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Take The Money and Run

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Cashville, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Fierce, Nashville, Aug15

Hot Wheels in Nasvhille, Aug15

Erika on Broadway 2, Nashville, Aug15

Carly Sioux, Reflection, Nashville,

MOIST, Nasvhille, Aug15

Free Hotdogs, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Love, Reflection, Nashville, Aug15

Crossed, Crosses, Cross, Nashville, Aug15

Four Way Market, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Goddess, Aug15

Laundry, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Explorer Shadow, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Green Room Selfie, Nashville, Aug15

Sean lipstick Nashville, Aug15

Erika on Broadway, Nashville, Aug15

Sean, Pink Blow, Nashville, Aug15

Sean, Blow Me, Santa's, Nashville, Aug15

Ivy @ Santas, Nashville, Aug15

Carly, Withdrawn, Nashville, Aug15

Erica, Raw, Art Opening, Aug15

US, Nashville, Aug15Byeeee

The Midwest Untamed

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Cady Noland, Chainsaw Cowboy, Chi Jul13

Fresh, Jennifer Norback Gallery, Jul13

Absinthe, La Fee Verte, Chi, Jul13

Antiques, Extinct, Chi, Jul13

Balloons, Un happy, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

Fine Eye, Wicker Park, CHI jul13

UFO, Gold Coast, Chi, Jul13

Sail off into the Pits of Despair, Wickerpark, Chi Jul13

White Trash, Millennium park, Chi, Jul13

Ed Debevics Restaurant, Chi, Jul13

Do The Charleston

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Giant Piles of Wet

NotsoHostel, Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Welcome to Charleston, Pile of Wet, Jun13

Shannon, Rainny Umbrella, SCAD, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Window Washing, Tenn, Jun13

Carly, Selfie, Scad, Savannah, Jun13


Scenic Vistas

Brian, Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Carly @ Fort Sumter, Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Ivy Steps, Charleston, Jun13

Big Ol’ Buildings

Mansion, Charleston, Jun13

Southern Belle Bride, Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building 2, DT Charleston, Jun13

deteriorated building, DT Charleston, Jun13


Memento Mori

White Church, DT Charleston, Jun13

Brian, Staing Glassed Graves, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Play Dead, Cobble Stone, DT Charleston, Jun13

Strange Men, Charleston Gallery, Jun13

Death Proof, Charleston, Jun13


Hangin’ @ Rarebit

Carly, Prayer, ChickenWaffel, Rarebit, Jun13

Brian, Selfie @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Carly, Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13

Brian @ Rarebit, Charleston, Jun13


Got The Whole World…

Carly, Whole World in my Hands, Charleston, Jun13

On the Road, Rear View, Deep South, Jun13And Next Stop, Savannah!

Savannah Smiles

southern style shenanigans

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Brian, Carly, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Savannah, Metal Bar, Jun13

Dax @ THe Rail, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Savannah, June13

Shanie, Mata Hari, June13

Dax, Carly Brian, Karaoke Bar, Savannah, jun13

Dax, Pool Table, Savannah, June13

Shannon @ Dive Bar, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, Drunk, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Drunk, @ Mata Hari, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Carly, Funny Face, Mata Hari, Jun13

Carly, Brian, Love, Savannah, Jun13

Dax, Brian, Eyes Shut, Mata Hari, Jun13

Dax, Play Dead, Savannah, June13

Brian, Batcave, Savannah, Jun13

Doogie Howser, Mata Hari's, Savannah, Jun13

Brian, Flower, Backseat, Savannah, Jun13

Shanie, Karaoke, Savannah, Jun13

Carly 2, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Carly, PJ Party, Kitchen Dance, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Late Night Breakfast, Savannah, Jun13

Shannon, Carly PJs Cozy, Jun13

Dax, Taylor Swift, PJ's, Savannah, June13

Shannon, Chef, Savannah, Jun13


Behind Bars

Puerto Rico, June 2012

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Song by The Index

 Adventures in Puerto Rico

Day One

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Island Women

Tropical Temptations


Coconuts of Epic Proportion

Regional Wildlife

Dusty Old Castles

Roughing It

In Ruins

Rafa’s Rescue Mission


“Snow Cones— We’re Saved!”

Keeping Hydrated (Part 1)

Keeping Hydrated (Part 2)

Fresh Paint

Carly Kristina Puerto Rico

to be continued…

Impressions of Savannah




sorry charlie


last stop

song by Heartless Bastards

Honeymoon in Jacksonville

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I My Wife

When You’re Not Looking

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Think I Found You In A Dream.

  A Silent Dancer in The Dark.

 No One Was Listening.

 Shadows Are Not As They Seem.

Frankenstein Would Want Your Mojo.

Lost In A Place I’ll Never Forget.

You Left Me Here.

Practicing For My Big Day.

song by Grandchildren

A Beginning To An End

Found Film: Burlington, VT 2007

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