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The Midwest Untamed

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Cady Noland, Chainsaw Cowboy, Chi Jul13

Fresh, Jennifer Norback Gallery, Jul13

Absinthe, La Fee Verte, Chi, Jul13

Antiques, Extinct, Chi, Jul13

Balloons, Un happy, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

Fine Eye, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

UFO, Gold Coast, Chi, Jul13

Sail off into the Pits of Despair, Wickerpark, Chi Jul13

White Trash, Millennium park, Chi, Jul13

Ed Debevics Restaurant, Chi, Jul13

God Bless America

Fourth of July, Downtown Chicago

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Carly, Open, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Summer in Pain, CHI, Jul13

Freedom to Choose, WestLoop, CHI, July13

Great Head, Boys Town, Chicago, July13

remnants of a life, Gold Coast, Chicago, Jun13

Broken porcelain , Gold Coast, CHI, July13

I'm A Real Artist, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

Crowning Achievement, CHI, Jul13

Under the Bridge, Chi, Jul13

Liberty, Gold Coast, CHI, July13

God Bless America, BridgePort, Chi, Jul13

Dog Shit, Golden Coast, Chicago

Do The Charleston

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Giant Piles of Wet

NotsoHostel, Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Welcome to Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Shannon, Rainny Umbrella, SCAD, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Window Washing, Tenn, Jun13

Carly, Selfie, Scad, Savannah, Jun13


Scenic Vistas

Brian, Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Carly @ Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Big Ol’ Buildings

Mansion, Charleston, Jun13

Southern Belle Bride, Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building 2, DT Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building, DT Charleston, Jun13


Memento Mori

White Church, DT Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Staing Glassed Graves, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Play Dead, Cobble Stone, DT Charleston, Jun13

Strange Men, Charleston Gallery, Jun13

Death Proof, Charleston, Jun13


Hangin’ @ Rarebit

Carly, Prayer, ChickenWaffel, Rarebit, Jun13

Brian, Selfie @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13


Got The Whole World…

Carly, Whole World in my Hands, Charleston, Jun13

On the Road, Rear View, Deep South, Jun13And Next Stop, Savannah!

Savannah Smiles

southern style shenanigans

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Brian, Carly, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Savannah, Metal Bar, Jun13

Dax @ THe Rail, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Savannah, June13

Shanie, Mata Hari, June13

Dax, Carly Brian, Karaoke Bar, Savannah, jun13

Dax, Pool Table, Savannah, June13

Shannon @ Dive Bar, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, Drunk, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Drunk, @ Mata Hari, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Carly, Funny Face, Mata Hari, Jun13

Carly, Brian, Love, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Brian, Eyes Shut, Mata Hari, Jun13

Dax, Play Dead, Savannah, June13

Brian, Batcave, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Flower, Backseat, Savannah, Jun13

Shanie, Karaoke, Savannah, Jun13

Carly 2, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Late Night Breakfast, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Carly PJs Cozy, Jun13

Dax, Taylor Swift, PJ's, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Chef, Savannah, Jun13


Aloha, Merry Christmas!

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Marty,Wreath,TopHat, Snow, Dec12

Gorgeous Hunk, Kimber, snow, Dec12

Brian, Snow, Ohio, Dec12

Carly Sioux, Snow, Open Mouth, Ohio, Dec12

Brian, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Kiss, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Marty, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Brian 2, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

snow, Ice, Ironic, Lebanon Wine Bar,Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Grapes, Wine Bar, Lebanon, Dec12

Brian, Bum, Wine Bar, Lebanon, Dec12

Kimber, Bulleye, Terror, Dec12

Kimber, Snow, Beautiful, Lebanon, Dec12

Brian 3, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Brian, Carly, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Kimber, Marty, Snow, Golden Lamb, Dec12

Carly, Xmas Tree, Flask, Whiskey, NYE12tif

Marty, Needs Cut, Snow, Lebanon, Dec12

Let it Snow!

A Weekend in Puerto Rico

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Girls Wanna Have Fun, San Juan Hotel, May13

Heels, Legs, Style, San Juan Hotel, May13

Drinking and Texting, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Laura, Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, champagne, chandelier, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, Policia, Old San Juan, May13

Age, Stairs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Brigid, Pole Dance, San Juan Hotel, May13


Brigid, Laura, San Juan Hotel, May13

Photography on photography, Old San Juan, May13

Laura, Brigid, Legs, San Juan Hotel, May13

Age, Stairs 2, Old San Juan Art Center, May13


Age, Carly, Condado, PR, May13

Age, Condado, PR, May13

Palm Trees, Diaganol Line, Isla Verda, May13

Queen Bed, Isla Verde, PR, May13

Lonely in Paradise, Isla Verde, Pr, May13


Strange Paradise, PR Clara Caves, May13

Cueva Clara, Age, Laura, Brigid, PR, May13

Jungle, Court, Isla Verde, May13

El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13


Carly, Play Dead 2, Old San Juan, Big Circle, May13

Cemetery, El Morro castle, Old San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 3, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA 2, San Juan, May13

LA PERLA, San Juan, May13


Age, Restaurant, Cueva Clara, PR, May13

Carly, Coconut, Old San Juan, May13

spooned coconut, Old San Juan, May13


Street Walking in Toronto

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WorkJenny, Toronto Nov12

Dancing Days, Kensington Market, Toronto, Nov12

Fruit Market, Kensington Market, Toronto, Nov12

56, empanadas, Kensington Market, Toronto, Nov12

Fresh Fish, Kensington Market, Toronto, Nov12

The Big Fish, Toronto Nov 12

Do not Enter, Robots, Toronto, Nov12

Orange Cone, Black Grafitti, Toronto, Nov12

Fario, Construction, Toronto, Nov12

Lost Your Head, Toronto, Nov12

Bell, Grafitti Phone Booth, Toronto, Nov12

fAB, Pink Gay Scene, Toronto, Nov12

Under Cover, Rolling Stones, Kensington Market, Toronto, Nov12

Adopt Me, Yellow Bunny, Toronto, Nov12

song by Roxanne Shante

Life’s Next Big Adventure

Becoming Mother Nature

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Sruti, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Mark, Icecream, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Yellow wall, Beacon, Oct12

Waterfall, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Ladder, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti 2, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Films, Broken Windows, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Woods, 6mo, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Hope in an Oil Stained Sunset, Madame Brett, Beacon, Oct12

Sruti, Doc at Coldsprings, Oct12

Reinvent Your Myth

song by Beach House


Whit Edward: The Deer Hunter

A Chili Spaghetti Western

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Only The Good Die Young.

Land Is The New Gold

The Old Lamb Family Farm, Nowhere, Ohio

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One Last Look Before It’s Gone

song by Woody Guthrie


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