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Where are the Riot Grrrls? No more Diet Grrrls!


Shilpa Ray might be more rant than riot, but there is no question about the fierceness she brings to her stage. Biting words about  humanity’s perversion comes with out the need to recite “Shaved Pussy Poetry.” Shilpa is first and foremost a musician, and does not require a separate category of female Artist to claim her notoriety. The sound is Voodoo Cabaret, with a stage presence reminiscent of Jim Morrison, the rawness of Edith Piaf, and the sophistication of Polly Jean Harvey. Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers have some dates this week and I recommend that their music be experienced live. Check out their site for the full details!


Shilpa Ray

Happy Hookers

Shilpa Ray 5

Photos from Death by Audio click here to see more:

soft black

Soft Black is the new  Black and you can find out why for yourself on Thursday at Death by Audio. It will be an amazing line up with  Shilpa and Her Happy Hookers and Werewolves, so don’t wait for me to tell you how amazing it was!!! See you there???

Soft Black singer jpg


Soft Guitar

Shilpa Ray has Beat the Devil and assembled a harem of happy hookers to infect humanity with her wrath and disillusion. Enveloped in allegory her words chew their way through the crowd as her Happy hookers pave the way with purpose and discipline. She won’t give you her heart; she’ll carve it out with a microphone. So take a break from apathy and do a shot of agony…straight up, no chaser…at Pianos tonight!







Words by Arkady

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