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Girls On Medication


Teenage and Torture, the sophomore release by Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, offers more than just one anthem for the outraged and the furious. Hookers, the opening track, hares off with a pulsating, blood-boiling rhythm. “Click on me boy,” Ray dares her antagonist throughout the chorus. The Animosity triggered by Teenage and Torture quickly takes over and devours all other rationale. Suddenly, while listening to The Happy Hookers, it’s never felt so good to feel so angry.

Shilpa Ray

Heaven in Stereo, with its manic vigor, will set fans ablaze. As the main contender for hit single on the album, it’s a catchy tune overflowing with anxious energy and dauntless revelations. Check out this track’s campy video by Will Joines, inspired by 80’s slasher movies. It’s a special treat for fans of the Happy Hookers, as well as horror and gore enthusiasts.

Shilpa Ray8

Not every song on Teenage and Torture is so belligerent. Surrendering herself to love and despair as well as bellicose rage, Shilpa Ray will pick you up to bring you down. Tracks like Venus Shaver, Dames A Dime A Dozen, and Genie’s Drugs come from the heart of a hopeless romantic. These ballads cool down the album and offer a much needed break from the ferocity and intensity of Ray’s wrath.

Shilpa Ray2

Midway through Teenage and Torture, just as you let down your guard, Ray unleashes her most audacious number, Liquidation Sale, in which she howls and moans like a dog rabid with hate. “Fuck you—fuck you—fuck you,” she utters under her smoky breath moments before erupting into a raging tantrum. It’s a friendly reminder that Ray’s bite just might be as bad as her bark.

Teenage and Torture, the band’s first album with Knitting Factory Records, will be available Tuesday, and their record release party will be at Brooklyn Bowl this Friday, January 21st, with Soft Black and She Keeps Bees. Make it your business to be there. But be warned. Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers are not for the weak of heart.

Photos & Words by Carly Sioux



Soft: 1. producing agreeable sensations; pleasant or comfortable: soft slumber. 2. smooth and agreeable to the touch. 3. not harsh or unpleasant to the eye. 4. responsive or sympathetic to the feelings, emotions, needs, etc., of others; tender-hearted.

Black: 1. gloomy; pessimistic; dismal: a black outlook. 2. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it. 3. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night. 4. illegal or underground: The black economy pays no taxes.

Doesn’t this sound fun?

Who: Soft Black

What: Rock’ n Roll show

Where: Death by Audio

When: Thursday, November 12th, 2009. Doors at 8pm.

Why: Because you are board  being broke

St. VIncent





Check out more Soft Black:

These guys are great! No upcoming shows in sight, but stay tuned. For now enjoy the images from their Death by Audio set with Shilpa Ray  and Soft Black. You will definitely be hearing a lot more about Werewolves very soon!





Soft Black is my new favorite “Black” band! Check out the song, The girl who ate her own heart, so that you can catch on. Formerly a solo project by Vincent Linguini (Cacchione), Soft Black has now evolved into a dynamic foursome who’s swelling sound seizes the entire crowd. The addition of grungy guitars, a throbbing bass, and driving drums make them a little more ashen than soft. August brings a generous line-up of shows, so there’s no excuse to not see them before summer ends.



soft black

Soft Black is the new  Black and you can find out why for yourself on Thursday at Death by Audio. It will be an amazing line up with  Shilpa and Her Happy Hookers and Werewolves, so don’t wait for me to tell you how amazing it was!!! See you there???

Soft Black singer jpg


Soft Guitar

Shilpa Ray has Beat the Devil and assembled a harem of happy hookers to infect humanity with her wrath and disillusion. Enveloped in allegory her words chew their way through the crowd as her Happy hookers pave the way with purpose and discipline. She won’t give you her heart; she’ll carve it out with a microphone. So take a break from apathy and do a shot of agony…straight up, no chaser…at Pianos tonight!







Words by Arkady

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