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I Like Danger

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i Like Danger, LES Jun13

Jordan,@ THe Drink, Jul13

Andrew, Micah, @ VON, Jun13

carly Sioux, round mirror, jun13

KT. Clinton Hill, Blown Out, Jul13

Jordan, Too Close@ The Drink, Jul13

Carly,@ The Drink, Jul13

Helmet on Bar, THe drink Jul13

Carly, play dead, washing machinejul13

Micah, Life Boats @ VON Jun13

i Like Danger, Black Shoes, LES Jun13

White Trash, LES, Jul13

Alfredo, Glasses, Hat, Wine, Jul13

Carly, Fainting on the runway @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Danny @ Marie's LIC, Jul13

Ghost model @ Girbaud Fashion Show, Jul13

Ghost in a  Box, Jul13

Jordan, laying Down @ THe Drink, Jul13

Home on the Street, Jun13

Fashion Weak, Clinton Hill, Jul13

Happy Birthday, Good Year, Astoria, Jul13

Howard @ Danny's, Jun13

Carly Sioux, FIlm Noir, LES, Jun13Death Wish

It is Happening Again

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Carly, Mirror, Voyeur, upstate, May13

Hafeez, Party, Clinton Hill, June13

Andrew, KT, Party, Clinton Hill, June13

No Uncolicited Ads, Bedstuy, June13

KT, Headphones, VON, June13

Carly Sioux, Play Dead, VON, June13

Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Power Puff, Chicago, July13

Nicolette, Going Away, June13

Spot Light, Sleep Tight, Savannah, June13

No Smoking, No Visitors, No Shirts, Max Fish, May13

Beer Pour, Lap, Legs, Max Fish, May13

Carly, Play Dead, Pool Table, Max Fish, May13

CS, Death of Social, Chicago, July13Eerie Foreshadowing?

Snow White Sleep Tight

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Carly Sioux, Play Dead, Race Track, Clinton Hill, June13

Car, Drive, Japanese,  @SCAD

Helen, Skeptical, Hurey, May13

Big Apple, East Village, Bleeker St, May13 copy

Carly, Play Dead 2, Oriental Rug, Upstate, May13

Dog, Stalking, Oriental Rug, Upstate, May13

Ribs, Roast, Hurley, May13

Cute Boy, Clinton Hill, June13

USA, Bottoms Up, ClintonHill, June13

Carly Sioux2, Play Dead, Soccer Field, Clinton Hill, June13

Danny, Life Boats, VON, LES, May13

Telephone, Brooklyn, Oct 12

Dead, Smiling, Box, June13

song by Dirty Beaches

A Weekend in Puerto Rico

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Girls Wanna Have Fun, San Juan Hotel, May13

Heels, Legs, Style, San Juan Hotel, May13

Drinking and Texting, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Laura, Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, champagne, chandelier, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, Policia, Old San Juan, May13

Age, Stairs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, Pole Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, San Juan Hotel, May13

Photography on photography, Old San Juan, May13

Laura, Brigid, Legs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Stairs 2, Old San Juan Art Center, May13


Age, Carly, Condado, PR, May13

Age, Condado, PR, May13

Palm Trees, Diaganol Line, Isla Verda, May13

Queen Bed, Isla Verde, PR, May13

Lonely in Paradise, Isla Verde, Pr, May13


Strange Paradise, PR Clara Caves, May13

Cueva Clara, Age, Laura, Brigid, PR, May13

Jungle, Court, Isla Verde, May13

El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13


Carly, Play Dead 2, Old San Juan, Big Circle, May13

Cemetery, El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 3, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 2, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA, San Juan, May13


Age, Restaurant, Cueva Clara, PR, May13

Carly, Coconut, Old San Juan, May13

spooned coconut, Old San Juan, May13


You’re Killing Me

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Someone is always watching you.

It always starts with a group of best friends.

And then one by one, they all drop like flies.

Suspicion sets in and you don't know who to trust.

Alliances are formed, don't go out alone.

Then in that one moment of vulnerability....

He's got you by the throat.

Now there's no where safe to go.

Stalking their next prey.

It is happening again.

Silent, sleepy murders.

Here's the final clue.

The One Person You’d Never Suspect

special thanks to  Gwendozilla for the awesome soundtrack


Fuck Me Blind

fantasy or death wish

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FYI, Amanda, Blindfold,  @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI , Amanda, Bow 2, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound 3 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound 2 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Bound  @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI , Amanda, Bow, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Gentlemen @ Karma Bar, Nov12

Said he liked my posture, then took me home to fuck me blind.

Lingerie: FYI • Styling: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Make-up: Alyne Halvajian • Model: Hotdamnit Amanda

Fly Me to The Moon

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Sometimes the world is such a drag.

I could just about die.

Time to make our great escape.

Float away into the midnight sky.

Fly me to the moon!


Says who?

Look how high he can fly.

 Try moon walking.

The Pony Express.

Or just bum a ride.

Fly me to the moon!

We’ll eat stinky cheese.

Make brand new friends.



And sway soooo sloooow.

Fly me to the moon!

My best girl’s coming.

And so should you.

Could be lot’s of fun.

 Just fly me to the Moon!

song by Jherek Bischoff

Dream Beach Island

Adventures with Alexis Long Beard

press play to begin

Try to imagine.

The sounds of paradise.

Somewhere off a beaten path.

Just a little further…

But first a snack.

Home. Sweet. Away. From home.

Found in paradise.

A moment for silence.

Some time to play.

Escape from reality.

He is filled with secrets.

Youth Lagoon.

Take me back…

 Night Watchers at Ghost Beach

Clues Are Hidden in Dreams

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Faint echos of a familiar song.

So dreamy…

Someone was watching us.

Surrounded by a strange light.

She was not as she seemed.

Found her whispering to the Sea.

 Burning with fervor.

Like a recurring dream.

Floating on the water.

Wonder what it means.

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