helmet on Bar, THe drink Jul13

Carly, play dead, washing machinejul13

Micah, Life Boats @ VON Jun13

i Like Danger, Black Shoes, LES Jun13

White Trash, LES, Jul13

Alfredo, Glasses, Hat, Wine, Jul13

Carly, Fainting on the runway @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Danny @ Marie's LIC, Jul13

Ghost model @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Ghost in a  Box, Jul13

Jordan, laying Down @ THe Drink, Jul13

Home on the Street, Jun13

Fashion Weak, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Happy Birthday, Good Year, Astoria, Jul13

Howard @ Danny's, Jun13

Carly Sioux, FIlm Noir, LES, Jun13Death Wish

  Spring Creepin’

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Ellena, Fuckem @ DesNuda, Mar13

Brendan, Bite, Fruit, Apr13

Elizabeth, Gold Boot, Pink Balloon, Mar13

Crushed Out, Toilet @ Shea Stadium

Kristina, Paisley Dress and Sofa @ The Paper Box, Mar13

Nets @ PaperBox, Mar13

Crazy and The Brains, Jacket @ Shea Stadium

Photograph Your Girlfriend, Gawanas, Dec12

Kristina, Hip  Hop Night @ The Paper Box, Mar13

Crushed Out, Carly Sioux @ Shea Stadium

Shilpa, Dapper, Alibi, Oct12

Kristina, Never Pay Full Price, Jan13

Danny, Black Fur, Bushwick, Dec12

Beans, Street, Gross, March13

Felix, Kaitlin, Les, Chains, Mar13

Film is Dying, Greenpoint, Dec12

Matt & Freaky, Kissing is a Crime @ The Church, Feb13

song courtesy of Ray_Alto


noisy• suspenseful• cinematic• strange

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Joey 7 The Escalators @ Ja copy

Joey, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Jack, The Escalators @ Jac copy

Joey 3, The Escalators @ J copy

Ross, The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Jack 2, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 2, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 6 The Escalators @ Jack's Studio Oct12

Joey 5, The Escalators @ J copy

Joey 4, The Escalators @ J copy

disclaimer: Song not by Escalators.

A Bull Sees Red

Film Stills, 2011

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What Do You See?

song courtesy of GretL

Strange Light in a Sleepy Town

Soundtrack by North America

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