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Dream Boat

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Flatiron, Construction, Shadows, Voyeur, APr13Wake Up.

Lashes, Eyes, Beauty, Surrealism, Apr13Open Your Eyes.

What do you really want, Ad, Street art, Chelsea, mar13What Do You Really Want?

Something, Stairs, Subway, Mar13Something Else?

Umbrella, Puddle, Reflection, Existentialism, Street Poetry, Mar13Stuck In A Rut?

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 2, Apr13Change Your Mind.

Paint, Art, Dream Vacation, Clinton Hill, Apr13Paint The Picture You Want to See.

Lake, Curve in the Road 2, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Escape.

Lake, Curve in the Road, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Far Far Away.

Lake, Clouds, Bridge, Hurley, Dec12Further…

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 4, Apr13

Dream Boat.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God, Dec12 Inhale.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God 2, Dec12 Exhale.

Sky, Lake, Neverending, Hurley, Dec12 Clear Your Head.

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat, Apr13Give Up The Ghost.

Dream Boat, Reflections, Apr13

What Does Your Heart Desire?

Life’s Next Big Adventure

Becoming Mother Nature

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Sruti, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Mark, Icecream, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Yellow wall, Beacon, Oct12

Waterfall, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Ladder, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti 2, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Films, Broken Windows, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Woods, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Hope in an Oil Stained Sunset, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Doc at Coldsprings, Oct12

Reinvent Your Myth

song by Beach House


Whit Edward: The Deer Hunter

A Chili Spaghetti Western

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Only The Good Die Young.

Land Is The New Gold

The Old Lamb Family Farm, Nowhere, Ohio

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One Last Look Before It’s Gone

song by Woody Guthrie


Determine The Danger

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It All Started After Sundown.

 Shadows Shifting.

Gathered Around Our First Meal.

Things Got Weird.


Feeling Warm & Fuzzy.

 A Radiant Glow.

Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy.

Beware of Sleepwalkers.

song by Woven Bones

 The Great Outdoors

Film Screening and Camping Adventures

Hosted by BBQ Films, Privacy Camp & The Rhoads Family

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We Camped Here.

He Built It with His Mind.

They Gave A Helping Hand.

This Was The View.

We Found Objects.


Survived on Rump Roast.


Kitty Therapy.

The Best Part of Waking Up.

Determine The Danger…

Fire Walk with Me.

Swiss Miss.

Blowin’ Smoke.

Just In Case.

Smokey The Bear.

Early Morning Sunlight.

A Quiet Read.

Time Standing Still.

Sioux Indian Chief.

Cat Naps.

Lady’s Lounge.

A Family Tree

Meet The Rhoads.

He Lives Inside A Pyramid.

This is His Home.

A Big Thank You to The Rhoads Family!

song by zdottrecker

Christmas in July:

 Home for Christmas

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Merry Christmas

I U Mom & Dad 

A Beginning To An End

Found Film: Burlington, VT 2007

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