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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Meet Little Marvin!

Where you might ask? Through March 7th you can find him at Anonymous Gallery where he spends his time cutting hearts rather than breaking them, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he also cuts the rug! Little Marvin has just premiered his 1st solo exhibition, War on War, on Valentines Day at Anonymous Gallery. 1,000’s of yards of golden disco fabric transformed the gallery space into the “Make Love War” military bunker. Musical guests Apollo Heights performed inside the golden love shelter, while Little Marvin and friends cut golden hearts from the flashy fabrication.

The motivation behind W.O.W. (War on War) is to inspire the community to get involved, while demonstrating the power of Love. Little Marvin has been cutting hearts with other artists, musicians, Dj’s, friends, and now elementary students! Go to Anonymous and cut it up with Little Marvin or you can also follow along with his “Make Love War” blog.

Meet Little Marvin

Little Marving Cuts

Little Marvin


Micah on Keys

Chavis Brothers

Daniel Chavis

Daniel Chavis




If  you like these images, check out the rest:

Welcome to the private studio of Jamali, the founder of “Mystical Expressionism.” Jamali is best known for his Fresco Tempera and Pigmentation on Cork paintings, two new mediums in which he has introduced into the art community. Here is a sneak peak into his most contemporary works in his private studio in the heart of Chelsea. Oil on Belgium Linen is his preferred medium these days, and these highly textural paintings are not yet accessible to the public!

Check out the website or even better come visit the gallery in Soho for a unique experience with one of the qualified art consultants.

Red Horse

Red Horse on Easel

Blue Horse



Jamali Private Studio

Jamali Private Studio 2

Jamali Private Studio 3

Paint Brush

Jamali with Nude

Ramez Jamali


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