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Eye Candy @ Free Candy

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Sunny and Gabe @ Free Candy, Dec13

Sunny and Gabe 2 @ Free Candy, Dec13

Man in Mink fur @ Free Candy, Dec13

Akeem @ Free Candy, Dec13

Safari Babes @ free Candy, Dec13

Smoke Room @ Free Candy, Dec13

ajo blowing bubbles @ FreeCandy, Dec13

ajo, Irena, Exchanging @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Carly, Play Dead @ Free Candy, Dec13

Man in White Glasses @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Carl @ Free Candy, Dec13

Cheetah Girl @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Sexy Cat Woman Shoes @ Free Candy, Dec13

Sunny and Gabe 3 @ Free Candy, Dec13

Sexy Couple @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Christoph @ Free Candy, Dec13

Stoned Rollers @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Stoned Rollers 2 @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Man dancing @ Free Candy, Dec13

Girl in all White @ Free Candy, Dec13

Irena @ Free Candy, Dec13

Akeem, Red Curtains @ FreeCandy, Dec13

Rococco Stage @ FreeCandy, Dec13

New Year’s Evil

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Dancers @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Danny, Jenny Electric @ Newsonic, Oct13

Legs, Stripes, Soho, Sticker, Nov13

Letting Loose, Champange Bar, Oct13

Lindsay @ caracas Oct13

Chicken Bones, Danny, LES, copy

KT @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Nathan Tats @ Jackbar, Oct13

Soho, Red, xoxo, Nov13

Christian, Pretend King, Oct13

LICK, East Village, Oct13

Winnie The Pooh, Trash, LE copy

Nightmare Before Christmas

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Carly 3 @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Carly @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Present outside my Door, Oct13

Dylan @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

dead barbies @ Newsonic, oct136

Zach, Halloween, Oct13

Get Happy, Oct13

Dancers  2@ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Boss Man, Alex @ coco66, Oct13

Duane, KT @ coco66, Oct13

Nathan, Lindsay @ Good Co, Oct13

Enore, White Whine, Soho, Nov13

Carly 2 @ Newsonic, Halloween, Oct13

Alfredo @ Slim Twig @ Silent Barn, Oct13

Konstance, Legs, The Juggs, Oct13

Konstance, Meow, Halloween, Oct13

Legs, Dancing, Stockings, Oct13

Boss Man @ coco66, Oct13

Fizzy White Whine

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Carly Sioux, Boob Shot, Oct13

Champagne and French Fries copy

Heidi, Champage refill, Oct13

Danny, Andrew @ Union Pool copy

Gold, Heels, Toes, wood, Oct13

Howard, Andrew, Love @ Union Pool

Andrew, Raven, DiscoBall, Oct13

Andrew, Blindfolded, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Blindfold, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Brothers, Park Ave Armory, Oct13

Carly, Play Dead @ Silent Barn, Oct13

Dani, EYes Wide Shut 2, Oct13

Danny, Moeima, Sleepy, Cab, Oct13

Daniel, Taxi, Oct13

Heavy Whipping Cream, BushLick, Oct13

Beast N Bourbon, Carly Sioux, Oct13

Coming Home, Park Ave Armory, Oct13Come towards the light.


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carly sioux 2, smoke, W vi copy

Alfredo, Dreamy, Aug13

DRY, Parkslope, July12

Ashlea, Beer Guzzle, Oct13

Jonathan, Beer to Lips, Oct13

Rye, Flask, Oct13

Rye, Carly, Ashlea, Smoke Circle, oct13

Bathroom Kisses, Oct13 Goodnight Kiss

Shiny Black Metal

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Carly, discoBall, Eyeswideshut @ Raven oct13

Andrew Portrait @ Raven oct13

Hot Dogs @ Crif Dog Oct13

Stranger @ Raven, Oct13

Alfredo @ Pete's Candy Store, Oct13

Andrew Smoking @ Raven oct13

Andrew, KT, @ VON, Jun13

Micah, Carly @ VON Jun13

Daniel Andrew @ Raven Oct13

Danny, discoBall, koolthing @ Raven oct13

Stranger w Disco Ball @ Raven, Oct13

Carly Portrait @ Raven oct13

My Art is Garbage, Soho, Jul13

Killer Party

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Carly Sioux, We Are Gods, BBQ Rooftop, Aug13

Seth, Stairwell @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Destroy, Art, Street, Williamsburg, Aug13

Alfredo, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Playing Love Tricks, Soho, Aug13

Ramiro, Knife, Wine bottle @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Blood, Napkin, LES, Danger copy

Bloody Foot, Williamsburg, Aug13

Broken Glass, LES, Sept13 copy

Karr @ FlavYa BBQ Rooftop Aug13

Drew, siddhartha, Bembe, Smoke, Aug13

Dont' Kill, Soho, Aug13

Alfredo, Stairwell, BBQ, Aug13

Girl in cool dress, Williamsburg aug13

Girl in Flower Dress at a Bar, Williamsburg aug13

Wasted Dreams, Williamsburg, Alcohol, Aug13

FlavYa @ BBQ Rooftop Party, Aug13

Drinks, Bembe, Williamsburg, Aug13

Piss, Toilet @ Bembe Aug13

One Last Chance, West Fourth Street, Aug13

Alfredo, Cement Ball, brooklyn Navy Yard, Aug13One Last Chance



Red X Marks The Spot

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Ramiro, Red, Kisses, Bullseye, BBQ, AUg13

Paint, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, KT, Soul Product, Kiss, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Carly, KT, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, Carly, Lips, Kiss, Red, BBQ Aug13

Flower, Flash, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Leopard Ladder Legs, BBQ, Aug13

Rooftop, Legs, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Tongue, Painting,  Red, BBQ, Aug13

Girl, Watermelon, Red, BBQ Aug13

Carla, Kitchen, Bandaid, Red, BBQ Aug13

FlavYa, Peacock Dress, BBQ, Aug13

Alfredo, Carly, Dance, Red, BBQ Aug13

Alfredo, Drums, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Bday Painting, alfredo, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Painting,  Red, BBQ, Aug13

Daniel, Bongos, BBQ, Aug13

Drew, Carly, Guitar, Lips, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Joe, Makers, Bullseye Red, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, Red Lights 2, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Lights, Bite, BBQ, AUg13

Popsicle Heaven, KT, BBQ, Aug13

Freddo, 2 smokes, Drums, BBQ, Aug13

FlavYa 2, Peacock Dress, BBQ, Aug13

Drew, Carly, Strong Cuddle, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, FlavYa, BBQ, Aug13

Harun, Dancing, BBQ, Aug13

KT, Black Dress, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Ramiro, Red, Kisses, BBQ, AUg13

Smiling Bag, Red, BBQ, Aug13

Buenas Noches


 We Put The Ass in Classy

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Andrew, Carly, Secrets, Don't say it, VON, April13    Dylan, Flowers, House Warming, Feb13

Erica, Glamour, Chanel, espresso, Feb13

Ashlea, Estaban KT Party, Feb13

Danny, Irena, Holiday Party Dec12

Carly, Denim, Jacket, Bite, VON, April13

Fruit bowl, Oranges, Grapes, Classical, Juicy, Mar13

Andrew, Danny, VON, Dapper, Apr13

Kristina, Frame, Wine, Oranges, Mar13

Nicolette 2, Doomsday, Dec12

Jordan @#%!, Feb13

Portrait, Tree, Gold Scarf, Barret, Mar13

Nicolette, Gold Heart, Doomsday, Dec12

Micah, chandeliers, waldorf astoria, Feb13

Jordache, Feather @ Shag, Nov12

Scotch Bottle, Sex Sheets, KT Party, Feb13

Always Classy

(p.s. check out them sheets!!)

What Happens in Bushwick

Stays in BushLick

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Nato, Making her Mark, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Fountain of Youth

Safety @ Washington Ave, Oct12

Suit Up

That Guy @ Hasko Twins Bday Bash Sept2012

This Guy

Katie, Dancing @  The Commodore, Dec 12


Zach @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12


Bday Girl Dancing @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12



Hearts for Love_Feb12

Red Hot

Zach, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Make your Mark

Bushwick Existentialism, NYC, Nov12

Bushwick Existentialism

Katie @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

The Meaning of Om

Open WIde, Jordache Bday @ goodco


Zach , Michael, & Fernando @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

Party Boys

Lucky Shoes, Clinton Hill, Sept12

We’re Not in Kansas Any More

Katie, Carly, Jordan @ GoodCoNov12

Soft Focus

Katie and Boys @ Nato Rooftop Bday Jam Oct12

Fiddlers on The Roof

Fernando. Tropcial BushLick, Oct12

Winter Greens

Pink Bike, BushLick, Oct12

Pimpin’ New Ride

KT, Money, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Paycheck Clique

Nato, making trouble, Bday Rooftop, Oct12

Wakey! Wakey!

Pennies on a Porch, Brooklyn, Oct12

Value for your Dollar

Welcome to Bushwick, Brooklyn, Oct 12

Welcome To The Bush

song by Mystikal

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