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The Oh Sees 9

Uninhibited, animalistic, and fully charged, the stage became John Dwyer’s territory and it was mosh or be moshed. Glasslands Gallery was overflowing with sweaty boys and girls, all waiting to get a taste of this Psycho-Billy Surf n Turf. Their 60’s psychedelic garage rock tone came complete with tattoos, wife-beaters, and crunchy guitars. San Francisco showed it’s salty side and the experience was a success!

If you didn’t catch them at Glasslands Gallery, or Todd P’s Forth of July blow out party, there is one more chance before summer ends. Go see Thee Oh Sees at the Siren festival, it’s free and you can ride the Cyclone until you throw up!

Thee Oh Sees3

The Oh Sees2

Thee Oh sees5

Thee Oh Sees4

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