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Greener Grass

Reminiscing About Spring

press play to begin

Springtime is by far the best season of the year.

It awakens our senses after a long dull slumber with the hints of sweet grass, fresh rain, pale flowers, and dewy skin. It whispers to us the promise of young love, fruit-filled picnics baskets, and of the soft sunlight that will warm our backs. It’s a prelude to sun-bleached beach days, red-hot summer nights, and of the golden-rouge sunsets we wish would last an eternity. Some may declare their preference for the leisurely air of summer, but by the time August arrives, we’re all  longing for the cool breath of fall to relieve us from the spoiling heat. If autumn wasn’t so deceptive by leading us into the bitter darkness of winter’s grip, it could have been the greatest of all seasons. But spring, bursting at the seams with optimism, is the most marvelous time of year. It’s filled with the anticipation of our entire summer that lies ahead, unwritten and and just within our reach. As our last few carefree days of summer dwindle down, remember to savor every day, night, moment, breeze, and thunderstorm. Embrace the heat and feel every drop of sweat the drips from your body. Take a long walk in the rain, and hold someone’s hand a little bit longer. Slow down, and don’t rush through each day, because in just a blink of an eye, the summer you so longed for will be gone, and with it another chapter of your life written. This winter, while buried beneath layers of wooly scarves, itchy sweaters, and furry hats, I’ll be reminiscing about the grass in spring—which is always greener.


Jordache with the Jam Box!

song by Chairlift

My Date with Supermodel Luke Nel

Meet Luke

Location: London/New York/Zimbabwe

Origin: Zimbabwe, South Africa

Occupation: Supermodel

Hobbies: Going on missions, playing the hand drum, and meeting new people.

How We Met: Our paths crossed right in front of my apartment. Luke was playing a harmonica while riding his bike. I asked to take his photograph.

Fun Facts: Blonde| Blue| 6’1″| 38″| 32″| 15.5″| 9.5 UK| Also— Luke was twice on the cover of GQ Style and cannot say No to ANYTHING!

Fashionably Late

It was the first heatwave of the year and looking cool was not easy, especially as I waited almost an hour for my date to arrive. Luke got a last minute “modeling gig,” so I was sure he was just blowing me off, and I’m not the kinda girl that waits around, especially not in the sweltering heat. I was just about cut my losses and  write-off our date when Luke called insisting that he was en route and would only be a few more minutes (which ended up being thirty). Hot and bothered, I began tallying up his tardy points when, like some Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi Dream come true, Luke came sailing in on a skateboard completely nullifying all penalty points. I have to admit that it was quite an entrance.

The Dinner

Luke thrives off of adventure and discovery so I decided to take the reigns on this date and show him a few hidden gems in this city that you won’t find in an issue of Timeout. I suggested Lupe’s East L.A. Kitchen for dinner because Luke and I instantly bonded over our love for coco water when we first meet. Not only is Lupe’s the cutest diner in all of  NYC, but they also serve fresh coco water right out of the coconut. We cooled off under the neon pink lights, sipped on pure bliss, and shared in a heap of laughs. Dinner highlights included our waiter Victor explaining to Luke what a taco is (“Precious” bonus points) and Luke licking salsa off his arm at the dinner table (“Double-Precious” bonus points). The table etiquette in Zimbabwe must be a bit different than in the States but I have to admit that I found it quite charming.

Cuckoo for Coco Water!

Victor Explaining The Concept of a Taco

The Date

Next on our agenda was Sheriff Uncle Bob’s Bluegrass Jam at the Grisly Pear. Luke is a big fan of Bluegrass music so it was an absolute must that he meet The Sheriff of Good Times. The bar was pretty crowded, mostly with musicians who were  jumping in and out of the jam circle. Sheriff Uncle Bob gave us both a warm welcome and cleared an entire bench of guitar cases and random instruments so that we could have the best seat in the house, thereby earning me some “I’m with the Band” bonus points. Shortly thereafter, Bob took a little break to hang out and catch up and even showered us with gifts! I got a copy of his new CD “Hold Whatcha Got,” and we both got one of his “Get out of Jail Free” cards, just in case we got into any trouble later in the night.

Luke & Sheriff Uncle Bob

Carly Sioux & The Sheriff of Good Times

Holy Hotness

Luke Wins Back Lost Points for Cruising in on a Skateboard

Paparazza Jack Pot

Luke Hits The Jack Pot for Talking-Up My Photo Blog

Got Holes in My New Skirt for You

His skateboard shredded my favorite skirt

The Conclusion

Pros: Is a Supermodel, things like Tacos are a new adventure, and he always says “Yes.”

Cons: Is a Supermodel, is prone to being fashionably late, and he always says “Yes.”

Luke Nel is adventurous, optimistic and did I forget to mention handsome?  He’s always in the moment, which explains his trouble with punctuality. Would I wait an hour again for him? I probably would— I’d try to do handstands for Luke! I’ve already booked my flight to South Africa, invested in a mosquito net body suit, and enough Raid to wipe out an entire species. Now I just have to get over my fear of I.O.U.S. (Insects of Unusual Size).

Goodnight Indeed

Last Night I Dreamed…

You were trying to tell me something.

It seemed so familiar but in a place not recognized.

Was it a warning?

They mean good luck.

Thought I had it.

Then she vanished.

Couldn’t stop crying.

These monsters are real.

And the longer I rode, the smaller it became.

Tried to hide it in the sink.

Embarrassed because she knew.

Did you forget something?

It’s very still.

It didn’t end here.

At a playground after dark.

Couldn’t see your face but knew it was you.

The Village East Vanishing.

Just like a shrine.

They couldn’t help.

A happy place.

Lived here but it wasn’t  home.


Chairlift is a journey through  misty soundscapes of daydream anthems. Their airy melodies soar across the stage enticing and inviting the audience to sway along to their breezy lullabies. Imagine if  Kate Bush were to compose music for Ridley Scott’s  Legend; then you can realize the musical whimsy of Chairlift, mystical, angelic, and intriguing. It’s great escapism from the gloomy fog of our current times! They will be back from Europe soon and hopefully will have some upcoming dates!







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