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Francis Scott Key White, Matchless, Apr14

Alex White, Flower Shoes, Matchless, Jun14

Miss Alex White, Matchless, Jun14

Emily, wildbore, recording, summer14

Dani @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Emily, Cheetah, Stereo Sonic, Summer14

Carly & Emily @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Moe 2, Green Beret, Sept14

Micah 2, LES, May14

Carly, Christo, Marcri Park, Feb14

CocoNasty, Rehearsal, Apr14

Emily, Indiana, Apr15

Kat @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Maria, Nashville, Apr15

Micah, LES, May14

Unknown Bartender 2, South Brooklyn, Jun14

Wild Bore, Rehearsal 2, Jun14

Unknown Bartender, South Brooklyn, Jun14

Nathan @ Pete's Candy Store, May14

Carly @ Pete's Candy Store, May14😉


music and shows coming soon…

Carly Carbine, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Carly Carbine 4, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Carly Carbine 2, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Kill Yourself, Wake up Your Heart, Soho, Jan14

Coco Nasty 2, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Coco Nasty, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Rubbish, Midtown, Feb14

Detroit Dani 2, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Detroit Dani 3, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Detroit Dani, Wild Bore @ BCC, Jan14

Toilet, Unknown, Jan14

Coco Nasty , Shredding, Wild Bore, Jan14

Carly Carbine, Drums, Wild Bore, Jan14

Coco Nasty, Dani, studio, Wild Bore, Jan14  Carly Carbine, Xmas Tree, Rehearsal, Jan14

Wild Bore, @ BCC Jan14*** First show May 8th @ Radio Bushwick***


Rednecks in Check

Adventures with One Punch Mark

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One Punch Mark, Solid as a rock, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Spillway, Ceasar Creek, Jun13

Wiedemann, not the Pizza man, Ohio, Jun13

Green door, Yellow light, Waynesville, Jun13

Santa, Birdcage, Waynesville, Jun13

Washing Machine, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Chevrolet, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Flowers, Ohio, Jun13

Cherub, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Carly, Window Spying, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

Creepy Bear, Waynesville, Ohio, Jun13

One Punch Mark, Deer in a headlight, Ohio, Jun13

It's A Classic, Canoeing, Ohio, Jun13

Stay Weird Ohio

Puerto Rico Rocks

 @ El Local En Santurce

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Now People, Casualties, El copy copy

Now People, Rockers, El Lo copy

Alexis, Carly @ La taberna copy copy

Old San Juan, Dead Tourist copy

Now People 2, El Local, Sa copy

Now People 3, El Local, Sa copy

Now People, Head Banger, E copy

Age, El Locale, Santurce,  copy

Now People, El Local, Sant copy

Now People 4, El Local, Sa copy

Bartender, El Local, Santu copy

Age, El Local, Panty Eater copy

Carly, Hanging Tough, El L copy copy

Disaster, Bathroom, El Loc copy

Soundtrack: Acid Baby Jesus

Band Photographed: Now People

Skeleton Art: Uziel E. Orlandi Alegria

Speaking in Tongues @ The Church

 MOONTOWERSYour 33 Black AngelsMadame Robot & The Lust BrigadeThe Veldt

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Moon Towers 3 @ The Church copy

Oweinama biu, Madame Robot copy

Alex Kennedy, Madame Robot copy

The Veldt @ The Church, Ap copy

Fan, Your33BlackAngels @ T copy

Josh, GoGoGal @ The Church copy

Daniel, The Veldt @ The Ch copy

Danny, The Veldt @ The Chu copy

Your33BlackAngels 2 @ The  copy

Moon Tower @ The Church, A copy

Tayler, Moontowers @ The C copy

Pink Floyd Girl, Your33Bla copy

Gold, Platforms, Party Gir copy

Garrett, Cut Off @ The Chu copy

Alex Kennedy, Carly Sioux, copy

Gina Marie, Bedroom Eyes @ copy

Gina Marie 2, Bedroom Eyes copy

Fan 2, Your33BlackAngels @ copy

Josh, Crowd @ The Church,  copy

Kimberly, Marie, Chosts @  copy

Kimberly, Chost @ The chur copy

Alex Kennedy, Ginger Fro@  copy

Wants to Dance, Your33Blac copy

She Just Wanted To Dance

4/20 Rock’n’ Roll Circus

Total Slacker & Habibi

4/20 Rock’n’Roll Circus

She likes her coffee with black ice.

He wants his whiskey with a cigarette.

They are White Mystery.


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