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Breaking My Heart

This Is Not A Porn Site.


You Bitch!

Oh Dear.

A Few Drinks Later…

Feeling Fierce,


Wicked As A Witch.

A Black Swan Moment.

We Don’t Give A Fuck.

Keep’em Wet.

Make’em Want It.

Sit Here and Spin.


A Real Sleeping Beauty.

Waiting For Her Prince.

It Was A Close Shave.

Saw It A Mile Away.

You’d Disappear.

Breaking My Heart.


Cosmetics Are Drugs.

A Bonafide Fag Stag,

Fell In Love with Himself.

That’s The Word On The Street.

Written in Sharpie.

Vandalized & Scandalized.

Haunted By A Ghost Writer.

Dreaming of Love in Strange Places.

Song by Chains of Love

A Lonesome Hunter


Suicide Bride.

For $20…

No Comment.

Evidence of His Affection.

One Bad Reputation.

What’s Hiding In Your Closet?

“Not I.”

Found Happiness in a Bar.





Arrived At Heaven’s Gate.

While Floating in Space.

Wished Upon a Fallen Star.

Vanished into A Silver Lining.

I’m Drowning.

“Drink More!”

Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing.

Hunting Little Lambs.

My Fair Lady.

Break This Spell.

With A Twinkle in His Eyes.

Private Buckaroo.


You’ll Disappear.

Statistically Speaking.

Break Out Of Your Shell.

Lonesome Wolf.

Old New York.

song by Timber Timbre

Crystal Truth

Blind Trust,

 Like A White Pony,

Well-Guarded and Spellbound,

Will Run Wild if Neglected.

Sometimes Sweet,

Sometimes Skeptic.

Players Play.

Ballers Ball.

And Pirates Will Steal Your Treasure.


Wishing On A Star,

But Gentlemen Are A Myth.

Is This Happiness?

All The Single Ladies,

Laughing Out Loud,

Dancing with Joy,

 In Love with Life.

 The End of An Era,

Occupied by Defiance,

Fortified Through Friendship,

And Empowered with Love.

This Could be Your Moment to Shine.

Kindness is Greater than Politeness.

And In Just A Flash,

I Could Read Your Mind.

Probably Busy.

Drowning in Dapper Drinks…

…Going Up in Smoke.

Song by GUARDS

We Were Born Here

We Will Die Here

Song by Heartless Bastards

A Close Call in a Dark Bar

“Beware of The Night” She Said.

Crawling Out of The Woodwork.

Slithering Around Snake Holes.

Princes Turn Into Frogs.

 Sisters Become Mothers.

Good Girls Lose Inhibition.

 The Danger is Alluring.

 You’ll Be The Death of Me.

Wake Up Sleepy Heads!

Eyes Wide Shut

Music by Passion Pit

I’m Gonna Try


Open Wide.

Take A Deep Breath.

Let’s Go!


Hanging Tough in Sequins.


Bring Home The Party!


Finish Your Drink.

Make Direct Eye Contact.

Get Nailed.

In Cloven Hooves.

Pork New York.

Shark Drowning in a Bar.

Blow Up Beds.

Clean Hair & Chandeliers.

Dance Only to Songs You Love.

Play Guitar!

And Be Yourself.

Be Foolish.

Stay Smart.

Always Wear A Tie.

Know Your Neighbor.

Kiss A Prince.

Don’t Be A Stranger.

Don’t Worry About Me.

I’ll Be Fine.

Get Lost in Thought.

Trust In The Universe.

Oh10 is For Lovers.

Lose Track of Time.

 But Don’t Forget About Me.

Music by Shimmering Stars

Went a Little Something Like This…

 Fresh Coco Water

Epic BBQ’s

Epic BBQ Drinks

Epic BBQ Salads


Grilling & Chilling

Enjoying a Pickle

The Hostess with the Mostest

Balcony Side Chats

Shoots & Ladders

Sunny Rooftops

Doggie Day Naps

Pigs in A Blanket


Sneaking Smokes

A Piscine in Brooklyn

Meet a Boy on a Bike

This is What We Found

An Honest Moment

Johnny Exudes Inspiration

Kim on her Birthday

Fresh Corn Smiles

It’s Like Dreaming in Color

by Carly Sioux

Music by The Amps

Dead End

Enjoy The Show

Backroom Dancer


In Love

EXXXcitement in the Street


L.A. Girls @ Madame X


Making Eyes

Someone You Know

Calling Your Bluff


Alone, Just Like Prom

Break A Nail

 A Trophy of Your Existence

Is Not a John

Needs. Money.

Bought & Sold

Hips Like Cinderella

Smoker’s Delight

Bothered By My Wandering Eye

Eyes Without a Face

Legs Selling Shoes


 It Means He Likes You

Dead End Secrets


Thinking of Another

Shines in the Darkest Light

Like an Angel

Who Will Save You?

Music by Sex Church

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