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 Funny Business

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Jake in Bathroom @ Jack's  copy

Kristina, Carly, Katie @ Norman's Kil, Oct12    Fiction in Hudson, Aug12  Helen, Books, Aug12  Wildbore @ Obscura, Aug12  Happy Birthday Brian 3, Kew gardens  Jordan @ Yaffa Cafe, Aug12  Flown @ the Bellhouse, Jul12  Prince Punk, Moshing @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Prince Punk Kicking @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Kristina, High Kick @ Norman's Kil, Oct12  Carly, Mikey's, Oct12  Father wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012  Rachael wrapped in Head Scarf, Ohio Sept2012    Kimberly @ Legion, Aug12

Helen, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Aug12

Micah 3, Apollo Heights @ Legion, Aug12

Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Kristina, Construction @ WTC, NYC June12

Dan Flavin, Dia Beacon, June12

Prince Punk, Bruises,Bed, Oct12  Raye 6 w bunny 2, Bedstuy, July12

Sooner than you Think, Kew gardens

song courtesy of Sephirot

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