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Dream Boat

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Flatiron, Construction, Shadows, Voyeur, APr13Wake Up.

Lashes, Eyes, Beauty, Surrealism, Apr13Open Your Eyes.

What do you really want, Ad, Street art, Chelsea, mar13What Do You Really Want?

Something, Stairs, Subway, Mar13Something Else?

Umbrella, Puddle, Reflection, Existentialism, Street Poetry, Mar13Stuck In A Rut?

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 2, Apr13Change Your Mind.

Paint, Art, Dream Vacation, Clinton Hill, Apr13Paint The Picture You Want to See.

Lake, Curve in the Road 2, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Escape.

Lake, Curve in the Road, Dreamy, Hurly Dec12Far Far Away.

Lake, Clouds, Bridge, Hurley, Dec12Further…

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat 4, Apr13

Dream Boat.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God, Dec12 Inhale.

Sky, Lake, Hurley, God 2, Dec12 Exhale.

Sky, Lake, Neverending, Hurley, Dec12 Clear Your Head.

Dream Boat, CT, Ghost Boat, Apr13Give Up The Ghost.

Dream Boat, Reflections, Apr13

What Does Your Heart Desire?


  1. The song goes perfectly with the photo story. I am once again in love with the palette. The cool blues and greys with the pops of yellow make you feel like you’re floating.

  2. Great!

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