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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Des Amis

Glimmer, Glimmer, Sunshine

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Elise, Monami, Pen, gun, bedstuy, May13

Carly, Caution, Bedstuy, May13

Ghost Cart, Plastic, Night, Bedstuy, may13

21, Party City, Gramcery, May13

Andrew, Chelsea Market, Art Crawl, Chelsea, May13

Jesse, MG, Scooter, Bedstuy. May13

The Mexican, SK8erChick, Bedstuy, Apr13

Gary, Elise, Bite, Black Swan, Apr13

Elise, Bite, Greens, Black Swan, Apr13

Three Tequila, Floor, Black Swan, May13

Tari, Carly, Drinking, Share, Apr13 (1)

Howard, Andrew, Fire, Art Crawl, Chelsea, May13

Ehren, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Zach, Josh, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Apr13

Drew, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Spirit Animal, 420 @ Greenpoint Gallery

Unknown in Mist, LoftParty, Bedstuy

You’ll Disappear

P A G A N  R I T U A L S

 Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, 05.19.13

Dave, Tats,  Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Dave, Kyle,  Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Frank 2, Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals 2, BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals, BSBL, May13

Oliver, Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals 2 @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals 3 @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals, Kyle, Fans @ BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals 4, BSBL, May13

Pagan Rituals 3, BSBL, May13

Frank, Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Oliver 2, Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13

Dave, Pagan Rituals @ BSBL, May13


Puerto Rico Rocks

 @ El Local En Santurce

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Now People, Casualties, El copy copy

Now People, Rockers, El Lo copy

Alexis, Carly @ La taberna copy copy

Old San Juan, Dead Tourist copy

Now People 2, El Local, Sa copy

Now People 3, El Local, Sa copy

Now People, Head Banger, E copy

Age, El Locale, Santurce,  copy

Now People, El Local, Sant copy

Now People 4, El Local, Sa copy

Bartender, El Local, Santu copy

Age, El Local, Panty Eater copy

Carly, Hanging Tough, El L copy copy

Disaster, Bathroom, El Loc copy

Soundtrack: Acid Baby Jesus

Band Photographed: Now People

Skeleton Art: Uziel E. Orlandi Alegria

A Weekend in Puerto Rico

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Girls Wanna Have Fun, San Juan Hotel, May13

Heels, Legs, Style, San Juan Hotel, May13

Drinking and Texting, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Laura, Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, champagne, chandelier, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, Policia, Old San Juan, May13

Age, Stairs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, Pole Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, San Juan Hotel, May13

Photography on photography, Old San Juan, May13

Laura, Brigid, Legs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Stairs 2, Old San Juan Art Center, May13


Age, Carly, Condado, PR, May13

Age, Condado, PR, May13

Palm Trees, Diaganol Line, Isla Verda, May13

Queen Bed, Isla Verde, PR, May13

Lonely in Paradise, Isla Verde, Pr, May13


Strange Paradise, PR Clara Caves, May13

Cueva Clara, Age, Laura, Brigid, PR, May13

Jungle, Court, Isla Verde, May13

El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13


Carly, Play Dead 2, Old San Juan, Big Circle, May13

Cemetery, El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 3, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 2, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA, San Juan, May13


Age, Restaurant, Cueva Clara, PR, May13

Carly, Coconut, Old San Juan, May13

spooned coconut, Old San Juan, May13


Caution to The Wind

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Women on the Street G.S. Says

Party, Balloons, Leopard Print, Clinton Hill, Uninvited, Mar13

Tyedye, Skirt, Street, Williamsburg, Apr13

Caution, Gate, Danger, Voyeur, Clinton Hill, Mar13

ballet slipper, Innosense, Girl, Clinton Hill, Mar13

Toys, Plastic, Clinton Hill Oct12

Trouble, Fulton Street, Murder, Candles, Mar13

Dead, Rat, Clinton Hill, Death, May13

Chaine Fence, Cement Wall

vaccum, Plastic, Clinton Hill Oct12

Rabbit Hole, Deep Earth, Crack, May13

Do Mind The Gap

song by Dirty Beaches

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