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Cruising on Valentine’s Day

We’re Gonna Getcha!

Meet Sarah

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Origin: Stockton, CA

Occupation: Film teacher at DCTV.

Hobbies: Yoga, cruising, and karaoke.

How We Met: Sarah taught me how to play guitar when I was 15.

Interesting Facts: Not only is Sarah a virtuoso at every instrument she picks up, but she also dances hip hop like no one’s business.

Project Valentine’s Day

Sarah’s got the goods; she could be wearing a burlap sack and still snatch-up a Rolodex full of numbers. Sarah suggested we go cruise the single’s scene on Valentine’s Day and hunt us down some fine, young, eligible bachelors to go write home about. Since the only thing that ever turns me on lately is Gloria Steinem, I figured it was high time I step up my game and see exactly how Sarah works her charm. Our evening began with a quiet dinner at Yaffa Cafe so we could catch-up and hatch out our ultimate scheme. We spent the first part of dinner comparing our ailments (we were both still recovering from a nasty flu bug—not helpful in the flirt game). We ranted about our symptoms and treatments for almost forty minutes before I realized how very un-sexy our conversation sounded. We agreed that if we were going to succeed in our mission, we needed to perk up and put on our best game faces. So with a brush of fresh lipstick and a twinkle in our eyes, we began our assignment, Project Valentine’s Day.

A Couple of Silly Girls

Settling Into Our Roles

Time to Get Serious


An Irish Pub & Ice Cream Cones

Sarah and I scouted out a couple of empty bars before catching sight of McSorley’s, an Irish pub bustling with life and illuminated by the soft neon glow of  beer signs and flat screen TV’s. Eureka— A sports bar! While ordering our drinks, Sarah immediately spotted our first catch, an attractive but simple man sitting alone at the end of the bar enjoying the game. Sarah, knowing little-to-nothing about sports, turned to him and asked, “Who’s playing?” I scoffed aloud thinking how ridiculous this approach was, especially considering how much I loathe sports. Well lo and behold, not only did our new friend Jeff tell us who was playing, but within five minutes we also found out that he was a glass cutter who travels all over the U.S. building structures and was supposed to go to Alaska to build a log cabin (hot). Who knew it was so simple? Jeff who’s also a social smoker (score!), invited us to share a smoke outside. Jeff seemed to take an immediate interest in yours truly, so before parting ways, we made frivolous plans to share another smoke in the near future. We said our good-byes and began phase II of our mission… but not before satisfying our sweet tooth at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Neon Angel


Big Gay Ice Cream Break


Lounging at Lit

We arrived at Lit Lounge, and much to our amusement we found it to be just like a high school dance (except with strippers);  boys on one side of the bar, girls were on the other. I excused myself to the ladies’ room to freshen my lips and returned to find that Sarah had already scooped up the two super cute boys sitting next to us. Franck, a drummer for a popular French Band Hushpuppies, and J.B. a street photographer, were visiting from Paris, and Sarah was speaking their language…literally. While Franck and Sarah exchanged words, I inquired with J.B. about his photography. Come to find out, he was here working on a photo exhibition of New York City for a reception that will be opening in Paris this March. J.B. also primarily shoots with film, just like me, and although our some of our conversation was lost in translation, photographically we were a couple of kindred spirits. After downing a couple of drinks, we decided to take these boys to Beauty Bar for one last call.


Direct Hit!

J.B.’s Shy Heart

Wild at Heart

Beauty Bar and Beyond

Beauty Bar was dead but still a goldmine for photo opps with their sparkly retro hair dryer chairs and linoleum floor. I ordered another drink at the bar while Sarah and the Frenchies checked out all the glory Beauty Bar had to offer. The bartender at times seemed annoyed with my (bad) jokes, but started chiming in with his own display of lousy humor. Surly one moment, then engaging the next, he was a hard nut to crack. We began to argue about Valentine’s Day because he, like most cynics, hated this Hallmark Holiday. I, on the other hand, don’t see how it’s different than Christmas or Halloween, and feel that all holidays are just shopping incentives that prey upon people’s expectations. He then confessed that his girlfriend (Bingo! This explains the bi-polar behavior) pressured him to make this  Valentine’s Day romantic, but he had to work and that created trouble in paradise. I then posed a philosophical question of whether the root of the problem was inherent in the holiday itself or the girlfriend. Before I got myself into trouble,  Sarah and the Frenchmen returned from their excursion and joined me at the bar. I asked J.B. to snap a quick photo of me and the bartender, who was willingly unwilling to pose with me and my ripped-up heart. Fearful of his super jealous Latin girlfriend, the remorseful bartender covered his face as I had my way with him.

Brawn vs. Beauty

Guilty Heart

The Conclusion

Sarah, being the crafty little devil she is, managed to score herself a lunch date with the Frenchmen cause she’s got the goods. I, however, still have not heard from the glass cutter; I’d like to think that he accidentally lost my card. I did however receive a “Holla” from Paris (story of my life). Now if only us girls can teach these boys how to holla back when they are near…and not far, then things could actually start to get interesting.

Valentine’s day gets a bad rap because of the pressure people invest into feeling something special on one particular day; its shallowness can be surmised from glancing at any drug store greeting card. However, in the right company and armed with a sensible attitude, Valentine’s Day can be a loads of fun. What other day of the year can a couple of gals run around town handing out glitter hearts to boys in bars without coming across desperate or outlandish? Besides, love manifests itself in many forms and the love of a good friend is just as good a reason to celebrate Valentine’s day as that of a lover. Sarah recently told me that she looks forward to growing old with me—now that’s what I call love, and on this Valentine’s Day, I found myself falling in love with Sarah again for the 100th time.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day ♥

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