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Astral Projection in The Yellow Room

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Sarah Sleeping, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 4, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 3, Kingston, May15

Sarah Sleeping 2, Kingston, May15


Twice as Fast

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His Grace is Sufficient, Mar14

millennium park 2, CHI, Jul13

Duane 2 @ Nostrand Pub, Mar14

Girly Mag, Womens Legs, Jun14

Soiled Paper Towl, Clinton Hill, Jul14

K†, Love, Lefferts Garden, Jun14

Andrew times two, love, The Graham, Jun14

Dani @ Dorris, Mar14

Cool, LES, Jun14

Subway Dancer, Fist Pump, Q Train, Jun14

Carly Sioux 2, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Taz, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Woman 2, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Moe, Clinton Hill Mural, Jul14

Carly Sioux, Mural, Clinton Hill, Jul14

Mural, Clinton Hill, July14

Buildng on Fire, Smoke. Lefferts Garden, Jun14

Damon, Fence, Car, Williamsburg, Jun14

Dani, Detroit, Vile, Wild Bore, Mar14

Twice as Fast, Jun14

Carly, Selfie, Reflection, Williamsburg, Jun14

Dream Catcher, Prospect Park, Jun14Keep Dreaming

Party Town

fast friends and quick highs

Lady and the Tramp, Fries, Black Swan, May13

KT, sriracha, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Kristina, Blowing, Weiner Cake, Shag, May13

Elise, Leroy, Lipstick, Black Swan, may13

Irena, Jordan, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Pot, Luck, Coffeetable, Bedstuy, apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 2, Union Pool, may13

Leroy, Fire, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

ELise, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Carly, Leroy, Cigar, Black Swan, may13

Leroy, Cigar, Smoke, Black Swan, may13

Fish in the Sea, Bedstuy, Apr13

Jordache, Bones, Flute, Bedstuy, APr13

KT, Hot, Black Swan, May13

Carlos, Yvves, Bday @ Trophy Bar, may13

Skeleton, Coffee Table @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Jordache, World, Helmet, Bedstuy, APr13

Paul, Painting, Friends, Bedstuy Loftparty, may13

Carly, Tongue Tied, Bedstuy Loft Party, May13

Skeletons, Pratt, Apr13

Art School Waste, Pratt, Apr13

 Lone Wolf and Cub 3, Union Pool, may13

Strange Man, Folded Paper @ Gary Loft Party, Bedstuy Apr13

Man, Bike, Fog, Ghost, Bestuy Loft, May13

Money Disappearing, Bedstuy Loft, May13

Watch Your Money Disappear

 Funny Business

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Jake in Bathroom @ Jack's  copy

Kristina, Carly, Katie @ Norman's Kil, Oct12    Fiction in Hudson, Aug12  Helen, Books, Aug12  Wildbore @ Obscura, Aug12  Happy Birthday Brian 3, Kew gardens  Jordan @ Yaffa Cafe, Aug12  Flown @ the Bellhouse, Jul12  Prince Punk, Moshing @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Prince Punk Kicking @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Kristina, High Kick @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Carly, Mikey's, Oct12  Father wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012  Rachael wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012    Kimberly @ Legion, Aug12

Helen, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Aug12

Micah 3, Apollo Heights @ Legion, Aug12

Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Kristina, Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Dan Flavin, Dia Beacon, June12

Prince Punk, Bruises,Bed, Oct12  Raye 6 w bunny 2, Bedstuy, July12

Sooner than you Think, Kew gardens

song courtesy of Sephirot

Addicted to Love

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FYI, Amanda, Hookah 5 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 3 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Chocolate 2 Bar, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 2 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI, Amanda, Hookah 4 @ Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI 3, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

FYI 2, Amanda, Karma Bar, Nov12

This is Not Love

Lingerie: FYI • Styling: Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Make-up: Alyne Halvajian • Model: Hotdamnit Amanda

VON Damn

Friends & Family of VON

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BossMan @ VON, Aug12

Andrew @ VON, Aug12

Danny, Carly 2 @ VON Apr12

Danny & Friend @ VON, Aug12

BossMan, Katie @ VON, Aug12

Danny & Lindsday @ VON, Aug12

Danny & Katie @ VON, Aug12

Carly, Katie @ VON, Aug12

Love Ghost @ VON, Oct 2012

Good Nights are Late Night

Oweinama’s Monster Mash

Gonna Make You Scream Dance Party

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Song by Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors

Lucid Day Dreaming

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Apollo Heights @ Legion

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 Double Vision

Behind The Scenes with The Hasko Twins

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Meet Josh & Jesse.

They Are North America.

Josh Shreds Guitars.

Jesse Hits The Skins.

(We North America.)

 We Snuck into A Fancy Art School.

  Told Tall Tales & Urban Legends.

 Tried to be Spooky.

But Couldn’t Stop Laughing.

 Double The Trouble.

 And Twice as Much Fun.

Coming to Your Hometown Soon.

Click here to see the actual photo shoot.

song by Circuit Surreal

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