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Black, White & Brooding All Over

Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches

Frankie Rose

Dirty Beaches

Minimal. Tribal. Brooding. Romantic.

Currently on Tour with Frankie Rose and The Outs.

Bubble-gum girls parading with plastic toy guns. Scantily clad lingerie gals armed with Uzis. Woolly men in fuzzy sweaters assembling blocks. And psychic mimes prophesying the anti-establishment fashion trends to come.  What is all of this you might ask? Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2011 —and anything goes!

Curator, designer, and artist Arthur Arbit has been the driving force behind Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, now in its eighth season. The success of this year’s show can be measured by the line of eager spectators wrapped around the block at Glasslands Gallery. Friday night’s bill included Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, Mark Tauriello, Dani Read, SDN, King Gurvy, No Name Collective, Lana Weiss, and La China Loca. A live and lively musical performance by Small Time London Thug accompanied Lana Weiss’s showcase, while a more sedate Fay Victor sang a capella while SDN models sauntered on stage.

The mission of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is to create a platform for emerging artists whose focus is on sustainability, re-couturing, upcycling, recycling, artisan crafts, and eco-friendliness. Through merging fashion, performance, theater, art, design and music, WFW triumphs in pulling off a spectacle that is diverse, cutting edge, and unique. This fashion show offered more than just eye candy and stimulated almost all the senses, especially as Lana Weiss and her gun-ho-gals blew lollipops and sweet tart kisses into the audience. Sweet!

Lana Weiss

Lana Weiss

La China Loca

King Gurvy

Dani Read

Dani Read

Dani Read

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin

No Name Collective, Make up by Second Skin

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, presented by Glasslands Gallery,  is where art meets fashion…and music. Founder and curator Arthur Arbit created WFW as a platform for emerging designers who create hand made, one-of –a-kind garments (or small collections) that emphasize fair-trade and eco-friendliness. The uniqueness of WFW goes beyond the exploration of designers who address social and environmental issues: what’s most compelling  is its presentation and delivery; these high-art threads are accompanied on stage with live music sets, spoken-word, and performance art. The models  are not hangers but instead radiate personality and a rocker attitude. There’s no catwalk, BMW sponsorships, or flimsy girls. It’s a circus with art, music and fashion and at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend one cannot be differentiated from another.

The Talent:

Marcus Hicks’s SDN is a grunge/glam, 1920s hipster inspired line that uses upcycled clothes and vintage fabrics. SDN was joined by a live performance with Brooklyn based Bad Credit No Credit, an Avant-Garde Jazz band. VON exploded on stage with fantastic colors and feathery embellishments. By far the most imaginative, VON models appeared as fanciful birds from a surrealist story tale. Other designers from Friday’s show included Noname Collective, Saddle Tramps Collection and King Gurvy who utilizes recycled artwork to create his spring 2011 line.

Photography by Carly Sioux

Wanna see more photos of WFW?



Glasslands got swanky Saturday night for Terrible Records. A newly decorated stage, derby hats galore, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) spinning vinyl and of course Class Actress.

It was an almost seamless performance. Beats melting into beats, Elizabeth Harper role-playing our mid-afternoon wet dream fantasies and a surprise entrance by Caroline Polachek of Chairlift to shake things up… literally with a tambourine!

The music is definitely a dance party. It’s not as raunchy as Peaches, nor as elegant as Goldfrapp but a good median between the two worlds. The live show translates what the record captures and they are both worth diving into.

You can check out this class act tonight at The Music Hall of Williamsburg for their record release show. If tonight’s a school night there are a few more dates this month to keep February hot.

Check it out:

Guitar Hero

Johnny Dwyer, Guitar Hero.

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, I am not sure what you are waiting for. The Bellhouse show wasn’t  as wild as  Glasslands Gallery, I suppose because Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick didn’t feel like making the great schlep to Park Slope but you can’t play at Death By Audio forever…or can you? Nonetheless, always a pleasure and I would have even made the hike to Mercury Lounge if I didn’t have so many damn school papers to write. If you like Rock ‘n Roll, go see Thee Oh Sees.

Mouth of Johnny




Check out the pics from Glasslands Gallery:


Who loves Rock n Roll, pretty girls, tambourines, performance art, crowd surfing, summer nights, crunchy guitars, and boy girl harmonies??? Golden Triangle…and you will love them too! It might already be August, but Golden Triangle will keep that hot summer party vibe alive all through fall with an awesome line up of shows. My recommendation is the Bell House with Thee Oh Sees in October, but if you can’t wait that long, then there’s a couple of dates in September to tide you over.

The excitement doesn’t end here; make sure you check out Live with Animals! It’s a hip contemporary gallery space that specializes in performance, video, and installation art curated by Cameron and Vashti from the Triangle! Check out their site for upcoming events:







I present to you, The Beets!!!

The Beets1

Lazy guitars, catchy melodies, comic book illustrations, excessive reverb, and mushy ballads!

The Beets4

The Beets6

The Beets2

The Oh Sees 9

Uninhibited, animalistic, and fully charged, the stage became John Dwyer’s territory and it was mosh or be moshed. Glasslands Gallery was overflowing with sweaty boys and girls, all waiting to get a taste of this Psycho-Billy Surf n Turf. Their 60’s psychedelic garage rock tone came complete with tattoos, wife-beaters, and crunchy guitars. San Francisco showed it’s salty side and the experience was a success!

If you didn’t catch them at Glasslands Gallery, or Todd P’s Forth of July blow out party, there is one more chance before summer ends. Go see Thee Oh Sees at the Siren festival, it’s free and you can ride the Cyclone until you throw up!

Thee Oh Sees3

The Oh Sees2

Thee Oh sees5

Thee Oh Sees4

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