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My Date with Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand

Meet Chris

Location: Midtown (East), N.Y.C.

Origin: Leuven, Belgium.

Occupation: Swedish Antique Dealer.

Hobbies: Flea marketing, horsing around, & Mechanical Engineering.

How We Met: Chris was a Navy Lieutenant with my best friend Shannon.

Interesting Facts: Chris’ real name is Per (pronounced like pear) and he was born on Groundhog’s Day.

The Dinner

It was my big night with Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand, and just as luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs. Wet weather can be such a drag, but it’s also an opportunity to huddle close, share an umbrella, and witness chivalry at its best. With that in mind I slipped into a mini skirt, grabbed an umbrella, and took my chances, rain or shine.  Chris suggested Banjara, a colorful, glimmering Indian restaurant in the East Village, to be the backdrop for our photo date. We had only just popped the cork to our wine and Chris was already racking-up some major “Art Star” bonus points for his confidence both behind and in front of the camera. Over the course of dinner we seized every photo-opp possible, played with our food, bonded over our pains of being the middle child, and rejoiced in our love for antiques and flea marketing. As dinner came to a close, Chris became concerned about the portions at Banjara being too small. Being a total gentleman, he wanted to make sure I was well-fed so I had enough energy for sex later (“Sex Jokes” bonus points!) I laughed out loud. Chris picked-up the check. We hit the road.

Gentleman Bonus Points

Laughing. Out. Loud.

Do Play with Your Food.

“Art Star” Bonus Points.


Horsing Around

After dinner we strolled around a wet and glossy Lower East Side. Chris took the bait and offered to hold my umbrella as we walked together in the rain. Normally this would have earned Chris some additional  “Chivalry” bonus points, but seeing that we were not walking nearly close enough, Chris failed to keep the umbrella over my head, resulting in some “Chivalry Fail” deduction points. Eventually the rain subsided  and we just horsed around for hours. I had a feeling that he and I could have a good time just about anywhere because of his Go-Go Gadget Navy Intelligence complimented by his fanciful whims ( “Agent Cooper” bonus points). We crashed stoops, shopped for fruit, and poked our heads into just about anything that looked fun. Eventually we stumbled upon a cozy secluded wine bar, tucked away from the bright signs and headlights of the Village and polished off a carafe of wine. We sat by the open windows transfixed in a deep silence, and for just a moment, it felt as if we were in Rome. That’s what I call magic.

Still Hungry from Dinner

Preparing for Dessert

 Hunter. Gatherer.

Smelling the Flowers

Mega “Art Star” Bonus Points

My Marlboro Man!

The Conclusion

Pros: Clever, F.U.N., and acute (not to mention cute).
Cons: Lives in Midtown and a bit too understated in his personal style.

Chris “Hot Date” Lindstrand’s got the goods. He is an adventurous outgoing gentleman who has no problem taking the lead or going with the flow. Our evening was effortless, humorous and even magical at times. I can’t wait for date two when we horse around his family’s antique store. The photo-opps will be endless!

Just look at this guy!

Song by Psychic Dancehall


  1. I definitely enjoy seeing more of you, and that is bonus for the viewers since I haven’t seen much of YOU in the previous blogs. You look great. Especially the ones with the umbrella. Love you Carly!

      • Ragazza Paparazza
      • Posted November 2, 2011 at 11:39 pm
      • Permalink
      • Reply

      Thank you so much Rachel! Yeah I think Chris def did a better job at photography on this date! 😉

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