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NYC music scenesters often get a bad rap for being apathetic naysayers, but Thee Oh Sees proved this wrong at Santos Party House. Vigorous, sweaty and jam-packed, fans went berserk for the San Francisco based psychedelic rockers and gave back 100% to front man Johnny Dywer.  Perhaps local music enthusiasts are under stimulated, armed with high expectations, and faced with so many promising “It” bands that often deliver lackluster performances. Who can get excited about that?  Johnny Dywer knows how to rev-up the crowd and put on a show with out jeopardizing the integrity of the music. He bites, kicks, spits and plays guitar with his teeth and it all sounds good. It’s a fine line between acting and showmanship and the only thing worse than apathy is a painful performance from an overzealous thespian with all the right moves. Thee Oh Sees on the other hand, walk that line effortlessly and always give their audience something to freak out about!



Photos by Carly Sioux

More photos Here

Comandante Zero, an electro funk bass and drum duo, is celebrating the release of their new single “Give it Up” with a performance at Santos Party House on Saturday, January 30th, at 9pm sharp. The first 20 people score a signed single and everyone gets a free download!  CZ will also be donating door receipts to Doctors Without Borders to aid families in Haiti devastated by the earthquake. If you have not yet donated, this is your chance to “give it up” and get down!


Were you there? Did you dance? Could you smell the incense? Although they were quite late to get the Santos Party started, it was well worth the wait!  This phenomenal handclapping octette have left for the UK, but not to worry! There is a few shows coming up later this month! I recommend The Yard, before it’s gone!








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