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Monthly Archives: April 2012

4/20 Rock’n’ Roll Circus

Total Slacker & Habibi

4/20 Rock’n’Roll Circus

She likes her coffee with black ice.

He wants his whiskey with a cigarette.

They are White Mystery.


A Bottle of Bourbon

On A Boat in Bushwick

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They picked me up at midnight.

They were already there.

These two felt like dancing.

While he played us some tunes.

The Bushwick Gunslingers.

If this boat’s a rockin’…


Hells Yeah.

She was one tough cookie.

Blondes really do have more fun.

Take a drag.

Strike a pose.

Wild Wild Lover!

Song by The Mad Caps

Say, She’s The Witch

She’s Got Long Black Hair

And A Big Black Car

I Know What You’re Thinking

But You Won’t Get Far

She’s Gonna Make You Itch

Cause She’s The Witch

Say There’s A Girl

Who’s New In Town

Well, You Better Watch Out

 Or She’ll Put You Down

Cause She’s An Evil Chick

You Better Be Careful

Before It’s Too Late

She’s Gonna Make You Itch

Sony by The Sonics

A Beginning To An End

Found Film: Burlington, VT 2007

BBQ Films: Punk Rock Movie Night

Featuring Shilpa Ray and Sid & Nancy

Comandante Zero

Sudden Entropy (No Connection)

Who: Comandante Zero & Oh10 M1ke

What: Musical Performance & Live Drawing

Where: Brooklyn Museum, First Saturday

When: Saturday, April 7, 2012, 9pm Sharp

Why: Keith Haring is on Exhibition

Spank Actions: Elemental @ DROM

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song by Peaches

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