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Dangers of Dog Walking After Dark

Feat. Jolie Holland

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Jolie and Adam Walking the Dog, Williamsburg, May14

Camper Truck, Willy Berg, May14

Adam, Tall Tales, Williamsburg, May14

Carly, Ghost, The Graham, May14

Ghost Car, Willy B, May14

Jolie and Adam Walking the Dog 2, Williamsburg, May14

Jolie and Adam Walking the Dog 3, Williamsburg, May14

Adam Tree Hugger, Williamsburg, May14

Crazy Dog, Willy B, May14

Beware of Werewolves!

Twice as Fast

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His Grace is Sufficient, Mar14

millennium park 2, CHI, Jul13

Duane 2 @ Nostrand Pub, Mar14

Girly Mag, Womens Legs, Jun14

Soiled Paper Towl, Clinton Hill, Jul14

K†, Love, Lefferts Garden, Jun14

Andrew times two, love, The Graham, Jun14

Dani @ Dorris, Mar14

Cool, LES, Jun14

Subway Dancer, Fist Pump, Q Train, Jun14

Carly Sioux 2, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Taz, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Woman 2, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Moe, Clinton Hill Mural, Jul14

Carly Sioux, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Mural, Clinton Hill, July14

Buildng on Fire, Smoke. Lefferts Garden, Jun14

Damon, Fence, Car, Williamsburg, Jun14

Dani, Detroit, Vile, Wild Bore, Mar14

Twice as Fast, Jun14

Carly, Selfie, Reflection, Williamsburg, Jun14

Dream Catcher, Prospect Park, Jun14Keep Dreaming

Evil Dick

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Katie's Ghost, Gary Loft, Jul14

IF, Bedstuy, Jul14

Bruised Legs, The Graham, Jun14

Punk Girl, The Graham, Jun14

Evil Dick, Bedstuy, Jul14

Moe, Knife, Gary Loft, Jul14

tuxedos, Fried Chicken, NYC Subway, Apr14

Dirty Orgasm, Soapy Stairs, Jun14

Carly Sioux 2,  Bright Idea, Gary's, Jul14

Dani, Ghost, Fulton Grand, May14

Ghost, Pregnant, Mary, Dec13

Emily Guitar, shadow, May14

Finger sisters, Carly Dani @ Fulton Grand, May

drinks, my number, Clinton Hill, Fulton Grand, May14


Moe, Badass, Smoking, Clinton Hill, Jul14


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Wild.Bore, Chelsea, Nov13

Trophy, Clinton Hill, Oct13

Dani @ Black Door, Nov13

Dani w. Friend @ Black Door, Nov13

Savannah REd Lights_Feb12

Thrills, Oct13

Caution, Oct13

Dani, Tequila, Detroit, Oct13

Dani, playdead, williamsburg, Oct13

Rainbows in Black and White

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Rainbow in Black and White, Clinton Hill, July13

Sugar Cafe, No Message, LES, Sleepy

Reindeer on a hunters roof, MA, Aug12

Man at bus stop, Brooklyn, June12

Lunch,  You Buy, NYC, May13

No Pork, Bedstuy, FultonSt, May13

Garage Shop, High Contrast, Dramatic Lines, Clinton Hill, Feb13

Slave, Africa, Bedstuy, FultonSt, May13

Dream Bigger, Caution, Clinton Hill, May13

Dumb Head

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Mom Had Umph, LES, May13

Elise, Patrick, The Kiss, Max Fish, May13

Ashlea, No Smoking, Big Bar, LES, May13

Anti Fashion, LES, May13

Elise 2, Smoking, Rock, Clinton Hill, June13

Rainbow Power 2, Vivian Girls, Mural, LES May13

Rainbow Power, Vivian Girls, Mural, LES May13

Elise, Red Lips, Big Bar, LES, May13

Toilet, Plunger, Grafitti @ MAX Fish, May13

Carly, Danny, Elise, @ MAX Fish, May13

Stop telling Women, Clinton Hill, May13

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Where The Wild Things Are

clues are hidden in dreams

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Danny, Taxi, Time Square, Snow, Scope, Mar13

Party Van, LES, Sept12

Ghost, Talk, Art Gallery, LES, Feb13

Poorman's Treasure, Bushwick, Dec12

Irving @ Cherry Cola, Toronto, Nov12

Jordan  Holding My Moon, Parkslope, Feb13

Lighten Up, Black Balloons, Scope, Lifted, Mar13

Black Gate, Doll Heads, On a Stick, Mar13

Carly, KT, Kimberly, Ginger Snaps, Portrait, Mar13

Danny, Magic Hands, Von, Mar13

Open House, Black and White, Stripes, Mar13

Old Man, White Bear, White beard, LES, Mar13

Danny, Black Fur @ The Church, Feb13

stay weird

Eyes Without A Face

A Recurring Murder

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song by Julee Cruise

Color War, North America, & Psychobuildings @ Brooklyn Fireproof

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