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Baroque Bromance

James Webster & Kurt Moorman

Jesus by Numbers

Kimberly Von Schoyck

Midnight Organ Program

Josh Wickersham, James Webster & Kurt Moorman

Dylan Kruse @ Hanson Dry

Hyejun Park @ The Met

Denis Rocks @ Madiba

Salty Dog

Stevie Palmer @ Soft Spot

Cindy, Carly & Minae Salute Hanson Dry

Fabio @ Hanson Dry

Shahryar Motia in a Suit @ The Met

The Calling of St. Matthew

Kurt Moorman, LES


Blowing Smoke

Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio

Ramona Clifton @ Hanson Dry

Unknown Pianist, Fort Green

Andrew Lockheart @ Secret Session

Minae Ham @ Hanson Dry


James Webster @ Hanson Dry

Erin Welsh @  J&Z Factory

Little Trouble Girl

Sarah Silver @ J&Z Factory

Stevie Palmer & Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Shahryar & Shahin Motia

Heather  Degas @ Hanson Dry

Micah Gaugh @ Secret Sessions

Alexis Place @ Hanson Dry

Luis Andrade, Fort Green

James Webster @ Washington Ave

 Tony @ Hanson Dry

Katie Tzynik @ Hanson Dry

The End


This Ain’t Hipstamatic.

It’s not 1992.

Wasn’t with an iphone.

This is film gone bad…on my Birthday!


Danny Chavis & Carly Sioux

Adriana Molello

Chris Lindstrand

Joylene Ceballos

Katie Tzynik

Aryn DeKaye & Carlos Detres

Mia Hebib

Sarah Silver

Miz Stefani

Mael Gross

Heather Skinner

Kimberly Von Schoyck

Medge Sanon

Kevin Grevemberg

Aryn DeKaye

Sarah, Stefani & Carly Sioux

Carly Sioux

A special thanks to David Seixas from Lupe’s for making a girl feel special on her Birthday!

Everybody Wants to Fuck You

Josh Wickersham @ Lit Lounge

What of It?

Sarah Silver @ Motor City

The Karaoke Champion

Chris Lindstrand @ BINY

Photograph of a Ghost


Terry Goldstein with The Virgin Mary, Holy Harlem

Francis Brunet @ Karkwa, Pianos

Miz Stefani @ The Easter Lamb Roast

Rebecca Webster @ Tre

On Cloud Nine

Sarah Silver @ Backfence

Jake Giesige @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Mael Gross @ Motor City

In Living Color

Shannon Cato @ Panna II

The Polaroid Baby

Zak Kapela, Harlem

James Webster @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

François Lafontaine, Karkwa @ Tre

Katie Tzynik @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Kana @ The Cutting Room

Bo Erik Lindstrand @ The Back Fence

Sarah & Genevieve @ Motor City

Josh. Fan. Disco.

Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Painted by Light

Erin Welsh @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Louis-Jean Cormier & Stéphane Bergeron, Karkwa @ Tre

Jason Lange, LES on a Sunday Morning

Ceci ne pas un Cigarette Ad

Stevie Palmer @ The Easter Lamb Roast

Last Call

Unclaimed Person @ BINY

Dylan Kruse @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Chris Lindstrand @ BINY

Sarah Silver & Shannon Cato @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

A Fierce Duet @ BINY

Jordan Olivia Resnick @ The Judy Blooms, Lit Lounge

Your Wedding, Their Funeral

Miz Stefani & Stevie Palmer, Bedstuy


Sarah Silver @ Tre


Josh Wearing Shannon’s Lipstick

Shannon Cato & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio 

Emi Tomaszewski @ Natori

Blowing Smoke

Matthew Sun-Jin Rodriguez @ Faluka
Jason Lange @ The Ten Bells

A Wizard on the Turntables

Hege Jeanette Bakken @ Washington Ave

Couple Wearing Feathers @ Secret Sessions 3

Three’s Company @ Faluka

On a Date @ MoMA

Carly Sioux, Robert von Leszczynski

Josh Wickersham,  MoMA Trip

  Adriana Molello @ The Ten Bells

  Ben Brunnemer  @ Secret Sessions 3

Katie Tzynik @ Faluka

Colle @ Washington Ave

True Love is Sharing One Mirror

Carly Sioux, Shannon Cato @ Washington Ave

Robert von Leszczynski @ MoMA

On The Edge

Jake Giesige, MoMA Trip

DeX @ Washington Ave

Mr. Joey Wyoming @ Washington Ave

In Transit

Stella Adena, Brooklyn

  Self Portrait Through Sarah’s Eyes

Sarah Silver, Shannon Cato & Carly Sioux @ Back Fence


Shannon Cato, Jake Giesige & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio


The Judy Blooms & Friends @ LIT

The Wizard of Oz

Hege Jeanette Bakken & Mr. Joey Wyoming @ Washington Ave

Katie Tzynik @ The Black Angels

Stella Adena & Kimberly von Schoyck @ Jefferson Place

Snakes and Tiles

Katie Tzynik & Miz Stefani

Take My Picture

Dorie Fay @ Secret Sessions 3

Kimberly von Schoyck @ Secret Sessions 3

Loves Blood Orange

Secret Sessions 3

Lorna Gaddis @ Lit

Boys Will Be Boys

Jake Giesige & Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio


My Date with Johnny Ramos

The International Center of Photography, April Fools 2011

You Are My Alligator

King’s Throne  in an Unassuming Tea Room

Johnny was a Deep-Sea Diver

Faces Pressed Together

Is Flirting Again


Katie Tzynik on Broadway

Dylan Kruse @ Home

Girl Dancing @ Jefferson Place

Jake Giesige @ Hanson Dry

Carly Sioux & Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry

Boy with Glasses @ A Party

Kimberly Von Schoyck @ Jefferson Place

Stan Spring on Bass

Stella Adena @ Jefferson Place

Ramona Clifton @ Hanson Dry

Prince Punk & Colle @ Washington Ave

Nicola Shaw @ Hanson Dry

Michael Tzynik @ Home

Miz Stefani & Josh Wickersham @ Hanson Dry

Sarah Silver, Harlem

James Webster @ The Judy Blooms Studio

Miz Stefani @ Home

Chinisha Scott @ Soft Knives Studio

Katie Tzynik, East Village

Jarrod @ Snack

Josh Wickersham @ The Judy Blooms Studio

Kimberly Von Schoyck @ Jefferson Place

Dancing Boy @ Jefferson Place

Carly Sioux & Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry

Carlos Detres @ Live Bait

Jake Giesige, East Village

Elliot Ward @ The Judy Blooms Studio

Mr. Joey Wyoming & Hege Jeanette Bakken @ Hanson Dry

Sarah Silver, Harlem


Prince Punk @ Hanson Dry


Mila Kantcheva @ Vodka Valentine


Medgely & Shane @ i ❤ boy


Dramatic Dinner in The Meatpacking

Laura Frecon, Michael Quiñones, & Friend


Shinsuke Aso @ Uminoie


Jake Giesige @ Vodka Valentine


Alexis Place @ a Diner in The Meatpacking


Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Sue @ Vodka Valentine


Luis Andrade @ i ❤ boy


Sarah Silver @ Vodka Valentine


Laura Frecon @ Cielo


Josh Wickersham @ Hanson Dry


Anna Bunnie @ Uminoie


Carlos Detres @ Jo’s


Robert Von Leszczynski @ Uminoie


Katie Tyznik @ Vodka Valentine


Shane @ i ❤ boy


Unknown Raver with Sucker @ Cielo


Miz Stefani @ Hanson Dry


Heather Degas @ Uminoie


Ann Binlot on 7th Avenue


Maor @ Vodka Valentine


Medgely Sanon @ i ❤ boy


Molière @ Washington Ave


Kimberly Van Schoyck @ Vodka Valentine


Johnny Ramos @ i ❤ boy


Ashlea Bonds @ Vodka Valentine


Robert Von Leszczynski & Shinsuke Aso @ Uminoie


Laura Frecon @ Cielo


Alexis Place @ a Diner in The Meatpacking


Danny Chavis @ Lit Lounge


Jake Giesige @ MoMA

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